Thursday, August 14, 2014

Add Interest to your Writing with your Photos

Wherever I go I carry a camera.  It might be a DSLR, a point and shoot or at times just my camera phone.  This gives me the flexibility to take photos to use with my writing.  When I first started writing online, I use to look for photos that I could use from a variety of online sources.  I found this to be cumbersome for several reasons.

  • Difficulty finding the right photo
  • Confusion on the copyright and how I could use the photo
  • Very time consuming
To solve this dilemma I started to take more of my own photos.  I now keep files of photos on my computer labeled with keywords such as foods, flowers, lighthouse, etc.  This way  I can easily retrieve the photos when I need one for an article I am writing.  

I asked several of my fellow contributors to Review This to share lenses they created where they used their own photos.  As you will see there are many ways that photos can be used to highlight an article.
  • When Pat wants to show items that she has for sale on Etsy she uses her own photos of the crochet creatures. Mountainside-Crochet
  • Dawn loves to tell us about places to visit in her region.  Her photos always make me want to visit.  Here is one she did on Longwood Gardens.
  • Coletta gives great how to directions and her photos really make the directions easy to follow. Big Bows for Steampunk Halloween Directions
  • Olivia is the gardener in our midst and she shares her hints with her readers.  Her  photos help to illustrate her points as in this page on seed collecting. Seed Saving
  • My hobby is photographing lighthouses and on this page I share with you photos from my latest adventure. Lighthouses on the Jersey Shore

Photos on this page are all my own-mbgphoto.
Top photo is a rose in front of the Smithsonian Castle in Washington D.C.  Photo to left in Concord Point lighthouse in Maryland.

As you can see from the links above there are many different ways you can use photos to enhance your writing, using your own is easy and you will be assured that you have the legal right to the photo.  I hope to see your photos on your pages soon.


  1. All of the articles you have featured here today are excellent examples of how to use to own photos to enhance your online writing. It really is a whole lot easier to simply use your own photos and you are so very right, this really is the best way to be assured about the legal rights.

    Btw, that peace rose is gorgeous!!! I never tire of seeing your beautiful photos.

  2. Thank you for the excellent examples, Mary Beth! It is so important for online writers to be careful when using images created by other people and to be certain that they are not violating another's rights and copyright.

  3. Unlike you, I am not a photographer, nor do I even own a "real" camera. However, I made a decision when I got my first cell phone that it would have a camera so that I could begin using my own images on my article writing. Even if they aren't top notch photos, they keep my stories "real" and certainly avoid illegal use of images of others, which, by the way is also stealing, and also immoral, in my opinion. I like to practice what I preach and practice gets me nearer to perfect in my picture taking skills as well as my writing.

    You have shared shining examples of those who have chosen to share their world through their own images and storytelling. Thank you!

  4. your photos are soooo pretty, I really feel your lighthouse pictures - they give me a sense of peace :)