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Wine Pearls Chilling Wine in Style!

Wine Pearls - cooling wine in style
Wine Pearls
Let's review a popular gift idea for wine drinkers - wine pearls, chilling wine beautifully and looking good at the same time!  They really are a great gift idea, but do they work?  Well I just had to try them out for myself.

The first brand I tried were the ones pictured which, as you can see came in a beautiful looking box making them a great gift idea.

I placed the four 'pearls' in the freezer before going to bed one night and decided to try them out the following evening.  I should add the manufacturers say you only need to chill them for four hours while some reviewers have indicated 2 hours are sufficient.

The next evening was a Friday and after a long week at work I thought a nice chilled glass of moscato would go down nicely!

I got the wine pearls out and the one I placed in my glass of wine was so cold to touch I just knew it was going to work beautifully!   This gorgeous wine cooling pearl kept my wine at a perfect temperature and even when I'd finished the glass it was still lovely and cold.

My daughter asked if she could hold it and was surprised at how cold it was remarking, "it's like an ice pack for your wine" which sums it up pretty well.

Why Do You Need Wine Pearls?

The idea behind the wine cooling pearls is great - keep your wine cool without altering the taste - there's nothing worse than having ice cubes in your favorite moscato or chardonnay (although I do know people who have committed this crime!)

There was a suggestion a few years ago of adding frozen grapes to your favorite glass of vino.   I liked this suggestion, but that was more for the excuse to freeze grapes (have you tasted a frozen grape, they're like little pops of ice cream - yum!).

The only drawback is that different grapes have different levels of sweetness and flavor that can be at odds with some wines.   Personally I find them fine, but I'm not a wine expert by any stretch of the imagination!  I just enjoy a nice moscato or a certain dolcetto & syrah blend in the summer heat.

These wine pearls are made from food grade stainless steel and have a non-toxic freezable gel core, I was very hesitant about trying them as I thought they could add a metallic taste to the wine.   Luckily that thought was unwarranted.  The wine pearls just kept the wine cool without altering any of it's flavor - just perfect!

Wine Pearls, chilling wine in style!

What if You Don't Drink Wine?

These wine pearls aren't just for wine you can forget about whiskey stones and use wine pearls in your whiskey and scotch as well - they even look sophisticated enough to pop into a martini, shaken or stirred!

If you're a non-drinker that's okay, pop one of these wine pearls into a mocktail or soda for a refreshingly cool drink.

Wine Cooling Pearls - not just for wine!

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  1. Wow, what a 'cool' idea (pun intended...LOL. :-) I'll have to tell my brother and sister-in-law about these wine pearls. Bro drinks room temp red wine, but SIL likes chilled white wine. And what a nice gift idea. Thanks, Louanne.

  2. I'm all about anything to do with wine and these wine pearls look very cool! Will have to get some as our freezer is tiny so I don't have much ice and like you say, who wants watered down wine anyway?

  3. I'm pleasantly surprised to learn that wine pearls work so well to cool your drink. Love this for a gift idea, too!

  4. When I first started reading, I was concerned that someone could choke on the wine pearls, however after seeing your photos they look like they would be bigger than a "pearl". More the size of a old fashioned ice cube. Good to know I can also use them in my soft drinks. I was going to ask that question, so I am grateful that you addressed that in the article. Great idea!

  5. Wine rocks to go with my husband's whiskey rocks....We will be rocking all of this or pearling all of it. I like the pearls for the women and the rocks for the guys...

  6. Wow! What great idea, I've not heard or seen these before now. Looks like a must have and for sure a great gift idea the the wine drinker. Thanks.


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