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The Tale of the Bunny Picnic Video Review

The Tale of the Bunny Picnic - A wonderful video for kids
Photo from the Video Cover
"The Tale of the Bunny Picnic" is a wonderful children's classic video that is loved by all ages.   It is the perfect children's video for Easter, but will be treasured throughout the year.   

Jim Henson really out did himself when he created this story.  The story and the characters are beloved childhood memories for both of our children.  Actually, they still watch the video!

The Tale of the Bunny Picnic is an interesting twist to the "boy who cried wolf" story and has bunny rabbits for the main characters.

You'll love all of the bunnies, especially Bean.  You will even love the farmers dog.

 Jim Henson Video: The Tale of the Bunny Picnic [VHS]

The Tale of the Bunny Picnic Cover Story 


This adorable little bunny adventure is sure to win your heart!  The animated bunnies, dogs, people and other animals in Jim Henson's video, The Bunny Picnic," are all really endearing.

The story centers around Bean, a young, imaginative bunny who tells so many tales that when he really does discover that the farmer has a new dog to hunt rabbits, none of the other bunnies believe his warning.

The Tale of the Bunny Picnic Video Provided by: Heather Katsoulis


My Recommendation of The Tale of the Bunny Picnic

"The Tale of the Bunny Picnic" is a wonderful children's classic video that is loved by all ages.
When my now grown children were little, this video played constantly.  We memorized the songs and some of the lines.  Even today, when one of us randomly starts reciting sections of the tale, the rest of us join in with the appropriate character responses.  I truly believe when a story has that kind of lasting effect, that must be the best recommendation that can be given.

Here is an excerpt of our favorite part of the tale:

Story Teller: "Fox, Fox, I'm the Giant Hedgehog and even though I'm really, really big and you're really, really small, I'm not gonna hurt you and do you know why?" 

Little Bunny: "No Why?"

Story Teller: "Because those who hurt others, hurt themselves."

How to Purchase Your Copy of "The Tale of the Bunny Picnic"

Because these videos are no longer in production, they are not always easy to find.  Plus, when you do find a copy, they are often quite expensive.  I have honestly found the best place to search for the video is on Ebay.  The video may be used, but it is still worth buying your own copy.


Review of "The Tale of the Bunny Picnic" was Written by:
House of Sylvestermouse

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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Brown Pelican Photos

Photographing Brown Pelicans is a Fun Challenge
Pelicans are fascinating birds to watch.When you see them waddle on the ground it is difficult to imagine them soaring gracefully through the skies. However, walk along coast in southern USA and you will dozens of them doing just that in the skies above you.

 I have photographed pelicans sitting on rocks, on piers and on the beach. The other morning as the sun came up I noticed a flock of pelicans gently gliding across the sky in the early morning light. I started snapping photos to get just the right shot of a pelican in front of the rising sun.

Photography and pelicans just seem to go together. I hope you enjoy the selection of photos that I am sharing on this page.  

photos by Mary Beth Granger

Pelican and Lighthouse 

pelicans at fishing harbor 

One of the best places to photograph pelicans is by a fishing harbor. You will always find lots of pelicans sitting around the fishing boats. Since their main source of food is fish, they can have quite a feast when the boats come in from a fishing trip and clean their fish. I took this photo early in the morning at the fishing docks across from the Jupiter Inlet lighthouse.
Source: Mary Beth Granger

Facts about Brown Pelicans - Pelecanus occidentalis

As I was preparing to write this page, I did a bit of reading on brown pelicans to gather some facts. I found them to be a very fascinating subject. I have listed my sources in the link list near the end of this page. Here are some of the facts that I found interesting.
  • Heaviest bird capable of flight
  • Adults weight as much as 10-17 pounds
  • Size 50 inches with a wing spread of 6 1/2 feet.
  • Diet is almost entirely fish
  • Found on coast of southern USA and south to the northern coasts of Brazil and Chile.
  • Live along coasts, salt bays, beaches and ocean. Mostly over shallow waters.
  • Known for their huge bill and expandable pouch
  • Male pelican selects a nesting site and then tries to attract a female using head motions.
  • Several days after nest is completed the female pelican lays 2-3 eggs. Eggs take about 1 month to hatch.
  • Both male and female pelicans incubate and care for their young.

Pelicans on the Beach - morning at the beach

About 8:00 one morning I was taking a walk at Jupiter Beach Park when I came across hundreds of pelicans on the beach. I walked up closer and found that thousands of small fish had washed up on shore and the pelicans and other birds were having a feast. I had almost left that morning without a camera, but at the last minute put my small point and shoot camera around my neck. I was sure glad I had the camera because I was able to get many photos of the pelicans. The photo above shows the sight at the beach and the ones below shows some closeups of a couple of pelicans that I cropped from the bigger photos.

Pelicans in Flight - morning at the beach

I could sit for hours and watch pelicans in flight and coming in for a landing. The photo above shows one in flight and the photo below is a pelican come in for a water landing.

Pelicans at Fishing Pier 

It was 7:30 in the morning in Jupiter Florida and the fishing boats were leaving for a day of deep sea fishing. I was taking my sister and brother-in-law to meet their boat when I captured this photo of the pelicans all sitting on the piers. I love the look of them each sitting on a post. They appeared to be waiting for the boats to return and clean their fish.

On the Pier


Pelican Poem

Ogden Nash??

When I was young I heard a poem about a pelican that has stuck in my mind. I had always thought it was written by Ogden Nash( and I have found it is often attributed to Nash) but I have discovered it was written by Dixon lanire Merritt around 1910. I find it to be a catchy limerick about the pelican.
A wonderful bird is a pelican,
His bill will hold more than his belican.
He can take in his beak
Food enough for a week;
But I’m damned if I see how the helican.

Pelicans at Sunrise

soaring over ocean

I love to sit on our Florida balcony at sunrise and watch the pelicans soar over the ocean. I have spent many mornings trying to capture the birds in the early morning sunrise. Here is one of my efforts.

Pelican on Beach Mouse Pad
Pelican on Beach Mouse Pad by mbgphoto
View more Pelican Mousepads at
Here are two of my latest Pelican photos. These Pelicans were resting on the rocks by the pier in Jupiter Florida.

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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

My Computer Bible

I'm sure you are asking yourself if you read that title correctly and the answer is yes!  It says MY COMPUTER BIBLE!  The next question you are asking is " I've never heard of it!" or  "Is it on the Best Sellers List?"

The resounding answer to both of these questions is a big bold  NO!

Now comes the important part, why you should make sure that there is a Computer Bible in your house!  How do I get one and just what the heck is it? And do I really need one?

Please read on and I will explain it all, and I bet it will make a whole bunch of sense to you once you open your eyes and see why you should have this neat tool at your home or work space.

Since the boom of the internet and all the ways in which we use modern technology, one thing has become increasingly difficult for me personally, and I am sure I am not alone.  As a matter of fact, I know that I am not alone, because I have asked many people what their one (most prevalent) peeve is about modern day life......

Inevitably, it will have something to do with computers, social media and the need for passwords to prevent or at least slow down the opportunities to Hack into your space on the World Wide Web. Whether you use social media to converse with friends and family, or whether you use social media to broaden your horizons or work and play together, Your ability to keep yourself safe and your information safe on social media is to have strong passwords to protect your property.  Just as we have locks on our doors to keep out strangers, so we need locks on our 'CYBERSPACE" to keep it safe and secure too.  We don't want to find that our BLOGS, FACEBOOK PAGE, WEBSITE, OR any other place where we work and play can be easily taken over by HACKERS!

This is where the Computer Bible comes in!  My Computer Bible is a beautiful hand bound leather covered blank book where I keep a list of all my passwords.

What is in there?  All of my logins, my accounts and every password to every social media site I use. My Twitter name and password, Facebook names and passwords, my passwords to courses I take on other peoples sites, my cpanel log in and User names.  Anything that I do that requires a Username and Password is recorded in my Computer Bible!  When a password changes, the date and new password are logged in as well.

You may ask, why do this?  Well from experience, I know that as I get older, I don't remember things as well as I used to.  One of my websites was lost, because I could not remember the password and has lost the page where the information was located.  I was not very organized at that time, because I didn't have the need.  I could remember these things and a whole lot more.  Then came that inevitable day, when I could NOT remember and I wasn't organized enough.

Now I know and have been taught by several of my "computer guru friends", that keeping a Computer Bible is a necessity.  And just like a Family Bible that has a special place in your home, so your Computer Bible should have a place that is safe, secure, and accessible should you need it.

You see for me this is very important, because I also use this book to keep all my Affiliate Logins and Passwords, my blogging Passwords, and anything that I do on the web for pleasure or for profit. Because I do a lot of blogging for pleasure, I donate whatever monies I make, to charities that mean something to me. If ever the day should come and I can no longer do this myself, there will be all the information there for someone else to take over should they want to continue doing what I do now. My Computer Bible is not only my #1 reference guide, but it is also all the information anyone could need or want should I no longer be able to continue. Like the family Bible, it has a special place and only a few people know where that is. You don't want all your hard work falling into the hands of someone who really doesn't care as much as you do.

Working in Cyberspace, has it's benefits and it's pitfalls, don't let forgetting passwords and logins be one of yours.  Life is so much easier, with so many less things to remember.  A quick flip through my Computer Bible, lands me in the place that I need to be, and gives me the information that I seek, without sweating bullets or trying hundreds of different passwords to unlock what you remembered you put there yesterday.....or was that last week or last month?????

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Reviewing The Ides Of March

Beware The Ides Of March

Julius Caesar
The famous line spoken to Julius Caesar by the seer, warning him to beware of the 15th day in March as harm was to come to him. It is said that as that infamous day was approaching its end, Julius saw the seer in the market and remarked that the day was almost over and nothing had happened. "Ahh, but the day is not gone," retorted the seer. Julius Caesar went on to the Senate of Rome and met with his death on that day, the Ides of March. 

During that time in our history, March in the Roman calendar was actually the first month of the year. The ides occurred in every month around the middle, usually the 13th except for the months of March, May, July and October. The Romans used the ides, whether in March or any month, as a reference point of determining days of the month. They did not count the days consecutively like we do now, but instead counted back from three points of interest. The Nones occurred around the 5th or 7th day depending on the length of the month in question, the Ides (13th or 15th) and the Kalends which was the first of the following month. Golly, it sure would have been difficult to quickly know what day it was! 

If you are a history buff, you know that on the 15th of March in the year of 44 B.C Julius Caesar was assassinated by of group of some 60 people led by Brutus and Cassius. This event led to a civil war, the end of the Roman Republic and the rise to power of Octavian who would later be known as Augustus Caesar. You can read the facts in a history book, you can see the play by William Shakespeare or read a book by a multitude of authors to find out more. 

One of my favorites about the man, Julius Caesar and the events that led up to that fateful day in March is The Ides of March: A Novel by Thornton Wilder. The book was first published in 1948 but is still fascinating to read today. It is a novel so much of the story is based on Wilder's interpretation of letters and historical facts about the ruler of the Roman Republic. What I like about it is that it gives us a possible insight of the man and the ruler. The book allows us to see this historical figure as a human being with strengths and weaknesses that we all have in our souls.

If you like to read historical fiction and are interested in the era of time that the Romans ruled much of the world, I think you will like this book. I believe it is a good read for the month of March.

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Covergirl +Olay Tone Rehab Review

Choosing make up can be a nightmare.  The time it takes, the cost,  and the disappointment after you wear it once or twice and realize that it is not what you were looking for.  The seemingly infinite number of brands, products, and color choices add to the difficulty of the purchase. If you are looking for an inexpensive user-friendly foundation, I have the solution for you. This is my Covergirl +Olay Tone Rehab review.

My Covergirl +Olay Tone Rehab 2 in 1 Experience

If they were told I was writing a make-up review, folks who know me on a daily, face to face basis, would respond with a puzzled look and a "what?"  But after reading to the end, it would make perfect sense. You see, I am not a girly-girl.  My extent of putting on make up consists of washing my face, sometimes applying moisturizer, and applying mascara.  I have ever so rarely used foundation or eye shadow. And only slightly more often have worn blush. Make-up to me is bothersome.  It feels funny on my skin and I don't want to pay good money to feel funny.

But at age 50-something, and during certain recent events, I decided I needed a bit of make-up.  I was tired. My skin was splotchy and there were sleep-deprivation bags under my eyes.  I wanted to appear fresher than I was feeling.

I wandered the make-up aisle for literally an hour. Choosing, then changing my mind, and changing my mind back again.  I have never really worn foundation because it feels thick on my face, it often feels greasy, and as I've gotten older I began to notice that it seems to enhance the lines in my face. I have never been able to choose colors that seem to match.  I really like the natural look and feel. And on the rare occasions I tried make-up, I did not end up with that natural look.  And I certainly did not want to be one of those women with the distinct line of make up on their jaw or the big smudge of foundation on their sweater.

I was very lucky to by chance notice the Covergirl +Olay foundation.  I ultimately chose it because I know that I like Olay products. Olay is a moisturizer that I've used frequently over the years.  It tends to feel the least greasy and it has never caused me to break out.  And frankly, the swirls of foundation and moisturizer that were visible through the bottle were visually appealing to me.

Online, I just now realized that Covergirl advertises the +Olay Tone Rehab 2 in 1 as being able to -

  • Instantly covers discolorations, fine lines and wrinkles, while helping to improve skin tone over time
  • A foundation focused solely on tone discoloration and age spots
  • Provides beautiful even coverage
At the time I begrudgingly chose this foundation. Since then I have grown to love it and use it on a fairly regular basis. Without knowing the claims listed above, I learned that is exactly how this foundation performs.  

I found that Covergirl +Olay - 
  • Evens my skin tone 
  • I appeared "fresher" - even when sleep deprived
  • Moisturizes - smoothing the dry spots
  • While I can feel that it is on my face, it does not feel "caked" on, heavy, or more greasy than the moisturizer I often use
  • I adjust how much I use - using just two small "drops" for my entire face.  
  • It is a more sheer color; no annoying make-up line along my jawline
I don't blame you one bit if you don't trust my Covergirl + Olay Tone Rehab review.  I'm a make-up non-enthusiast who is recommending make-up. That is either a bit strange or a REALLY strong endorsement. If you prefer more experienced opinions, check out the reviews on Amazon. At the time of this writing, it is rated at 4.6 out of 5 stars by 285 customers. 

Thank you Covergirl and Olay for partnering to bring me a product that works so well for women like me. 

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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Reviewing the Popular Fisher-Price Corn Popper Toy

Corn Popper Classic Toy

Fisher-Price Corn Popper Toy

As the grandmother of a toddler, naturally I'm interested in appropriate and appealing toys for tots.  Knowing what draws the attention of a little one in the 18-month to 3-year-old range assures me that the toy(s) I choose for my grandson in the next couple of birthdays and Christmases will be something he enjoys.

With all the toys constantly being introduced to the market in a wide-variety of selections, it is often difficult to choose the best age-appropriate ones.  Therefore, I did a search online for trending toys for toddlers.  In the list my search returned I found Amazon Best Sellers: Best Baby & Toddler Toys.  

A Classic Toy


Available on Amazon
To my surprise and delight, I discovered in that list a toy popular when my children were toddlers and is STILL today among the top toys for tots – the Corn Popper by Fisher-Price. With all the 'techie' toys out there today, it's nice to know the basic toys of today's parents' childhood are still favorites.

The corn popper was invented by Arthur Holt in 1957 and sold to Fisher-Price for $50.  It was designed to help young children learn to walk.  As the child pushes the toy, it sends tiny, colorful gumball-size balls flying and hitting the plastic dome, creating loud popping noises like a popcorn machine.  The corn popper has become one of the most popular toys in history!

In 2011, Time reporter Allie Townsend compiled a list of the 100 most influential toys from 1923 to the present.  Number 33 on the list was this 1950s Corn Popper!

This 'noisemaker' on a stick can sometimes be an irritating sound to parents, but it definitely will keep your baby and toddler entertained and 'moving'.   Parents tend to agree that a little noise is fine (mostly) when it keeps your toddler happy.

A Popular Classic Toy

New look for this classic, baby-favorite push toy!

On Amazon, the Fisher-Price 'Brilliant Basics' Corn Popper is listed in toys and games as #2 in pre-school and toddler toys and #3 in baby and toddler toys, with over 1,400 reviews, 74% of them 5-star reviews!

What fun to find that the basic toys enjoyed by our children are now just as popular with their children. The Corn Popper by Fisher-Price has definitely become a Classic toy.


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Friday, March 4, 2016

Tell Your Heart to Beat Again by Danny Gokey
I woke up this morning to a message on facebook from a good friend and fellow writer that included the link to this song.  I knew I simply had to share it with everyone here.

We all face difficult, heart breaking times in our lives.  It isn't always easy to bounce back.  Some things aren't that easy to just move past.  It is during those times that we need the reminder to tell our hearts to beat again. 

I thought of several people while I was listening to this song.  Friends who have recently buried loved ones, friends who are struggling to survive divorce or unwanted separations, and others whose lives have changed, or must now change, due to health problems.  Their lives will never be the same again.  I wanted to share this message with them all and to say with every breath you take, "Tell Your Heart to Beat Again".

I believe there is also a message in this song for anyone who still lives under a shadow cast over their lives for many others reasons including, but not limited to, the inability to move forward with their life due to guilt or a lack of forgiveness for something in their past. 

This article and song are dedicated today to my friends, or anyone reading, who are hurting.

For those of you who are currently breathing easily and whose lives are at peace, listen anyway and store the message of the song in your heart.  You never know when you might need this refrain playing back to you.

I believe the lyrics easily speak for themselves.

Thank you Diana for sending this song to me this morning.   It is such lovely song with a wonderful message that is beautifully sung by Danny Gokey.  

To my Mom, who I know is reading and listening, I love the piano accompaniment to this song!  I know you will too.  The simplicity of the tune and clear, even voice presentation allow the message to ring loud and clear just the way we always preferred.    

Review of "Tell Your Heart to Beat Again" was Written by:
House of Sylvestermouse

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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Tuned Wind Chimes Review

The beautiful, melodic sound of tuned wind chimes can brighten a cloudy day.
The beautiful, melodic sound of tuned wind chimes
can brighten a cloudy day.
If you ask me, wind chimes are a necessity on any porch or in a favorite garden spot, adding beautiful melodies to the fragrant air on a lazy afternoon. Tuned wind chimes are a wonderful choice to provide the most pleasing music to the ear, and a set of tuned wind chimes is a thoughtful choice for a gift for any occasion, especially during the spring and summer. Everyone loves wind chimes!

Several years ago we lost our house to a wildfire. During the months that our new home was being constructed, I knew that one thing we must have for our new, roomy front porch was a set of wind chimes. I chose Woodstock Chimes for their quality and "Amazing Grace" chimes specifically. The tubular chimes are tuned to the opening notes of the hymn "Amazing Grace," a tune that almost everyone recognizes and a song with a message that spoke volumes to us as we recovered from our traumatic loss. The chimes really were a perfect choice. The tune, the tone, and the message won me over.

The wind chimes in the short video below aren't mine, but it's kind of fun for me to listen to this because mine sound exactly the same and I can hear them chiming outside my home office window as I type this. If you choose Amazing Grace tuned wind chimes, yours will sound the same, too, since they're all perfectly tuned exactly the same way.

Play the video to hear how the chimes sound. Can you pick out the tune?

Prefer a different tune or tone? Click here to see more Woodstock tuned wind chimes.

Another impressive tuned wind chimes company that I recently found is Amish Chimes. Their chimes, too, are high quality with absolutely beautiful tone. I'm looking forward to adding a set of Amish Chimes to our back porch. Click the link to see and hear their selection. 

Tuned wind chimes are a wonderful gift idea for just about anyone. They're a great addition to a porch, patio, or garden area and they're available in sizes ranging from very small and high-pitched to long tubes with a very deep pitch. No doubt you'll find just the right set for someone special in your life.

A Set of Tuned Wind Chimes, A Great Gift Idea for . . .

  • Easter
  • A Birthday
  • Christmas
  • Father's Day
  • Mother's Day
  • A Wedding Gift
  • A Hostess Gift
  • A Grieving Friend
  • A Housewarming Gift
  • Your Favorite Gardener
  • Yourself!

So tell me, who do you know that deserves their own set of tuned wind chimes?

Tuned Wind Chimes Links:


Still Shopping? Don't Miss Our Review This Gift Guide!

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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Teach Your Child to Spell: A Review of The Natural Speller

What Do You Need to Teach Spelling?

If you are homeschooling your children, you don't need new graded workbooks every year. You need sensible teaching materials that help students at any level learn exactly what they need to know at their own pace.

For some of us, spelling came easily because we read a lot while growing up and were used to seeing words spelled properly all the time. We just knew, when proofreading, if a word looked wrong. This also worked for us on standardized multiple choice tests where we had to pick out the one word that was misspelled. If you are one of those people and are now faced with teaching a subject you almost absorbed yourself by osmosis, the book reviewed below is bound to help you plan your lessons.

If spelling was a tough subject for you, maybe you don't feel confident enough to teach your children. You may need a reference book that will bring you up to speed by helping you learn words that are especially hard for you -- the ones that never stuck after years of weekly spelling tests that simply confirmed you did not know them. One book that will help in each case above is Kathryn Stout's, The Natural Speller

Teach Your Child to Spell: A Review of The Natural Speller

About Kathryn Stout

I  first met Kathryn when we were both on the homeschool convention conference circuit. We were vendors, and during the dead times when the exhibit hall was almost empty, I walked around to try to discover new books to add to my inventory. I was impressed with Kathryn and the books she had written since they were perfect for those using a unit study approach, an approach I used when homeschooling my own children. She understood what in each subject was really important so that people could design a homeschool curriculum that did not leave out anything essential as they combined subjects in a unit study.  

Kathryn had taught in public schools for eight years before retiring to teach her own children. She already knew how many books were out there to help teachers, but she wanted to compile all that information into single subject resource to help other homeschooling parents get to the heart of their subjects. The Natural Speller is the go-to book for spelling. While many textbooks have some and gone, The Natural Speller is still popular after over twenty years. That's because it has everything people need to know about learning to spell in one handy book.

What's In The Natural Speller?

This is a comprehensive tool for the spelling teacher to use for any grade level. It has word lists for all grades through eighth, and they are arranged phonetically. It teaches the teacher how to teach spelling, and suggests activities to help students practice the words, use the words to help develop dictionary and grammar skills and build vocabulary. Writing activities to go with the spelling lists are included. After all, writing is where one uses spelling.

The Natural Speller also has a section devoted to special word lists: abbreviations, calendar and number words, colors, measurements, contractions, homophones, homographs, irregular verbs, foreign words, and Latin and Greek roots. Another section contains spelling rules. Lastly, there are hints on punctuation and capitalization; models for writing letters; and activities for using prefixes and suffixes. Just about anything related to spelling is in this book.

Another great feature of this book is that it assists the teacher in designing a completely individualized spelling program for each student without buying another book. Whether your child has learning disabilities and needs to go at a slower pace or whether your child is far above average in spelling, and only needs a reference when proofreading,  get the Natural Speller. It will be all you need. Older students will probably only need it for reference unless they haven't mastered the spelling words designated to be learned by grade nine.

Don't let your children grow up to be like this person below. If you're already this person, the book will help you, too.

For more reviews of books to help homeschool families and others who want to enrich their children's education, see Books to Remember: A World of Reading Choices.

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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Reviewing Marbles A Traditional Game of Lent

March And Marbles

It doesn't matter whether Easter falls in March or April, typically at least most of the month of March falls in to the time of Lent. Did you know that a traditional game played during the Lenten Season is marbles? I honestly did not know this myself but I think it is really kind of cool. 

I know I have fond memories of shooting marbles when I was a young girl! I don't know that children play marbles much anymore but what a fun tradition to start in young families. Of course they don't have to just play marbles during Lent but it is a nice time to start teaching them how to play. 

First, a little history of the game. Marbles has been played for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years. It is believed that in the beginning eggs, round stones and even cherry pits were used before the marbles of glass came along. During Lent, children and grown-ups alike played this fun game up until the clock stroked 12 noon on Good Friday. Did you know that another name for Good Friday is Marble Day? I didn't know that, either. 

Marbles is not a complicated game and most kids pick up the rules with one explanation. The fun thing is that it can be played inside or outside and all year long. We usually played outside and we made our ring in the dirt. How about you? Did you play marbles as a child?

In case you have forgotten the rules, here is a fun video to remind you of how easy it is to play.

Did that bring it all back to you? It did me! Oh the hours we spent trying to get each other's marbles. We kind of rotated in our rules. Sometimes, we played "keepsies" and sometimes we gave back the marbles when the game was over. The disagreements usually started if we were doing give-backs because someone invariably tried to claim a marble as having been his or hers. We came up with a clever way to decide...we had a "shoot-off" for the marble or marbles in question.

You know not all marbles look alike and many times we had marbles that were different from the others. Maybe it was a special color of "cat's eye" or an unusual color of swirl. I remember one boy in the neighborhood had a couple of neat corkscrews and one kid was lucky enough to have some "aggies" which were made from agate. Those marbles never came into dispute as to who the original owner was but the more common ones sometimes did. When we played "keepsies", sometimes I would win an exceptionally pretty marble and I would keep those aside and not enter them into the next game because I didn't want to lose them. Maybe that was the beginning of me collecting things! I know I had quite a stash of marbles by the time I stopped playing. Funny, I don't remember what happened to those marbles. I probably gave them to some little kid at some point.

Perhaps this month, during Lent, you could introduce the game of marbles to your children or grandchildren! A fun, inexpensive game that can offer hours of fun and enjoyment.

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