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Reviewing the World of Mystery Books

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One of those great things about having a website that reviews mystery books is publishers send you new mysteries for your review. Which means I get to read plenty of the new stuff before it's released. That's a nice advantage to having put in all the work to build the site and build its reputation.

Not an Overnight Success

Building a website and building its reputation are not an easy thing to do. I'm giving you fair warning up front. In fact, to create a website that draws the attention of some of the big publishers takes a labor of love and plenty of time.

In the web world, that "plenty of time" is referred to as aging. It means your site is not a fad, flash in the pan, or feeble attempt on your part. It means you are committed to making it work and keeping it going. The months and months of building up it's content may not see a single reward other than your joy of writing about your topic.

My love of reading mystery novels turned into a website. That was my own labor of love. Each new mystery I read turned into an article reviewing that novel. Like my love of Jana DeLeon and her Miss Fortune novels (

The Mystery of a Reputation of a Reviewer

It's not really a big mystery of how to build a reputation as a reviewer. In fact, it's simple. Be honest.

Sounding like the back jacket of a book cover won't garner any respect from readers. But, giving them the good, bad and the ugly is being honest. Oh, yes. There were plenty of novels where I just couldn't find any bad or ugly. But that was still honesty on my part.

I also had to be honest with those offering me free books to read. I have been asked to review books that really did not fit my genre. Certainly, it was nice to be asked. But I had to decline. I had to be true to the reputation I'd worked hard to build. And that reputation was with my readers, not with the book publishers!

Reaping the Rewards the Right Way

Those wonderful times when a publisher requests a review, and the mystery novel is right for my site,
third rail book cover
I love doing that. It's exciting for me to discover new talent bursting on the mystery book scene. Most especially when I can enjoy the story, characters and setting, then look forward to more from that author.

Rory Flynn happens to be one of those. I was asked to review his first mystery novel, Third Rail. And am I glad I did. Take a gander at my review: Enter Eddy Harkness in Third Rail ( You'll see why I'm anxious awaiting the next book in his series.

Yep, reviewing the world of mystery books has it's rewards, but it takes hard work and time to be able to get to this point. For me, it was all worth it.

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BuckHawk decribes herself as "Basically a lazy person who prefers the easy things in life." So that's what she writes about. Easy home decorating, easy recipes, easy entertaining. But, she is also a lover of animals, gardening and crafting. You'll find her writing all over the Web, but with Review This Reviews! she has the opportunity to write about all of her loves.


  1. I applaud you for putting your effort to work for yourself, which is something I am now committing myself to also do. I've neglected "me" in the writing for big platform sites for well over a decade, but no more. I see a lot of hard work ahead of me, but it will be me believing in me and depending on me for earning through the things I love--which also includes books for kids as well as adults!

    1. Ruth, your love of books will show through the effort you put in and reward you well. I wish you tremendous success!

  2. Your website is totally awesome! Mysteries may not be my first genre of choice, but I do love a great book. Thank you for sharing your reviews.

    1. Thanks, Cynthia. I will add that success often comes with the help of friends and I have been so blessed with great friends.

  3. Time for me to launch a book review site, as books truly are my first love. Appreciate your honest insights and look forward to enjoying your mystery reviews. Here's to new beginnings!

    1. On to new beginnings, and so happy that you are making the plunge as well. Great wishes for success!

  4. I love mysteries so you know I will be following your site to read the reviews. Thanks for all the great information you have here. Ruth, Susan and Diana...I admire the efforts you are and will be putting forth to work your own sites. It sounds like a great adventure. For me, I will stick with the big platforms ...probably on a smaller scale than I have before. I want to spend my time traveling, photographing and enjoying my retirement. I probably will spend most of my online time on this blog and my own Lighthouse Musings blog. It is great working with all of you

    1. Ah, the joys of retirement! But I do look forward to your writings on all the lighthouses you visit!

  5. I need to put more into my own book reviewing site. My problem is usually that I go on reading binges when I'm tired of writing and never get around to writing up the books right after I've read them. I have a stack next to me right now waiting for me to get around to to writing them up. I'll pay you a visit to see what you've found.


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