Saturday, August 23, 2014

Today I'm Gonna Try and Change the World

Do you believe you can change the world?

When you listen to the lyrics of Canadian Country Artist, Johnny Reid's song 'Today I'm Gonna Try and Change the World', you'll hear how the smallest actions by one person to another can make the biggest difference. It's in the giving that we receive.
(Lyrics) "I'm gonna say hello to my neighbor, Greet him with a smile, Shake the hand of a stranger, Sit and talk for a while, Tell someone I love them from the bottom of my heart"
Most of us understand that it's the little things we do in a day that make the biggest impact, 
especially for those we love.

The lyrics to this country song speak about how today he's going to greet his neighbor with a smile and thinking about it, sometimes our face is void of a smile without our even being aware of it. We're not intentionally being unkind, it's often because we're preoccupied or stressed.

If we began to look at smiling the way we look at taking a vitamin, brushing our teeth or any other essential daily activity, we just might change the world.  

We need a viral social campaign called 'Giving out Smiles to Change the World' 

Can you imagine millions or even billions of people doing this! Picture this, no matter our struggles or stresses, we look up at one, or more than one person, every single day then kindly acknowledge them with a big toothy grin or a compassionate smile that connects our eyes to theirs! The sheer collective energy this would generate from people all over the world could probably fuel a country ... similar to the concept presented in the popular kid's movie, 'Monsters Inc.'

Even the most cynical among us feel a sense of possibility with a simple smile or hug. The power of good out weighs the power of bad by so much that I'll go out on a limb and say, it's immeasurable. Yes we've all been through terrible things in our lives, some more than others, but none of us get out alive without a lesson to learn, a contribution to make or a hand to hold. No one is perfect, we're all students of the human condition.

Johnny Reid's uncomplicated lyrics get straight to the message...Today he's going to try and change the world. You can find more about Johnny's terrific award winning music on his website, and you can find this song for download here.

Do You Have A Passion for Country Music?

Country Music can be counted on to deliver poignant life lessons and you'll find another one in a country music fan review written by Ruth Cox, on Aaron Tippin's song 'Stand for Something Right Against Wrong'. Ruth's review is a good example of how you too can write about country music. If you're passionate about a song or a country artist, and feel compelled to write about it, be sure to share it on the Country Music Fan Review Facebook Page! That way, I'll be able to read it and share it with others!

Go forth and smile ... changing the world requires a paradigm shift of monumental proportions started by just one person. Thank you Mr. Johnny Reid.

Written by Barbara Tremblay Cipak
Country Music Reviewer

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  1. There is nothing more contagious than a smile and certainly nothing more beautiful, especially is you are feeling a little down. I will happily join your 'Giving out Smiles to Change the World' campaign! :)

    1. it's true, when someone else is smiling, you're eventually led down the same road!

  2. Oh what a fantastic reminder to smile and share! One smile can change the world, let it be yours and mine and thousands of others too!

    1. so true, the smallest things make the biggest difference

  3. Awesome reminder. Smiling does not come naturally to me. I believe that little things such as a smile, or opening doors, saying please and thank you, and those types of things go a long way.

    I will try to smile more today.

  4. Thanks for sharing a wonderful reminder of how the little things we do can make a difference. I'm smiling at you :)

  5. Smiles are mandatory around our home. When one of us is frowning, the other becomes a clown to turn that frown upside down. Keep smiling!

    1. I want to live there! how we grew up too, my dad was really good at making us smile, a funny guy

  6. What a beautiful thought to sing to the world, Barbara. Thank you for all the gentle reminders of HOPE

  7. What a wonderful song and I love your suggestion that we should all try to make this attitude a part of our day-to-day life. What a difference a smile can make!


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