Friday, August 26, 2016

Windigo Fire Book Review

Murder. Mayhem. Fire. When I proposed Windigo Fire by M.H. Callway to my book club a year ago, they were instantly taken by the action-packed storyline, which goes as follows:

"Danny Bluestone, a young Native Canadian drifting through life, settles for a job at a children's camp in his Northern Ontario hometown of Red Dog Lake. Local entrepreneur, Meredith Easter, offers Danny some easy money: play the role of native scout for his wealthy hunting buddies. Danny knows that Easter's roadside attraction, Santa's Fish Camp, is the front for the local grow-op, and probably more, but the money is his way out of Red Dog Lake. Danny flies the hunters to an island lodge deep in the wilderness. Once there, he learns that he's part of an illegal bear hunt and is powerless to stop the men from shooting the helpless animal. The following morning, he awakes to find the hunters brutally murdered - all but Ricky, a mysterious American. Even though each of them believes the other is the killer, Danny and Ricky must team up to escape the forest fire started by the hunters. While his friends in Red Dog Lake struggle to rescue him, Danny falls back on the teachings of his shaman grandmother to survive the bush and the Windigo, the evil spirit that pursues them."

Little did I know that when I read this book I would be vacationing on a remote and isolated lake in Northern Ontario not far from Timmins where this story is set.  I was lucky though that I did not experience any murder, mayhem or fire. I did, however, encounter the beautiful wilderness outdoors that is part of Canada's north.  There were other cottages on the lake but we could not see a single one of them from my sister's cottage. We spent many hours swimming, canoeing and yes, reading Windigo Fire.

It is rare to have a consensus at my book club, especially one that is positive. This time everyone, bar none, enjoyed the book. It is an action packed book that was hard to put down. Perfect for an entertaining summertime read and for time spent in the wilderness.

Do not get me wrong though. This book was not perfect. Members of my group found a few inconsistencies or missing points in the book, and decided that it seemed almost like little bits had been removed, perhaps to make this story "book size."

In terms of what to be aware of, know that this book has drugs, alcohol, sex, a strip club, language, fighting, murder and fire. However, I have certainly read many books that are worse. It definitely has an interesting variety of characters that range from vulnerable to flawed to incorrigible and leaves you with a few puzzles to decipher at the end.

Is Windigo Fire recommended? Yes, it is by me and by the other members of my book club.  I will be passing it around to all of my family members some of who live in the north, others who love camping in the wilderness or at least the campgrounds of northern Ontario.

Happy Reading!

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  1. Another fascinating book review, Brenda! I think I would have been looking over my shoulder, or up to the sky for smoke, if I had read this while vacationing in your remote lake location. Added to my reading list!

  2. Thank you for an interesting review and recommend. This one goes on my to read list.

  3. I am sure I would love the suspense of the "who done it" plot! You have certainly expanded my personal library Brenda with your book reviews here on Review This! I have read several books, and enjoyed them, that you have recommended that I would not have purchased on my own.

  4. Sounds like an action packed adventure - I'm glad that your own vacation was more relaxing though!

  5. Sounds like a book I would really enjoy....

  6. Awesome review. I love reading books that are set in an area I've been to. So much fun. Adding this to my very long "to read" list.

  7. Awesome review. I love reading books that are set in an area I've been to. So much fun. Adding this to my very long "to read" list.

  8. Thanks for visiting & commenting, ladies. I hope if this book makes it to the top of your to-read lists that you enjoy it, too!