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How to Easily Create a Textured Wall

The Challenge of Creating a Textured Wall can Kinda be Deceiving - It's not that Hard to Do After-all

Textured Walls look complicated and expensive to do, and they can be...


They don't have to be.

Most of us who step into a grand foyer with artistic texture strewn all over the walls immediately think ... A) THAT  must of cost a fortune, or B) Who sculpted that!

Well rest your weary head my lady because there IS a benefit to living in a pre-fab world.

If a long drawn out expensive project just ain't your thing, then you'll love this artsy-fartsy tip; you can use 3D easy to install wall panels.

What are 3D Wall Panels and Why Would You Use Them?

3D Wall Panels are lightweight pre-fab panels made of varying material with the most common being plastic, that come in boxes of 12 or so (that can vary) and generally speaking are about 20inches by 20inches give or take depending upon the manufacturer.
  • They come in various design choices; brick look, geometric contemporary, funky shapes, and more.
  • Most can be painted to match or provide a contrast to the paint in a room
  • Those made of plant fiber products tend not to crumple over time, so they're a good long term solution
  • Most can be bent or flexed over a curved wall
  • Many are water resistant making them easy to wipe down and clean when necessary
  • No tools other than scissors or a utility knife are needed to put them up (No Grout, No Glue)
  • You can do it yourself
  • They're lightweight and easy to handle
Now Why and Where Would You Use Them?
  • As a backdrop for a feature wall for the TV
  • As a bedroom headboard backdrop
  • As a kitchen backsplash
  • To add dimension to a boring staircase wall
  • To cover a wall that may be a little damaged and hard to paint
  • As a form of protection
  • To create an interesting and dramatic foyer
  • To complete the look of a home office
  • For commercial applications; entry ways, offices, waiting rooms
  • For better soundproofing and/or an acoustic changes
Don't settle for less than what you want in your home's decor and plan your next re-decorating project with the intention of including a feature wall. You can do it.

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  1. I've been wondering what to do in the small downstairs office and this could be perfect if I can find the product in Australia. An easy (or at least looks easy) way to add some texture into a small room.

    1. Louanne I think this is great idea. When I do my master bedroom over, I'm planning this too. It's also a funky alternative to the expensive process of wainscoting with real wood panels

  2. A clever way to decorate. I can think of several places such a textured wall would look nice.

    1. Pat, couldn't agree more - so many ways to use this material

  3. What will they come up with next? I like the way that wall looks. It's nice to know this can be a DIY project.

    1. Barbara, lol, I know, there sure are a lot of option outdoor in the home d├ęcor department

  4. I love the idea of using a textured wall like this as a headboard feature. Great list of ideas here!

  5. I did my last kitchen with some of these textured panels that looked like white brick and loved how it looked. No one ever guessed they were not real bricks!

    1. I'm thinking of this myself Heather as a temporary kitchen-pick-me-up until we can go for that dream kitchen

  6. What a great way to cover an area of concern or add a new design element to a room! I love the idea of adding it as a backsplash behind the kitchen sink or stove top. It does look easy to install.

    1. Cynthia, I may talk hubby into doing it this year


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