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Sloggers Rain and Garden Shoe Review

I recently purchased a pair of Sloggers rain boots and I love them so much that I am immediately shopping for a pair of Sloggers shoes.  You may have heard of Sloggers brand boots and shoes, but I hadn't until recently. This review is to help spread the word about this awesome footwear brand. These waterproof boots and shoes are comfortable, colorful, and within my budget. Who could ask for more?

Why Buy Sloggers Rain and Garden Shoe?

Sloggers brand shoes have a following of repeat customers who give high ratings. It is because of this brand loyalty and favorable reviews that led me to find a local store and try a pair on.

I hate boots. I really don't care much for shoes. I have a terrible time finding footwear that fits well and I can't stand cracking open my wallet to buy a pair of uncomfortable shoes.  But as much as I am outside, I really need a good pair of waterproof boots.  Sloggers are not carried at my local stores so I drove up the road a bit to try a pair on.

As soon as I tried them on I immediately knew I wanted not only one pair, but at least two.  I was able to remain focused on my budget and with the purchase I went to make (one pair of rain boots) but I also tried on the garden shoes and booties. As a result, I've got a pair of the shoes in my shopping cart and ready to click the "check out" button.

Have you ever touched something and knew immediately that it was high quality and well-made? That was my thought as soon as I tried on my first pair of boots. I don't know how they make this material - almost sheer yet clearly thick and very durable - but I love it. You can see the light shining through and the outline of my fingers yet the material is thick.

view from the inside of my boot - sheer, flexible, and durable

I am quite sure that the shoes will be something I can wear in comfort all day and keep dry feet as I move from indoors to outdoors and in again. The flexibility of the shoe feels nearly like being in a pair of thick socks yet the soles protect the bottoms of your feet. 

These are the reasons I highly recommend Sloggers women's garden and rain shoes:

  • waterproof
  • flexible and comfortable upper material
  • durable and quality materials and manufacturing
  • heavy duty deep lug sole - provides excellent traction 
  • does not make the "clacky" sound of hard plastic soles that comes with many inexpensive shoe soles
  • lightweight
  • large variety of patterns and colors
  • made in the US

The following are three of the MANY colors and designs offered. Whether you are looking for floral, animal print, polka dot, cow, chicken, or leaf designs and in bright or muted colors, you can find them at Sloggers.

Color: Flower Power

Color: Leopard Print

Color: Black & White Polka Dot

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  1. I really need some Sloggers! lots of rain here. (Too much!) Thanks for reviewing them, I will check them out.

  2. I had not previously heard of the Sloggers shoes and boots, but will definitely be checking them out. It's always so great to have an item new to me reviewed by someone who has tried it and knows its features. The 'comfort' part is what appeals to me the most. Thanks, Dawn Rae.

  3. Wow! Waterproof and comfortable! That definitely appeals to me. I hate stepping out of my car and straight into a puddle, just to have the water seep inside my shoe. We get a lot of rain and showers that just seems to pop up out of nowhere, especially at this time of the year. These shoes would be perfect for our spring and fall weather.

  4. When I clicked through to check the price, I was very pleasantly surprised. Love all the patterns! So now, like you, I need to narrow down to one style and one pattern. For now. Thanks for the review!

    1. So... I just came from a big box store known for inexpensive items. And just for kicks, I looked at their rubber boots. I have a pair of their plain and very thick rubber boots at the Shack (I'm SO scared of snakes so I think the ugly rubber pair is thicker and more protective). So I checked the price of a "printed pair" of rubber rain boots at my local cheap store.. and they were only pennies different in price. Sorry. I get excited about small things like this. :)

  5. I have never heard of these before. They look like a perfect fit for wet and sloppy weather, and there is plenty of that here in Western NY. I'll have to check these out for sure. Thanks for the review!

  6. Sounds like my ideal kind of boot for working in the garden and around the house. I will put these on my list of things to check out next time I'm in need. Thanks for a great review.

  7. You sold me. I'm going to try a pair of shoe. My current boots had me almost slipping tonight on the wet sidewalks. If I need to, I'll get the insoles to bring them down half a size. If I really like them, I may get the boots later.

    1. Please let me know how you end up liking them! I hope you like them as much as I love mine. I was browsing to order my second pair of Sloggers.

    2. I got my Sloggers Thursday and wore them all day Friday. I love them. I wish I'd worn them on my walk by the river today, since it was wetter there than I expected. Actually, when I left home I thought I was going to the grocery store and coming right back. Then on the way home I saw the rain had stopped and the river was gorgeous and begging me to take photos of it. I couldn't help myself.

    3. I am so glad you love them!! Thank you for letting me know.


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