Sunday, August 10, 2014

A Relaxing Country Song About the Beauty of Unwinding on a Sunday


That's What I Love About Sunday, by Craig Morgan

Relax and listen to Craig's video featured below while you read! 

Does your own life allow you to have a do-nothing-day on Sundays? I hope so.

Maybe your rest time lands on another day of the week? Again, I hope you at least get that weekly break you rightly deserve. After all, what's it all for if we can't stop and enjoy the company of those we love.

There's something powerfully productive about doing nothing at all, and let's face it, many of us need to master the art of  'stopping'  ... especially with 24-7 access to the internet. So what in the world are you doing here on this page! Go rest!! Oh yah, I forgot; you're looking for a country song about Sundays - one you can play while you take that much needed sunny day stroll.

(Lyrics) 'That's what I love about Sunday, cat-napping on the porch swing, you curled up next to me, the smell of jasmine wakes us up, take a walk down a back road'

There's clear evidence that life is getting harder for our kids ... not easier, as it's supposed to. Neil Howe, Contributor for Forbes Magazine, provides an interesting and detailed explanation in his article "Generations in Pursuit of the American Dream", of how every generation, up until now has had it better than their parents. You may be wondering what this has to do with relaxing on a Sunday to a soothing country tune ... well, as per the principle of Ockham's razor, 'the simplest explanation is usually the better one', and the simplest explanation is this:

With the constant worries of life, like work, family and of course, money, our ability to decompress becomes an integral part of 'getting through it all'. In order to successfully tackle our life challenges, we need to find balance  ... more so today than any other time.

That's where the art of telling stories, mostly found in country music can play a role: The lyrics help our mind paint a picture of what an emotion really means. The story helps us feel the song; it's those feelings that govern thought, and it's our thoughts that govern our beliefs, and in turn, our beliefs then govern our actions. So go ahead and unwind! Not only will your mind thank you, but so will your body.

Story telling in country music, whether it's new country or that old time sound, has managed to remain part of the genre for generations. Craig Morgan's song offers the newer sound of today's country, but the story being told in his relaxing tune could have easily been one from any previous decade.

You deserve a break. Here's a toast to you for taking it ... I hope you enjoy Craig Morgan's wonderful Sunday song. You can find more about Craig Morgan on his website. Country music fans matter, so don't forget to Like 'Country Music Fan Reviews' on Facebook!

By Barbara Tremblay Cipak, Country Music Reviewer - Heart of Country

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  1. What a beauty of a way to begin this day, listening to "That's What I Love About Sunday!" Great selection for this lovely day and a reminder to relax and enjoy it. Thanks for introducing me to a new Country Music artist. I do like the sound of Craig Morgan.

    Now I am off to visit the new and the old in country music storytellers!

    1. Thanks Ruth! and when it comes to Kids Books everyone who reads this should know you're the go-to-gal for that...cause your choices and knowledge in that area are incredible!

  2. Sundays are going to be so much fun around Review This! Welcome to our blogging group, Barbara! Thank you for the Sunday morning music.

    1. Thanks Coletta, I'm looking forward to those Sunday posts as well :)

  3. Barbara...I love your blog and your lenses on country music. I am a country music fan from way fact when I first started dating my husband, 47 years ago, he was a DJ on a country radio station. We enjoy many genres of music, but country music holds a special place for us. On many days we start out listening to old country hymns...a great way to start the day!

    Thanks for the introduction to Craig Morgan's Sunday it!

    1. Thanks Mary appreciate your work as well. Country music has a way of drawing us in and even calming us when we need it doesn't it

  4. What a wonderful song, a fabulous article and truly most excellent advice! I recently realized just how "busy" I have been. How I have forgotten to take that rest day, so three weeks ago I moved all of my online work related everything to our music room and I set up a realistic schedule as a guide for my work. I am having to make myself adhere to the schedule right now, but it has been well worth it. You are absolutely right! We do need our days of rest each week.

    Btw, I felt like I was sitting right in that pew from the song. I could totally relate to his version of Sunday. I laughed over clipping coupons. That used to be a Sunday afternoon routine for me when we still took the newspaper. Oh, and Amazing Grace has always been my favorite song and I do love every verse.

    1. Thanks Cynthia - you're doing the smart thing by mastering a workable schedule. I haven't successfully achieved that yet, but that's absolutely part of my plan starting in the fall. I did move my work space to a quieter spot upstairs though; it's a small start

  5. I come from the 'folk music era' and never paid much attention to country music until I began attending a Line Dancing class on Fridays... and now I've become a fan. Never realized how much 'story telling' was involved in country music, which is what I've always liked about folk music. Welcome to 'Review This', Barbara! What a wonderful asset you are.


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