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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Let's Review the Dog Days of February

Abbi, a family Boston Terrier (c)

I know, you think of those hot, steamy days of August when you hear the term 'Dog Days', but you'll be surprised to learn how many February dates are related to the lovable pet known as DOG.

There are quite a few dog-related holidays in February alone. Perhaps this is because the Westminster Dog Show is held this month, putting the focus on dogs. 

Although there are numerous days throughout the year dedicated to dogs in one form or another, we present here just a few celebrated in February. 

“Walking the Dog Day” - February 22


Abbi, a family pet Boston Terrier
Dog owners walk their dog every day, but on February 22nd I guess they get to have an extra-special walk.  My brother's dog, Abbi, the Boston Terrier, loves her walks every day.  There's just so much for a curious dog to sniff and see and enjoy while walking along a trail in the woods or just around the neighborhood. As Abbi's 'aunt', I've gotten in my share of dog walks with her. Walking is good for both dog walker and dog. 

Abbi is a rescue pup who has found her 'forever home' with my brother & sister-in-law and she is a happy dog indeed.

"Love Your Pet Day" - February 20

February 20th is “Love Your Pet Day”. While not limited strictly to dogs, one of the most popular pets is a cute puppy and the grown up dog he becomes.   No one knows who created this 'love' day for pets, but probably it was a pet lover (or the pet of one). It's definitely a day to lavish extra attention on your pet, be it a dog or other kind of animal you love. 

Our own Dawn Rae wrote this delightful story about her Rat Terrier, Daisy and you can just feel all the love she had for Daisy the dog. Put February 20 on your calendar each year so you don't miss out on 'Love Your Pet Day'

“International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day” - February 23


Image from

Another 'dog day' to celebrate in February is “International  Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day” on February 23rd.  

I can't think of a better way to let your dog know you appreciate him/her than with a favorite doggie treat. Dog biscuits are snapped up immediately by dogs and the best kind are homemade. 

Dog Bone Cookie Cutter, Stainless Steel

Try the recipe in this article filled with homemade dog food recipes and helpful tips for making your own homemade dog biscuits for your furry friend on a day we appreciate the dog biscuit.  The shape is easy to make with this dog biscuit cookie cutter from Amazon.

Besides dog biscuits, your favorite puppy might enjoy a special cupcake made especially for a doggie palette with ingredients just right for a dog diet. The recipe by Susan Zatautas is found in another review by Sylvestermouse called “Cooking for Dogs”.

Celebrate all the Dog Days in February and Thoughout the Year. 

Handmade Dogs on  Etsy
My crocheted dogs, Paulie and Petunia, hope you (and your dog) get to take advantage of all these special February days for dogs!

For more dog stories and reviews of products for dogs, check out the DOG section here on Review This Reviews.

*Article written by Wednesday Elf on 2/21/2015. Updated on 2/20/2020

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”


Monday, February 10, 2020

Dog Agility Reviewed!

It is winter here in the Midwest and I already thinking warmer weather and fun activities in the yard with my pup and dog agility!

A backyard agility course for your dog is fun with a F! Fun for you, fun for the dog and a fun activity both you and your fluffy friend can enjoy.

The Agility Obstacle Course

Dog agility is the running of an obstacle course. The sport originated in the late 1970's in England. There have been many organizations through the years as the sport has evolved; the goal of the organizations were shared, though the rules and obstacles slightly differed.

Years ago when agility was a relatively new sport I enrolled in a dog agility class. The difference between the backyard agility equipment and professional equipment is size. As you can see from the video below of a professional agility competition the obstacles are BIG!

Backyard agility obstacles are smaller, portable and easy to assemble. The starter kits are easy to set up, store and all you need is grass! The agility kits are easily transported so if a backyard is not available any nice sized section of grass will work.

The Beginner Backyard Agility Sets

Staples in a backyard agility kit are the jump, tunnel and weave poles.


The tunnel is usually one of the first obstacles to teach your dog. A few treats and encouragement and the tunnel can be easy to master for the confident dog. As with every new activity a little practice goes along way and the dog will give you cues as to how comfortable they are with the tunnel.

I have seen very skittish and less confident young dogs who at first look at the tunnel as a looming foreign object turn into tunnel loving runners with the right encouragement and practice.


The jump is adjustable and can be set very close to the ground to begin acclimating your dog to the desired height. Dogs who love to run and jump can take to the jump quite quickly. I happen to have a dog who loves to jump so the jump was quickly mastered and the height could be increased.

To teach and acclimate the dog to the jump you can see in the photo below the dog is on a leash and I am gently guiding the dog through the jump with a treat in hand ( why the dog is looking to my hand).

Last Fall we had a few doggie buddies over for backyard fun. 

The three Amigos

Within a few minutes of practicing individually we put the medium size dogs sitting at the start line and were amazed as they took off together taking the jump in unison!

 It was a race to the treat and the owners.

Because of size, as one of the three amigos was only six pounds, she was an observer while the two medium sized dogs navigated the obstacle course, and we practiced with her separately. 

She enjoyed watching and learning from afar however!

Weave poles

Weave poles can be tough! Where my dog took to the jumping very quickly, the weave poles not so much. The poles are set up for the dog to zig zag - weave in and out in a straight line. We are still working on the weave poles, but in the spirit of this is purely for fun, I think the pup and I have decided ... no on the weave poles.

But weave poles are alot of fun to watch. The video below shows a full sized Agility Course and look at those pups weave!

Sit stay box

This is a great exercise , especially for younger dogs, to practice sit/stay and down/stay. The “box” is either a marked area in a box or an actual raised solid box.

The dog either enters the box or jumps up on the box and does a sit/ stay or down/stay for a set number of seconds. If training a young dog, this exercise works right into practicing sits and stays.

Dog Personality

Of course it is imperative the personality and physical capabilities of your dog are of the greatest importance when considering agility obstacles. Dogs of any age, breed or height can participate in dog agility. The obstacles are 'sized' to the dog.

Age: Agility courses are not for puppies as their growth plates must be fully developed. Obviously this varies per breed, per dog. Pre agility exercises such as the sit stay exercise are pup friendly.

Does your dog love to run ? Try new things? Enjoy activity? Loves to figure out a puzzle? Agility may be a great fit.

Is your dog apprehensive to try something new but with proper training enjoys a new activity ? Agility could be a great confidence booster !

Backyard agility can just be plain ole good fun for the owner and pet. No need to compete, just enjoy the obstacles your dog likes and making a home agility course provides great exercise for you and your pet.

Where To Find Backyard Agility Kits

Online is where the kits can be found, this is a beginner kit I like.

DIY ers  can also make agility equipment! Here is a good resource in making obstacles for a backyard agility course .

I’ve been lucky enough to have dogs which naturally seem to enjoy agility which makes training much easier!

Whether it is one obstacle or a backyard of obstacles, I highly recommend dog agility for a few hours of amusement, exercise and bonding with you furry friend.

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”


Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Whimzees Natural Dog Treat Review

My little furball is in love with his new friend Whimzees Dog Treats! I am in love that I found a dog treat my dog can actually eat due to his new friend the low protein dog diet. Whimzees brand of dog treats are actually all natural dental treats so one a day is the recommended serving.

 All Sizes All Shapes

One of the fun features are the different sizes and shapes of Whimzees. Every dog has their unique preference of the size and shape of a dog treat and then there are those dogs which are generalists. My dog is a generalist; not necessarily picky, but does prefer the chew stick or chew round as the first options.

 Low Protein All Natural Dog Treat

Unfortunately due to a tangle with bladder stones my dog had to be switched to a low protein menu which included low protein dog treats and chews. The treats were not an issue as I had always restricted the types of treats; but taking away the favorite dog chew was a huge issue!

The Fluff (as I call my dog in jest, as he is not a wash and wear type dog and needs to be groomed and fluffed!) absolutely without hesitation indicated that a daily chew was a necessity.

The Search For A Low Protein Dog Chew Or Snack

It was very difficult to find any dog chews that were "low protein" as defined by under 15-20% protein content. When I was roaming up and down the treat aisle at the local pet store I lucked into one of the employees who was also a dog nutritionist. I was reading the ingredients of Whimzees and as we together went through the ingredients the dog nutritionist explained each ingredient and its' benefit. The Whimzees Vegetable Sausage is a dental dog treat so the Fluff eats the stick quickly, but is very satisfied.

Switching From A Protein Dog Chew To Whimzees

It was absolutely no problem to switch to the Whimzees Dog Treats. I chose the Vegetable Sausage as it was a chew stick and suitable for the size of the Fluff. The Fluff approved immediately and is a happy little chewer with the added bonus of helping to keep his teeth clean and his breath fresh.

Whimzees can be purchased in variety packs of different shapes or a  pack of the same type of dog treat. I began with the Vegetable Sausage and next time will order the variety pack for small dogs for a change of pace. Dog owners seeking a grain free treat will love Whimzees too!

The Fluff and I highly recommend Whimzees! 

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”


Thursday, June 16, 2016

Patriotic Dog Bandanas, Collars, and Clothes

Bandanas, Collars, and Clothes: Apparel for Your Patriotic Pooch. Let's review a few ways your dog can help you show off your patriotic pride.
The Reviewer's Dog, Daisy, Models Her
Patriotic Bandana on the 4th of July

Bandanas, Collars, and Clothes (Oh, my!):
Apparel for Your Patriotic Pooch

It's summer, which is synonymous for "fun," and one of the most fun holidays of the year happens to fall smack dab in the middle of summertime, on the 4th of July.

While picnics, parades, and parties are popular ways to celebrate Independence Day, people love to dress up in patriotic patterns and colors, too, to demonstrate their love for their country. For those of us whose pets (in this case, dogs) are important members of our families, we like to include them in our celebrations, too.

Let's review a few ways your dogs can help to show off your family's patriotic pride.

Red, White, and Blue Bandanas for Dogs

Patriotic Bandana with Space for Tags by KirasPetShop on Etsy
Patriotic Bandana with Space for Tags
by KirasPetShop on Etsy
During the weeks leading up to the 4th, it's easy to find bandanas in patriotic colors and designs as you stroll through your local department store. While it's fine to pick up an extra bandana for the pup, there are options that work better for dogs than using scarves designed for people.

For instance, take a look at this, my favorite dog bandana design, which works with the dog's collar. The bandana actually attaches over the collar using velcro, a feature you may have seen before, but the truly unique part is that there's a slot in the middle for the dog's tags to hang through. That's not only convenient, it also keeps the scarf from sliding around the dog's neck while you're on your daily walk. Order this bandana in sizes from extra-small to extra-large.

Prefer a different style or design? You'll find a huge selection of patriotic dog bandanas at this link.

Dog Collars for the 4th of July

Fourth of July Girl Dog Collar by Puptique on Etsy Red White Blue Plaid Dog Collar and Bow Tie from WagglesandCompany on Etsy

A red, white, and blue dog collar is a quick and simple way for your patriotic pooch to show her true colors. Stars, stripes, and American flag patterns are always popular. Consider a bright patriotic collar with a pretty bow for her or choose something more subdued like the red, white, and blue preppy plaid collar for him, as shown above.

Digital Camo Dog Collar by Swanky Pet on Etsy
ACU Digital Camo Dog Collar by Swanky Pet on Etsy

If you're looking for something a little different but equally patriotic and perfect for a dog belonging to a veteran, take a look at this awesome made-to-order digital camo dog collar. It's sturdy and includes a high-quality metal ring (or substitute plastic hardware) for displaying your pup's dog tags. 

Patriotic Dog Clothes

Thank God For Our Heroes Patriotic 4th of July Dog Dress by JustForBella on Etsy
Thank God For Our Heroes Patriotic 4th of July Dog Dress
by JustForBella on Etsy
I've saved my favorite 'til last. This is for the girls, custom made for dogs 8 to 18 inches in girth. It's a harness dress, which I like because of the practicality, its custom fit, and the velcro openings at the neck and tummy. The embroidered message on the back of the dress says, "Thank God for our Heroes" in red and blue and includes white stars as well. The patriotic-patterned skirt is trimmed in pretty rick-rack and the outfit is topped off with a beautiful bow and heart-shaped button. There's a convenient D ring at the waist for attaching her leash. This is such a beautiful dress, created by a popular, 5 star-rated Etsy designer/seller. Be sure to check out her other designs, too, including this whimsical, totally adorable, and very seasonal red, white, and blue flip-flops dog harness
Whimsical Patriotic Flip-Flops Dog Harness by JustForBella on Etsy
Whimsical Patriotic USA Flip-Flops Dog Harness by JustForBella on Etsy

No matter which patriotic holiday is on the calendar, I hope you'll include your canine companions in your celebrations. Before you take your dog out during the day, even if it's just for your daily walk through the neighborhood, take an extra few seconds to tie on a patriotic bandana or switch to a red, white, and blue collar. It's an easy and fun way to show off your patriotic pride. 

Have a safe and happy 4th of July! 


P.S. Did you know that July 5th is the day that the greatest numbers of dogs are admitted to animal shelters? Please keep your pets indoors and safe during 4th of July fireworks celebrations so they don't run away.

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”


Friday, May 12, 2017

Indoor Dog Gates Reviewed

Indoor Dog Gates Reviewed
As the summer months are fast approaching, I am reminded of how much we need our indoor dog gates once the hot days arrive. 

When we have workmen or company, it is simply too hot to leave the pups outside for more than a few minutes.  Actually, the same is true during the winter months.  Extreme weather conditions of any kind make indoor dog gates essential. 

We have 2 different dog gates that we use regularly in our home.  One that requires hardware mounted on the door facing.  And, one that is held in place by tension.  Both are fabulous dog gates and I can highly recommend either one depending on your preferences. 

Dog Gate with Hardware Required

 Kidco Safeway Gate, Top of Stairs Gate, WhiteThis doggie gate is more secure.  Unless a dog jumps over the gate, they aren't going to get past it.  We have had one dog who was capable of jumping over the gate, but age has slowed that desire and ability.  I am quite certain he could still jump the gate if needed, but he is a really good dog who understands the reason for the gate and tries very hard to be obedient.  To be completely honest, I am reassured to know he could get over it if needed.  After all, the workmen are most often strangers and I am more comfortable having my guard dog only a shout away. 

  • Metal
  • Adjustable Width to Fit Doorway
  • Locks 
  • Hardware Required (but you only have to install it once, unless you move)
  • Gate Can Be Removed when Not in Use (hardware remains on door facing)
This gate is also fabulous when we have had bad weather and the dogs come in wet.  I can close the gate and they will stay on the tile just inside our back door until they are dry enough to enter the rest of the house. 

Tension Dog Gate 

 Evenflo Position and Lock Tall Pressure Mount Wood GateThe tension dog gate is the one we use when we want the dogs to stay in an area of the house without locking them behind a door.  I have used it many times in the doorway between the kitchen and the den.  It allows them the freedom to move around in a larger area of the house, but to still be limited.  This gate was especially useful when we had our bathroom re-tiled.  That process took several hours over several days.  The dogs were "penned" in the kitchen area where they had access to their food and water all day.  Plus, they had plenty of room to walk around or lay down without being literally on top of each other.

  • No Permanent Hardware
  • Wood (beware, some dogs will chew wood frame)
  • Location can be Moved to Different Doorways
  • Adjustable Width
Indoor Dog Gates ReviewedWe also use the tension gate at the foot of the stairs when we have overnight guests.  It keeps the pups for going upstairs to visit with our guests.  Trust me, that makes for happier guests and happier dogs!

The downside to this gate is obvious.  Since it is only held in place by tension, a heavier dog, or one who was really persistent, could knock it down.  The few times I have seen that happen, the noise of the gate crashing to the ground stunned the dog momentarily and alerted me instantly that the gate was down.  That allowed me enough time to get the dog and the gate back when they were supposed to be without incident.  Fortunately, our dogs understand the gate is a boundary and they are really good about not crossing the boundary regardless.  I have even been able to simply set the gate against the doorway without locking it into place and they understand to stay on their side.

Indoor Dog Gates 

I have no doubt that these gates have saved our dogs lives on several occasions and saved me a tremendous amount of stress over the years.  Because we have larger breed dogs, I've never felt a kennel was a good option.  I wouldn't want to be trapped in one, therefore, I know my dogs don't want to be locked in a cage where they can't even stand up either.  

The indoor dog gates allow our dogs to be happier, healthier and safer.  They allow us to have the freedom to have our dogs live indoors with us, but be securely contained in safe areas when we have guests.

For all of us in our home, these gates are considered essential and worth the cost.  

To new dog owners, I recommend having these gates as soon as you bring a new puppy home.  It really is best to train them properly from the very beginning.  Puppies are much easier to train than an older dog.  However, I can tell you from experience that an older dog can and will learn the boundaries set by a indoor dog gate if you will simply be patient and give them time.  Like any other form of training, start out with short periods of time and keep them company.  Then work up to longer stretches of time and walk into another room for a few minutes.  They will learn that they are safe and that you are coming back.  It just takes time and gentle effort! 

Read More Product Reviews at

Indoor Dog Gates Review Written by:
House of Sylvestermouse

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”


Thursday, November 19, 2015

Slow-Feeding Dog Bowl Review

Daisy is a bit suspicious of her new  Outward Hound Fun Feeder slow-feeding dog bowl.
Daisy is a bit suspicious of her new
Outward Hound Fun Feeder slow-feeding dog bowl.
Is your dog a chow hound, determined to set speed records every time he eats his meals? Or perhaps you have a dog (possibly a large breed) that has problems with bloat or regurgitation.

If so, then your precious pet could use a slow-feeding dog bowl such as this one that we recently bought for our Labrador Retriever, Daisy. Here's my review of the Outward Hound Fun Feeder.

Daisy is a sweet girl, always curious, never wanting to miss anything that the humans in our family are doing, especially when it involves food. She's a begger who loves people food (and yes, I take full responsibility for that, but we're doing better). Her habit is to rush through eating her dog food so she can spend the majority of the dinner hour at my feet, waiting for me to cave in and share what's on my plate.

Fortunately, Daisy doesn't have a problem with bloat, but many dogs are prone to the condition. Bloat happens when dogs gulp their food, filling their stomachs with air and food, causing the stomach to twist or rotate. Bloat is a serious problem and can cause death, so it's important to take measures to slow your dog's input of food. Regurgitation, when food backs up into the esophagus and into (and out of) the mouth can be caused by medical issues, but eating too much, too fast is a common cause as well.

(Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article.)

The ridges and valleys pattern in the Outward Hound Fun Feeder separates the food into small sections that require the dog to slow down when eating.
The ridges and valleys of the Fun Feeder bowl
forces the dog to eat more slowly as he
accesses small quantities of food at a time.
If your dog suffers from bloat or frequently regurgitates her food, a slow-feed dog bowl can be very helpful. How does it work? Look at the pictures I've included with this review. The ridges and valleys pattern in the Outward Hound Fun Feeder separates the food into small sections that require the dog to slow down and find the food, reaching into the narrow sections to eat just a few pieces at a time. In fact, the product information claims that your dog will eat up to 10 times slower with this bowl and, after using it with Daisy for a couple of weeks now, I have no doubt that that's an accurate figure.

Now when Daisy eats, she actually works her way around the bowl, slowly seeking out each section and each individual morsel of food. In our case, if I feed her at the same time I feed our family, we can eat in peace while she's peacefully eating. Plus, since digestion has already started, she's satisfied and feels full sooner which cuts down on the begging (yay!). Since the food is able to travel to the stomach a little at a time, the bowl certainly helps with prevention of the bloat or regurg problem.

Daisy works her way around the Fun Feeder as she slowly eats her dog food.
Daisy slowly works her way around the bowl,
eating just a few morsels at a time.
Interestingly, Daisy seems to find the Fun Feeder entertaining. She tends to be wary of new things, and she did eye the bowl suspiciously at first, but when we tried it out with a small amount of food it didn't take long before she figured out exactly what she had to do to eat.

Another thought we had going into this dog-feeding experiment was that she might just use her big paws to tip the bowl and pour the food out onto the floor. Nope, didn't happen. This well-designed, well-made bowl has a non-skid rubber base plus it's heavy enough that I think even a much bigger dog would have a hard time tipping it over.

The bowl holds 4 cups of food (Daisy's daily ration is about 3 cups). The Fun Feeder is also available in a 2 cup capacity size for use with smaller dogs. Besides the flower-looking design (perfect for our Daisy) there's also a swirly and a maze design if you'd like to change up the food dispensing from time to time or for multi-dog homes.

I should add that the bowl is top-rack dishwasher safe, made from BPA, PVC and phthalate-free plastic. Designed in Colorado USA, manufactured in China. Available in three colors and two sizes.

Bottom line, Daisy and I award this slow-feeding dog bowl 5 stars. It works perfectly to slow her eating and she actually enjoys using it. Little does she know, it's good for her digestive tract, too. I hope your chow hound likes her new bowl, too.

UPDATE: It turns out that many dogs gulp their water, too, often leading to annoying hiccups or (worse) regurgitation of both food and water. By request, I've added a link below for a very well-reviewed anti-gulping bowl, also available in several sizes and colors. 

eBay has excellent prices on slow feeder dog bowls
Outward Hound's Fun Feeder from Amazon
Anti-Gulping Bowl (to slow down drinking or eating)

~ Susan Deppner
Read more of my reviews

P.S. A slow-feed dog bowl is a great gift idea for any dog owner! 

Thank you for pinning and sharing with other dog owners.
Is your dog determined to set speed records at dinnertime? Does he have problems with bloat or regurgitation? Then try a slow-feeding dog bowl. Here's my review of the Outward Hound Fun Feeder.

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”


Wednesday, July 26, 2017

You Have to See This! Excellent Dog and Cat Strollers Reviewed!

We Love all our Fur Babies!  Dogs and Cats are an integral part of our families!

When they hurt, we hurt too!  So let's review how we can help our Fur Babies thrive in whatever difficulties they may be experiencing!

Just last week I got the funniest (I thought at the time) phone call from my uncle.  He is a "Doggie Lover Extraordinaire!"  He knows all of the dogs in his building by name and they all know him too!  It's a win-win situation for him.  He is elderly and could not take care of a dog by himself, so he gets to love all the dogs and not have to worry about their day to day care.  The dog owners love it too, because he gives their fur babies a little extra attention and treats.  The dogs all love him.  Anyways,  I digress, back to the phone call.

The Phone Call!

He calls me almost in a frantic state and begins to tell me about this elderly dog in his building.  He's been worried about him for quite some time.  Mr. Beasley (the dog) is suffering from bad eyesight and the ravages of age, arthritis.   My Uncle was worried that the owners would put Mr. Beasley to sleep!  So the phone call continues, he says to me, "Olivinha (my pet name) you will never believe what I just saw!"

dog strollers, Review This, Pet Accessories, help for elder pets
Happy Fur Babies Going for a Walk!

The Reveal!

He proceeds to tell me about Mr. Beasley and his new "pet stroller".  He is gushing with excitement that Mr. Beasley's owners have found a way to make their fur baby's life easier in his later years. As he was telling me all about this it occurred to me that many of my friends are in a similar position.  Their fur babies are growing older and suffering some of the same effects of aging that we go through.  So with all this excitement I decided that I would check out these wonderful Pet Strollers and give you my honest review!

So here we go!

From Amazon's pages I have chosen to show you these four Dog/Cat Strollers! I have read many of the reviews given to the items by "verified purchasers" and can honestly say I have also spoken to many people about their own dog/cat strollers! So let's take a look and see what we have available, shall we?  People in my own building also have dogs and dog strollers.  I have made it a point to talk to them about their choices and why they like them or not!  I personally don't currently have a dog so my opinion is based on what I have seen and what I have heard from other dog owners, including Mr. Beasley's fur parents and more fur parents who have dog strollers.

Hits and Misses

Dog Strollers are basically a baby type carriage for your fur babies.  Like real baby strollers, they have wheels and a "bed area". So why not just get a baby carriage and modify it for your pet?  Well, let's just say that safety, is the name of the game and keeping our pet safe and secure is our ultimate goal.  In order to retrofit a baby carriage,  you would be making a big investment in time and trouble, when there are products already available for this purpose.
Not the ideal way to transport your pet for long periods of time.

Stroller Size

Pet strollers are rated for the size of the dog or cat.  Pet strollers can be used for any four legged pets that you may have. Depending on the overall size of the stroller, you can fit one or two small dogs or cats into these beds.  Most will have a certain "pound rating".  If you have a very big dog, you will need to look for a stroller that will take your pets weight, or the tires and frame will not hold up for prolonged use. Pet Strollers are generally rated by weight of the pet or pets.  Many come in doubles too, for people who have more than one animal in their care.  


You can get a very inexpensive dog stroller for a small dog if you are a city dweller and use it on paved walkways and roads. If this is good enough for you then you can purchase a doggie stroller for about $50.00.  As I said earlier I do not have one of these myself so I did rely on the comments and found some really disturbing ones that rated the inexpensive strollers as "terrible".  So buyer beware.  The smaller wheels and portability of the stroller would be ideal. But the smaller wheels do not lend themselves to a nice smooth ride for your pet.

The stroller that cost upwards of $180.00 are considered the "Cadillac" of pet strollers.These pet strollers have wheels that are 12 inches in diameter and are pumped up with air, like a bicycle tire.  They offer a smooth ride and are made especially for joggers or walkers that like to go the distance on terrain that is not smooth.  Winter would also be a great time to use these strollers,  to save the dogs from getting "salt burns" on the pads of their feet.  

Transportation of the Pet Strollers

All of the pet strollers are made to be easy to transport.  One handed collapse is not uncommon.  Weight of the pet beds varies but most are easy enough for anyone to load them into a car.   Not all of them have the storage  basket on the underside of the "bed".   To me this "extra" is essential, but more on that further in the Review.  Tubing and construction are much better with the premium types of pet strollers.

Bed Area

Some of the pet strollers come with a "bed" already for your pet.  Some make this an add on feature.  Premium strollers come with everything included, meaning that you have a sun shade, bolster pad and bedding as part of the whole package.  If you buy a less expensive model, you will need to add these extras to make your pet stroller compete with the upgraded models.  The bed is "screened in" so that your dog will not be able to jump out and wander off.  Some even sport a window at the bottom area of the bed, so that your dog can lie down and still be watching where you are going. If your dog likes the wind in his face, there are tethers to attach to a harness!  Then let the hood down and the screen off and your animals will still be safe!  Everything will fit nicely into the boot of the carriage.


Premium strollers are also great for fitness buffs who love to run.  The three wheeled construction allows the front wheel to lock into place for joggers.  If you prefer a leisurely walk, then the front wheel can be unlocked.  You will be able to turn your pet stroller on a dime.  It handles like a "Ferrari", where the more inexpensive strollers will chug along like a freight train in comparison.

Boot or Storage Area

Underneath the "bed" there is a boot or storage area, that will hold everything you might need while you are out and about.  A water dish, water bottles, treats and even their food can easily be stored until needed.  If you are out with your dog for the whole day, this storage area is wonderful and will save you from having to make several return trips to the car for items you might need.  Going to the dog park was never so easy for you or your dog. And after a strenuous day of play, your pet will be ready for a nice nap on the way back to the car.  Everyone exhausted but happy with a day's outing made easy.


If you are purchasing a pet stroller for your family pet, then I would strongly suggest going for a model that is in the higher price range. You will get your money's worth out of it, with the superior construction and usability.   When your dog gets older and can no longer walk for long distances, this is the ideal way to help your pet still enjoy his later years.  He still gets out and for short periods of time can get out of the stroller for a little walk and then get back in to rest.  It's one of the little things we can do for our pets who have given us so much love during their younger years.  Elder dogs are still part of our extended family and as such we can only try to make their latter days as easy a possible.

We have so much fun with our four legged family members that in their latter years we can go just that little bit further.  After all, these are the pets that we have dressed up for Halloween, taken pictures of for our Family Christmas Cards, and made them a part of our world for so many occasions.  When they get old, we owe it to them to make their senior years as wonderful as they have made all of our days.

Dog safety is one of the most important things we can do for the pets we love.  Keeping them safe and comfortable is part of our duty as a pet owner and lover.  If you want to read about more ways to keep your pets safe and happy there are lots of Reviews available for you!

  • If you want to know more about Indoor Dog Gates, you can click on that link and read about them. Cynthia let's you know all the ins and outs of Indoor Dog Gates.
  • Dressing up our pets for special holidays is something we pet owners do too just for fun.  Our fur babies enjoy the attention and we get so much pleasure and fun with the interactions too.  Susan writes about dressing up our dogs in this review: Patriotic Dog Bandanas, Collars and Clothes.
  • If you are new to bringing home a puppy, you might want to read Bringing Home a Puppy Day!

One thing is certain, once there is a dog in your life, you will never ever stop having things to talk about.

If you ever get the chance to rescue a dog, you will find that they will change your life even more for the better!  My friend Diana Wentzel, rescues dogs and she just recently had then need to get a dog stroller for one of her rescues.  In her words, "Mr. Muffin's dune buggy. Let me tell you, it's a good workout pushing a dog stroller through a sandy creek. Still, I would do anything for this precious guy. I'm waiting for him to tell me where he wants to go for his next field trip."  She goes on to say, "I have found this to be an essential piece of equipment. For Mr. Muffin, it is definitely a quality of life accessory. I'm sure many dogs would benefit from having one. It means I can take Mr. M. places he would never be able to experience without it.

Along with her beautiful comments, she allowed me to post this picture of Mr. Muffins in his "Dune Buggy"!  Photo courtesy of Ms. D. Wenzel!
All pictures except Mr. Muffins's, on this blog post are from Pixabay.  

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Saturday, March 14, 2020

Doctor Dogs – A Book Review

How Our Best Friends are Becoming Our Best Medicine

We are familiar with seeing eye dogs, service dogs, military working dogs, dogs trained to assist Law Enforcement, and dogs who work in search and rescue.  

Now, more and more as time goes by, scientific studies are finding that dogs can be trained to help people with chronic medical conditions, both physical & mental, and to detect diseases such as Cancer and Parkinson's.

Doctor Dogs, written by Maria Goodavage, relates many of these studies, along with a number of stories of individual canines and the people they are helping.  The emotional element in this book is as powerful as the science.  The book jacket states:

You don't have to be a dog lover to care deeply about what we are learning from these dogs – and if you're not a dog lover, you will be by the end of this book!

Doctor Dogs

Doctor Dogs by Maria Goodavage

Published in 2019, Doctor Dogs relates a globe-trotting journey made by journalist and author Maria Goodavage who visited top research centers around the United States, throughout Europe and England and as far away as Japan.  Through her excellent story-telling we meet many fantastic dogs, learn of their training in various areas and discover how they are impacting (and actually saving, in many cases) the lives of people whose well-being depends on these highly skilled personal MDs (medical dogs).

A Collection of (Trained) Canines in Doctor Dogs

From Angus to Zen......

  • Angus (Clostridium difficile-detection dog)
  • Baby Boo (cancer detection dog)
  • Bob (autism-assistance dog)
  • Bud (seizure-alert dog)
  • Daisy (cancer detection dog)
  • Dexter (seizure-alert dog)
  • Duke (crisis-response dog)
  • George (cancer detection dog)
  • Hank (psychiatric service dog)
  • Jedi (diabetic alert dog)
  • Leo (educational-aide dog)
  • Nina (seizure alert dog)
  • Parker (cancer detection dog)
  • Sally (malaria detection dog)
  • Zen (Parkinson's alert dog)

As you can see from the list above, dogs can be trained to help and assist in many different ways.  The training described is fascinating.  Dogs can learn to 'alert' to impending seizures (giving the patient time to find a safe place to sit or lie down), or alert to diabetic highs and lows, especially helpful in children with Type I diabetes who are too young to recognize when they are in trouble. 

There are Doctor Dogs who can detect cancers and Parkinson's Disease.  There are psychiatric service dogs who have proven to be invaluable to children with autism and people suffering from PTSD, both returning soldiers of war and civilians with trauma-induced PTSD. 

These abilities and feats dogs are being trained to do are just a few of the areas of medicine, and more, being researched at this time. 

Maria Goodavage, Author

Maria Goodavage (Source: Wikimedia)
Maria Goodavage is a veteran journalist who has written a number of best-selling books about dogs; two about military dogs, one about Secret Service dogs who protect the President of the United States, and now Doctor Dogs. 

Maria lives in San Francisco with, among others, her yellow Labrador retriever, Gus.


The dogs trained for these medical specialties are carefully matched to the individuals they will serve and are almost always of a calm nature.  Labrador Retrievers are a popular breed in this field, but just about any breed who is friendly and calm can be trained to be a good Doctor Dog

These Doctor Dogs absolutely love what they are doing. They adore and become very attached to their 'people'. 

What is their paycheck for their lifesaving work?  All they need are heartfelt praise and a tasty treat or favorite toy.  I'd say that's the easiest fee to pay any doctor. 

(c) Doctor Dogs Book Review by Wednesday Elf 3/14/2020

Quick Link:

ReviewThisReviews Contributor Diana Wenzel (RenaissanceWoman) has written several articles here about her therapy dog Finn. Click Here to meet this delightful dog doing his own service in this field of special hero dogs.

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Friday, March 2, 2018

Ortho Sleeper Comfort Couch for Dogs Reviewed

Recommended dog bed for large breed dogs.  This ortho sleeper dog couch bed is durable, comfortable, and the cover is washable.
The Ortho Sleeper Comfort Couch with a Removable Cushion made by the Carolina Pet Company is one of the best investments we have made for our dogs.   

As our Golden Retriever has aged, it has gotten harder for her to get up after a nap.  We have hardwood floors in the kitchen and den, which are the areas of our home that we stay in most of the time.  Hardwood floors are easier to clean, but they are not easy on old bones.  When our pretty girl turned 11, her daddy was determined to find her a soft place to lay down, so he went in search of the very best orthopedic bed for dogs.   

To avoid any appearance of favoritism, he purchased a dog bed for our Labrador Retriever too even though he was only 6 at the time.  As it turns out, Merlin, the lab,  loves the doggie couch beds the most.

We originally put the two beds side by side on the den floor, but Merlin, the lab, wanted one in the bedroom too.  They aren't as necessary in our bedroom because that floor is carpeted, but Merlin wanted one in there.  Since he is clearly strong enough to drag his own bed into the bedroom, we decided to leave one bed in the den and one in the bedroom. 
We have never allowed our dogs to sleep in our bed and I believe Merlin feels it is only fair that he should also have a bed in the bedroom too. This unexpected arrangement has actually worked out quite well for us and our pups.  

Our Goldie doesn't like sleeping on the carpet in our bedroom.  She prefers the cold tile in front of the unlit fireplace.  Therefore, she has not been keen to sleep in one of the doggie beds at night, but she will nap in them during the day.   They seem perfectly welling to share the beds, one at a time of course.  Therefore, having the beds in separate rooms is actually ideal.

Now, every night, Merlin lays down on his doggie sleeper couch, curls up into a ball, and goes sound asleep at the foot of our bed, while our Daisy girl seeks out the cooler tile floor that seems to allow her to sleep better throughout the night.  

Recommended dog bed for large breed dogs.  This ortho sleeper dog couch bed is durable, comfortable, and the cover is washable.

The Ortho Sleeper Comfort Couch for Dogs

When the dog beds arrived, I thought they were a strange design because they are a cushioned couch with sides, a back and a removable pillow.  If I had been selecting the dog bed, I would have picked one that is designed more like the removable pillow only.  However, I would have been wrong.  It seems like both of our pups like the back and arms on the dog bed.  They frequently will lay in the bed with their head resting on the arm section of the "couch".  Their little eyes are the only thing moving as they watch the comings and goings in the den.

Recommended dog bed for large breed dogs.  This ortho sleeper dog couch bed is durable, comfortable, and the cover is washable.

 CPC Ortho Sleeper Large Comfort Couch with Removable Cushion, ChocolateCheck PriceI have truly been amazed at the durability of these dog beds.  Even after 2 years of use, by two large dogs, they have held their shape and have no rips, tears or even bare spots in the fabric.  The covers are machine washable. .

The only negative that I have found about the Ortho Sleeper Comfort Couch for dogs, is that it is hard to stuff the cushion sections into the zippered covers.  But, it is well worth the effort when I see my pups resting peacefully in their beds.

While writing this article, I discovered that there are some knock-offs of the Carolina Pet Company bed that are less expensive.  I cannot begin to assess the quality of any other brand, even if it looks the same.  I certainly would not recommend buying one just because it looks similar.  The quality of the fabric or the cushions may well be inferior, thus making it less expensive to make the beds.  Like anything else, I would not expect inferior products to be comparable in durability or comfort. 

One of the hardest decisions was what size to buy.  We purchased the 37 x 56 size for our dogs.  As you can see in the photos, that is clearly big enough for large dogs.  Merlin is a 98lb Labrador Retriever and Daisy is a 97lb Golden Retriever mix. It is available in one size smaller (32 x 47) and in one size larger (48 x 69).

The Contributors on Review This Definitely Love Our Pups!

Here are Some Additional Articles we have Written About Dogs

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