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A Review of Greeting Cards for Pet Lovers

Unique Greeting Cards for People Who Love Their Pets

Baron, my Golden Retriever
Baron, our Golden Retriever (c)
Express your love, happiness, good wishes and special thoughts through greeting cards with friends and family. Send or give them a card to wish them a Happy Birthday, acknowledge an Anniversary, send 'Get Well' wishes, or in recognition of a special event or holiday.

Christmas cards have been a traditional way of expressing the sentiments of the holiday season for many years. In fact, the first Christmas Card can be traced back to 1843. But greeting cards for Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day and more continue to be very popular. It's estimated that the average person sends 55 cards per year.  I send cards throughout the year to my smallest grandsons just because they love to get mail.

This page is filled with card designs that have a unique appeal for pet lovers. From humorous cats to sweet photos of darling puppies, all animal lovers and pet owners will enjoy receiving one of these. Browse through these selections that I found to be particularly special and see which is your favorite.

The Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever Dog Greeting Card Set
Golden Retriever Dog Card Set

Because I once owned a Golden Retriever (Baron, shown in the introduction photo), I am naturally drawn to images of Goldens. This one of Murphy owned by professional pet photographer Karen Hoglund especially appealed to me.  And knowing how much most dogs love to chase squirrels, this scene of Murphy 'reading' a book about squirrels is most adorable. 

This photograph of Murphy is featured on a set of 4 birthday cards created by Karen.  The inside of the card says: 

"Squirrel! May all your birthday dreams and wishes come true."  

The set is available in her Etsy Shop known as Karen Hoglund Photography.

Karen says that "Being a pet photographer has brought together my interests and talents in a way I never imagined. As a fine art major in college, I learned about color and composition. I mastered design as an art director for advertising agencies. It was a happy day when I realized it was possible to combine my artistic side with my love of dogs!"  

In addition to featuring her pet photographs on greeting cards in her Etsy Shop, Karen also works as a pet photographer in the metro Denver area. Check out more pictures of "Murphy" and other dogs she has photographed at her Karen Hoglund Photography blog

The Boston Terrier


I Love You More Than Chocolate (Boston Terrier image) Greeting Card
Chocolate Boston Greeting Card

This image of a beautiful Boston Terrier created by Whitney of Tulsa, OK  is on a precious greeting card perfect for any occasion! The card features a black-and-white Boston Terrier pup holding a heart-shaped chocolate in her paws. Cute phrase "I love you more than chocolate!" floats above. It's on a pretty mocha background.

Whitney on Etsy has a shop called African Grey Designs.  She carries a line of paper goods which feature beautiful colors and whimsical designs. Her illustrations are not Photo-shopped or filtered photographs - each one is hand-drawn by her with 100% love. Whitney's favorite subjects are dogs, cats, otters...basically anything cute and cuddly!

Boston Terrier Puppy
Abbi, a Boston Terrier Rescue Pup

This is the perfect greeting card for me to use for my brother & sister-in-law who are the owners of Abbi, the Boston Terrier shown here. My sister-in-law has a birthday on the 4th of July and now I know what card she would absolutely love. Her Abbi-girl is a joy to her.

Send a Card for Holidays, Special Events, Birthdays...

Greeting cards with pictures of dogs are perfect for friends and family who love their pets. Whether you are sending Christmas cards that reflect your favorite dog or finding a birthday card or other holiday card for that special someone, cards with darling puppies and dogs will be a big hit.  Check out boxed sets and single cards of your favorite breed of dog on Amazon. 

From Dogs to Cats...

Mama Cat & her Kitten (c) Kimberly Austin Daly illustration
Mama Cat & her Kitten (c) Kimberly Austin Daly*

*Cat drawing by my artist daughter Kimberly Austin Daly made as a personal greeting card for me.

Cards for Cat Owners...


Image of 3 cats enjoying catnip, and a dog
A collection of cats (Bennie, Bacchus and Jack) enjoying a bit of catnip. 
Abbi, the household's Boston Terrier, is trying to figure out what the cats already know! :-)

Cats AND Dogs

cat and dog note cards
Cute puppies or kittens in a set of 8 with two different designs in each set of eight (8) cards.  Blank inside for your own message, these cards are perfect for thank you notes, birthdays or for just  keeping in touch. Perfect cards to send to your friends who have both a cat and a dog. 

I like these for notes to my brother who has a Boston Terrier puppy and three cats (as shown in the picture above).

Black Cat All Occasion Card on Zazzle

This image of a black cat is a particular favorite of mine because it reminds me of my favorite black cat Spooky!

We Love Our Pets!

Image of a cat and dog snuggling
Yukari on Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Whether you own a dog, or have a cat that owns you, these pet related greeting cards are fun to give and receive.  

Perhaps you don't have a cat or a dog, but instead have a bird, a horse, a gerbil or some other kind of pet animal. Or you are not a pet owner at all, but are a pet lover.  No one can resist such cute images of animals.



*PS: February 20 is "Love Your Pet Day"

April 11 is National Pet Day!


More Greeting Card Suggestions

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  1. This is such a wonderful idea. I know so many people that would just love to receive any of these cards. There are so many options to choose from. Thanks Pat, I also didn't know that February 20th is "Love Your Pet Day"

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Sam. Yes, February has a number of pet and dog-related holidays, it seems. :)

  2. I adore dogs and cats, so I love every single one of your greeting card suggestions. Putting a bit of thought into what the recipient enjoys really makes even a simple card a special gift. (Thanks for featuring my review, too!)

    1. I agree, Susan. I love selecting cards that really 'fit' the recipient. And your review fits this article perfectly.

  3. I love to give pet cards because I love dogs and cats both. Great resource here!

  4. Thanks, Mom, for posting this, you have inspired me, once again! Good to see that Love your Pet day is coming up!

    1. Thanks for visiting, Kimberly. Love your kitty card. I have it prominently displayed on my bulletin board.

  5. I absolutely love pet greeting cards and you have featured some really adorable selections! Gotta love that "Swinger" cat. He made me laugh. Since we have dogs in our own home and grandkitties that live with our daughter, cards featuring pets are often our first choice too.

    1. Mouse, I think all pet owners and pet lovers enjoy pet greeting cards. They are always sure to bring a smile to both the sender and the recipient. :)

  6. Love, Love, Love Karen Hoglund's blog full of beautiful dog pictures! She is a master at getting those dogs to pose in such cute ways. Kudos. Karen! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Joy, I also fell in love with Karen's blog and her Etsy Shop. She is a very talented pet photographer and her Golden Retriever Murphy is adorable! Thanks for visiting.

  7. These cards are so adorable. I always love animal cards. A couple years ago I came across this card about "Murray" the cat.
    Since our last name is Murray, I bought about 6 of the cards to send each of my boys when it was their birthday as well as to a couple of other Murrays. I really loved that card. Thank you for sharing all this, Pat!

    1. I don't think there is anything cuter than animals on cards, Carol. I can see you enjoyed finding just the perfect "Murray" card to send to your family. Glad you liked my article.

  8. I love any greeting cards that feature pet animals, but out of your selection I would have to pick the Boston Terrier - whenever I see dog themed cards my eyes will usually go to the Boston Terrier as they seem to have a cheeky sense of fun about them!

    1. I love greeting cards with animals too, Louanne. And being "Auntie Pat" to my brother's Boston Terrier, I can tell you there is a 'cheeky' sense of fun there. Abbi loves having me come over for our weekly dinner and card playing evening and when she's not demanding we throw her Kong for her to fetch (over and, she will sit on the bench seat at the table next to me as if she's telling me which card to play next! :)

  9. Pat! Well done. thanks for sharing.

    1. Always fun to show off Abbi in one of my stories, Patti. Thanks for visiting.

  10. I have a definite soft spot for cards with all animals! Love the cat drawing :)

    1. Thanks, Tracey. My artist daughter is always making me cute cards. Just love them, especially her animal ones. Wish she'd share them on Zazzle as I think her animal artwork is darling. :)

  11. What a wonderful selection of dog cards! That "love you more than chocolate" card is the best!

    1. I also loved that 'chocolate' card, especially with the Boston Terrier image, as it reminds me of my brother's darling one, Abbi. :) Thanks for visiting, Melody.


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