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I Need More Books! Romance Preferred

collection of romantic books
I finished my last book on my Kindle yesterday and went in search of more romance books to add to my Kindle collection.  Purchasing books for my Kindle is a fairly new activity for me and one I find that has it's own form of difficulty.   

For as long as I can remember, one of my favorite activities has been physically going to a bookstore, spending hours scouring the bookshelves, reading the back covers, as well as the reviews, and carefully selecting books for purchase.  As a result, I have always had a reserve of books waiting for me to read.  

Since my daughter gave me a Kindle for Christmas, I stopped going to the bookstore and I started perusing the selection of books offered on and downloading the books on my Kindle.  I recently discovered that is not the best way to select romance books to read.  As Forrest Gump would say, that is a bit "like a box of chocolates.  You never know what you're gonna get" and I have been rather disappointed on a few occasions when I download a book and find it completely unacceptable reading for me.  

After experiencing the disappointments, I have reverted back to depending on reliable reviews from trusted sources before I purchase a book. 

Christian Fiction

Christian Fiction is my personal preference.  I never have to worry that I will be inviting unwanted mental images or graphic details when I read a Christian romance.  I also feel pretty safe in recommending these books to my mother, my daughter or anyone of any age.

In my quest for new books to read, I realized there is an excellent resource for this genre right here on Review This!

Historical Romance 

Historical Romance is such a fabulous niche when a writer has actually researched an era and writes with factual content.  

I sought out Jenms Guide to Historical Romance to satisfy my historical romance appetite.  

She introduces us to 2 "solid" historical authors with recommended book series, as well as giving us several Top Ten Lists separated by genre niche.

These recommendations and reviews give me a much better place to start my search for new romance books instead of using the Amazon search engine. 

Readers Need More Recommendations

I am fully aware that each reader has their own preference, just as each writer has their own style.  If for no other reason, reading book reviews before you buy a book can save money, as well as time, and a great deal of anxiety can be avoided by simply reading reviews first.

Readers everywhere want in-depth and precise reviews.  If you have a book that you can recommend, I invite you to leave your review link in the guestbook below.  Your reviews do not have to align with my personal preferences.  There are readers for every genre and I am certain we all would rather have an honest review of a book before we buy it.


  1. Well, don't you know, I had the same problem with trying to find great mysteries to read on my Kindle! I was disappointed in so many that I found. Even reading the reviews on Amazon didn't prepare me for some of what I found. Thanks for sharing the idea of using Squidoo writers to find better choices. That's where I'm going to from now on.

    1. Squidoo is merging their authors into HubPages. I write book reviews there as

  2. I'll bet!!! I read the occasional mystery myself and I can well imagine the pitfalls of reading just anything from that genre. For the last 2 years I have depended on you and Mandee for my mystery recommendations :)

  3. Reading 'personalized' book reviews (such as those found on Squidoo) are far preferable to, say, a critics review in a newspaper or online or just the publishers' view of what a book is about. Finding fellow readers in my favorite genre, knowing they have actually read the book and now are telling me their opinion of it, is the best way. Love getting book recommendations this way.

    1. Me too Elf! I have learned the hard way. I definitely want reliable book reviews and you are so right about critics reviews. I have decided if a professional critic likes it, I probably won't like it at all.

  4. I've written a few book reviews and would like to post one here if it's okay. This one is non-fiction by Ben Carson, MD who is a retired neurosurgeon, devoted Christian and potential Presidential candidate. I found your site through Susan Zutautas whose blog I follow.

    1. I respect and admire Dr. Carson myself! Thank you for sharing your book review with all of us.


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