Monday, February 27, 2017

Recipes for Real People a Site Review

Recipes for Real People is a recipe and kitchen website that offers recipes and food ideas that are quick, easy, and useful for everyday meals. From Aprons to Vegetables, you will find comfort food recipes, meal ideas, and kitchen gifts for you and your family.

Why I Turn to Recipes for Real People

I can't even begin to guess the number of recipe websites on the internet. So why would I turn to Recipes for Real People?  There are several reasons I look to this site for ideas. Just this morning I woke with many things on my mind. I have household chores to do, reports to write for work, and assorted things I would like to accomplish with my own website. I have to find a way to save some time today.

After unseasonably warm days, a thunderstorm rolled through last night and brought behind it a very cold and cloudy morning. I am craving comfort food and not sure what I have in the kitchen. After having spent the past few days driving around with the Jeep top open and enjoying the warm weather, I had no reason to buy ingredients to make chili or stew. But now it is very cold outside, the furnace is on, I am under the blankets, and I am craving something warm and filling. Something like stew or chili. However, to make either of those things, I'd have to run out to the store.

Thanks to a recipe found on Recipes for Real People, I have found a meal idea and won't have to go to the grocery after all.

I should clarify that I am writing this on Sunday and it will be published on Monday. On Monday I will be back at the office, hard at work - giving my time and energy to others. So I am especially thankful for time-saving ideas that allow me to spend more time on the weekends on myself. 

Hamburger Vegetable Soup Recipe

Susan's Hamburger Vegetable Soup recipe is just the type of thing I am craving.  Her four-ingredient recipe is easy and made from ingredients that are often found in the kitchen at any given time.  I do not currently have any fresh ground beef in the fridge. But I do have ground sausage. So I will substitute the sausage for the ground beef and have a filling, warm, comfort meal and won't have to leave the apartment today!  In fact, come to think of it, I have a few different cans of soup that I could use as substitutes for the vegetable soup in Susan's recipe. Perhaps I'll add the sausage to a can of creamy chicken soup.  I don't know. I will decide later.  But I am relieved that a trip to the grocery is something I can remove from today's full to-do list.  All thanks to Recipes for Real People.

 (photo by Susan)

A few more reasons I turn to Recipes for Real People

  • Recipes for Real People is a website owned by one of our Review This! contributors - Susan Deppner
  • I trust that Susan is sharing recipes that she cooks in her own home
  • these recipes call for few ingredients that are readily available
  • quick and easy prep recipes
  • leftovers are used in the Recipes for Real People kitchen - I am a firm believer in using leftovers

  • Susan's kitchen helpers are adorable

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    Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate, Ebay (EPN) and/or Esty (Awin) Affiliate, I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”


    1. Nice that you didn't have to go out on a cold Sunday to find a recipe you could use. Recipes for real people is a site I will have to check out as I am often a last minute cook.

    2. Now that my household is reduced to just one again, I've become a lazy cook. Recipes for Real People has helped me out often with it's quick & easy recipe ideas. This is a wonderful review of Susan's 'Recipes for Real People' site, Dawn Rae. I know I'm a fan.

    3. Dawn Rae, imagine my surprise and delight when I saw today's review and realized the subject was my recipe site! I'm thrilled that you chose the site to review and even happier that you described it in just the way that I would hope someone would. In my personal cooking I prefer easy, quick recipes and definitely ingredients that are easy to find, and those are the things I enjoy sharing. Glad you appreciate the same. Glad you agree that my kitchen helpers are adorable, too! Thank you so much for the excellent review and for including Sylvestermouse Cynthia's food and cooking sites, too. They're awesome!

      1. You are very welcome Susan. I am eating my leftover sausage/creamy chicken noodle/veggie soup tonight - after a long day at work. :)

      2. I meant to mention that the combination sounds awesome! You should write your own recipe post to share it!

    4. Being a "real person," I especially appreciate Susan's recipes. I'm always looking for meal ideas that smack of comfort and down-to-earth goodness. I think we have similar tastes and outlooks when it comes to delicious meals that don't require hours of shopping and preparation. Thanks for reviewing Recipes for Real People. What a great way to spread the goodness.

    5. Recipes are something we all need since we all need to eat! I certainly agree with you about wanting recipes that call for what we have on hand and readily in our kitchen. I love Susan's "Recipes for Real People" website! She features fabulous recipes and, I actually purchased aprons from her when she shared a heads-up article about them being on sale. An excellent site review of "Recipes for Real People". You have captured the essence of her site perfectly. I had never considered how well our sites compliment each other until you posted this article Dawn. Thank you for giving my two sites a shout out. We do love to cook and EAT!

    6. Well, You sure nailed this one Dawn. Susan's site "Recipes for Real People" is a real winner. I follow her site so I never miss one of her posts. Her recipes are so simple, quick, and easy. I knew about Cynthia's site "Cooking for the Holidays, but somehow missed her other site "Fun Food" Now I'll be following them all. as a foodie myself I just love real down to earth recipes. Thanks and great review.

    7. Yes, Chili, Stew, Homemade Soup, those are indeed recipes for 'real people'. Certainly these are staples in my house. Susan has it right, and her recipes fit the likes of my household.


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