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Are You Ready for Halloween?

skeleton reading newspaper
Yes, I will openly admit it. I love Halloween. I do love everything about Halloween. What a great time to be just the right amount off-the-edge and nobody seems to mind. People don't even look at you funny. But, doing up Halloween right means getting ready. So I will share with you some of the fun things that I found.

Maleficent, the Costume to Crave

The first review up is the most popular female costume this year. Maleficent is the great Disney villain from Sleeping Beauty. I found a fabulous page designed to help us get the look of this beautiful, yet evil, woman. In Maleficent Costume, author Sylvestermouse not only shows us how to get the girls' version of this costume, but also helps us create our own. Now that is helpful.

Those of us who like to create our own costumes know that the time is never too early to get started. Obviously, I want to make sure that I get all the components I need to make my costume before the good stuff is sold out.

Ninja Costumes for the Kids

We can't leave the kids out of our Halloween preparedness. Some people think Halloween is for the kids. So, you need to be thinking about their costumes, too. And Ninjas are great for that glorious dress-up day.

Now, don't count on your kids only wearing their costumes for Halloween parties or Trick-or-Treating. These Ninja costumes for kids are ideal for pretend play as well. But, be aware, there are some things you need to know before just rushing out and buying that costume.

Author Sylvestermouse walks you through those things you need to know. In her article, Ninja Halloween Costumes for Kids, she offers great tips. She has a preference for keeping kids safe on Halloween and that's clear with her writing.

So, Are You Ready?

Getting ready for Halloween does take some planning. Whether you like to just buy a costume off the racks or make it yourself, the sooner you get thinking and planning the better off you'll be come the last day of October.

As for me, I'm not ready yet, but I'm planning. The vacations are over, the kids are in school and my sewing machine is poised to get started. Not to mention, my off-the-edge bones are dying to get started! Hope yours are, too.

Posted by: BuckHawk

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BuckHawk decribes herself as "Basically a lazy person who prefers the easy things in life." So that's what she writes about. Easy home decorating, easy recipes, easy entertaining. But, she is also a lover of animals, gardening and crafting. You'll find her writing all over the Web, but with Review This Reviews! she has the opportunity to write about all of her loves.


  1. I love Halloween too! Getting ready for Halloween is a lot of the fun. I very much remember helping my children pick out costumes when they were very little and I loved seeing them wear the costumes for weeks, in some cases years, after Halloween. We all still dress up for Halloween and have a total blast. Thank you for featuring my costume articles.

    1. As a total Halloween freak, I love that I can find great costume ideas for me and the kids!

  2. Nice review, great holiday and it's just around the corner.....

    1. Yep, time to be thinking about our costume choices!

  3. Replies
    1. Isn't just about the best "holiday" of the year?

  4. My 'kids' used to love Halloween. Then they grew up and became even MORE into Halloween, decorating for parties and coming up with elaborate costumes. It convinces me that Halloween is more for the grown ups these days than the kids....LOL.

  5. enjoyed your article! by the way the photo is hilarious! We enjoy halloween as well, but we don't decorate too much for it, but fall decor with a touch of halloween is so pretty isn't it!

  6. I guess it is time for me to get busy digging up bones for the Halloween festivities... lots of skeletons in my closet, ha!

  7. I have some crazy idea's on how to decorate for Halloween this year. If I go ahead and go for it I'll be sure to write a post about it. Love the opening photo up above.


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