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Monday, November 27, 2023

Hallmark Christmas Movie Review: A Merry Scottish Christmas

A Merry Scottish Christmas is a movie Hallmark fans have been waiting for since the announcement of its' stars. Lacey Chabert and Scott Wolf star in a Christmas movie as estranged brother and sister travelling to Scotland at Christmas. The movie was filmed in Ireland and Scotland.

Santa reading his list and a panoramic view of the Scottish country side.

Family mysteries, family reunions, Scottish holidays plus a few romances along the way combine to make A Merry Scottish Christmas a must see for the Hallmark holiday season. The chemistry between Chabert and Wolf is just like old friends meeting up after years apart. Watch how the siblings unravel a mystery and work towards a united family for the holidays.

Lacey Chabert And Scott Wolf

There is no doubt that Party Of Five fans are very familiar with Chabert and Wolf. Each played a member of the Salinger family in the ensemble cast family drama which ran in the mid 1990's to 2000. The show began with a small engaged audience and it took a few seasons for a larger audience to find the show. Fans of the show would love a Party of Five reunion and no doubt will enjoy a mini reunion of two of the five stars.  

Lacey Chabert is one of the most popular stars of Hallmark and this season has two Christmas movies with a sequel to  Haul Out The Holly: Lit Up. Both movies are worth repeat streaming and bookmarking to rewatch this season. The Holly sequel brings back a 2022 cast with chemistry and is plain ole fun in the realm of the Christmas romcom. 

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Friday, November 17, 2023

A Dash of Christmas (2023) - Great American Family Movie Review

A Dash of Christmas Movie Review
While preparing for the holiday season this year, I discovered the Great American Family movie, A Dash of Christmas.  A dash of Christmas is, of course, the secret ingredient to all fabulous holiday baking.  That makes "A Dash of Christmas" an awesome Christmas movie title, especially if the movie plot is centered on a bakery and cooking. 

With Laura Osnes and Christoper Russell starring as the main characters, I expected it to be a great, relaxing Christmas movie.  I was not disappointed!  As a matter of fact, this movie definitely got me in the mood to cook.  The opening scenes alone made me want to pull out my pans and start baking. 

The Great American Family channel has become my favorite movie channel.  They offer heartwarming, clean and wholesome movies, which can be somewhat predictable. Since most movies are predictable, that doesn't really bother me. It actually makes them easier to watch, especially if I am cleaning or cooking.

Streaming movies also makes watching easier.  If I miss part of the dialog, or an important scene, I can easily go back immediately and pick up where I left off.

GAF (also known as GAC Family) is available on several streaming services including Frndly TV, which is my preferred streaming service on the list.  That channel alone makes subscribing to Frndly TV worth the cost, but they are also home to television classics and more than a dozen other popular TV channels.

This is the first Christmas movie I have watched this year and it was a great place to start.  I look forward to seeing more of the Christmas movies presented this season by the Great American Family channel.


A Dash of Christmas Movie Synopsis

When Megan Blake accepts a severance package from the new owners of the company where she worked, she finds herself at a crossroads in life.  At 33, she is too young to retire, but she isn't sure what she will do next.  She has already contacted a recruiter, so perhaps something will present itself soon.  Going home for the holidays seems like a good start.  Plus, she will get to spend Christmas with her sister and niece.  That is something she has never been able to do before.

a dash of christmas

Megan's trip home starts with a bit of a snag when her ride doesn't show up before the train station closes.  She walks to a lighted area to wait for the car and ends up standing in front of Hometown Bakery where her "good deed" causes a problem for the owner.  He has left his delivery truck door open while he runs inside to grab the boxes to deliver.  When Megan sees the truck door standing open, but no one around, she decides to close and lock the door.  When the owner comes out with his hands full of boxes, it all becomes clear, but now he needs help getting back into his truck.

Aaron McBay owns Hometown Bakery where he bakes, offers baking classes, and makes his own deliveries.  However, trying to carry too many boxes to his delivery truck at once, can be dangerous for the baked goods, especially if his truck door is locked. 

As in many great romance movies, there is an instant attraction between two strangers.  The opportunity for further acquaintance is clearly essential and what better than one of them needing help from the other.  Needing each other's help actually happens a few times in this movie and makes for a very enjoyable show. While their final "decisions" may be expected, it is still a heartwarming and delightful movie to watch.

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A Dash of Christmas (2023) - Great American Family Movie Review by:
House of Sylvestermouse

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Monday, November 13, 2023

Hallmark Christmas Movie Review; Checkin' It Twice

 Hockey and love are the main theme of this 2023 Hallmark Christmas movie Checkin' It Twice. This is one of the first movies to premier in the 2023 Hallmark Christmas season.

Male hockey player with beard standing in front of ice rink with hockey skates hanging off shoulder.

Kevin McGarry and Kim Matula star in this hockey themed Hallmark movie located in a small hockey loving town. 


Struggling older hockey player is hoping to "move up" to the next level of hockey. McGarry is believable enough though admittedly he is playing a 32 year old amongst 20 + year olds. The older athlete hoping to achieve his dream of being called "up" to the next level team is one seen before ... and is predicable. However, Hallmark is predictable too which is part of its' charm (if you are a fan of course.)

McGarry of the Hallmark series When Calls The Heart has been popping up more and more in Hallmark movies. The chemistry with the Matula is believable and moves the story along. Their chemistry along with a fun loving hockey town family provides quite a few smiles.


Cute, enjoyable and amusing is my summary of Checkin' It Twice. If the movie comes on in the background, I wouldn't change the channel, but I would not seek the movie out either to rewatch. My Hallmark grade is a pleasant to watch B.

If you like hockey themed Hallmark movies, Taking A Shot At Love with Alexa Penavega and Luke Macfarlane and Frozen In Love with Rachael Leigh Cook and Niall Matter would be my first and second choice.

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Monday, October 23, 2023

2023 Hallmark Christmas Movies Reviewed

If it is pumpkin season then Hallmark Christmas is soon to follow!  Hallmark Christmas 2023 Movies are arriving at the end of October.

Hallmark Christmas movie season includes all the movies we have loved from the past plus new Christmas movies premiering on both the Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies and Mysteries channel. Hallmark Christmas Movies began Friday, October 20, 2023.

Mother, father, child smile among the Christmas lights and tree.
The 2023 Hallmark Christmas Movie Schedule has 42 new holiday movies being released from October 20 to December 21st: 31 on the Hallmark Channel, 2 early release on Hallmark's streamng channel and 9 on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries Channel. A few notables of the 42 featuring the A list stars to watch for:

Never Been Chris'd

Tyler Hynes, A team Hallmark actor leads the hometown friends reuniting for a Christmas Hallmark holiday love triangle - whew! Hynes as always brings a sense of humor, wit and a wink to this holiday movie.

Christmas Island

Andrew Walker, always a Hallmark favorite and Rachel Skarsten star. Islands, Christmas, air traffic controller, pilot, snowstorm and did I mention Christmas. Have fun as the stars head for romance and holidays on a island named Christmas of course.

A Merry Scottish Christmas

Party of Five fans line up for this premiere! Lacey Chabert and Scott Wolf star as siblings on a family trip to Scotland with the holidays and family mysteries in the air. Party of Five fans have been waiting for a reunion ... this may not be five, but its' two! Enjoy.

Haul Out The Holly: Lit Up  ** Sequel to 2022 

It's a sequel, it is cute, it is Christmas, it is Hallmark and we love it. Lacey Chabert in her second Hallmark Christmas movie this year and Wes Brown reprise their roles. Nuff said... light entertainment from a cast which proved its' chemistry already in the first movie.

Best of 2022

A few favorites from the 2022 season to look for in the 2023 season.

Three Wise Men And A Baby

By far, the best Hallmark Christmas movie of 2022 was Three Wise Men and A Baby with Andrew Walker, Tyler Hynes and Paul Campbell (who also co wrote the movie.) Sure, the storyline may sound a bit familiar from the original movie, but this movie will bring smiles for the second time with a cast of Hallmark A team actors and their chemistry. 

A Cozy Christmas Inn

Jodie Sweetin (Full House) and David O'Donnell take on Alaska, Christmas, old loves reuniting and B and B's all in one charming Hallmark movie. If you love Hallmark then you can surnise the storyline and great to see O'Donnell back. He was in Christmas Under Wraps with Candace Cameron Bure, also in Alaska! 

Haul Out The Holly

It wouldn't be a Hallmark Christmas movie season without Lacey Chabert. Teaming with Hallmark favorite Wes Brown he and Lacey take on the relucatance of one to enjoy Christmas.

A Holiday Spectacular 

The Radio City Rockettes and Radio City Music Hall are featured in this journey through New York and Christmas with the Rockettes.

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Where To Find Hallmark Christmas Movies?

If your cable subscription includes Hallmark channels then Hallmark Channel is available with the Hallmark Everywhere App. Your cable subscription username and password will be needed to log in.

 Hallmark Movies Now  is a streaming service for a monthly fee. A seven day free trial is available to give the channel a no obligation spin.

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Friday, October 13, 2023

Remember Sunday (2013) Movie Review

Remember Sunday Movie Review
Most often, I watch movies in the background while I work.  I guess you could say, they keep me company.  However, Remember Sunday is not a background movie.  This is one you really want to be invested in.  It is well worth watching.

The actors are adorable and kind.  You pull for them throughout the movie because you really want them to succeed.  They both possess a positive attitude and strong determination as they face difficult times and situations.

Since I have never known anyone who survived an aneurysm, I wasn't sure how accurate the movie's presentation of it was until I did a bit of research.  I found that, in some causes, the memory loss after an aneurysm was accurately depicted in the movie.  This knowledge made me like the movie even more.  Not only was I captivated by the story, but I learned something.

I will warn you, the movie is not all sunshine and flowers.  As you can imagine, not being able to remember someone, conversations, activities, etc. would make you, and everyone that is a constant in your life, struggle for consistency or the bond of a continuous relationship.  Shared experiences are the foundation of almost any relationship, even the bad ones.  Without those memories, it would be nearly impossible to have a bound.

Synopsis of Remember Sunday

Gus Gillenwater (Zachary Levi) wakes up every morning to post-it notes!  Yes, that is correct.  He has post-it notes all over his home and a file marked "Read Me Every Morning".  The notes and file tell him where he is and what he is supposed to remember.  After he reads through the file, he calls his sister each morning and she tells him, again, why he is living in New Orleans and answers any questions he has.  He works at a jewelry shop owned by old friends.   

Gus's notes, file, and daily routine are extremely important because Gus has no short-term memory due to an aneurysm.  

He is kind, even tempered, and happy, but he is living day to day without the memories of most of his adult life.  He tries to "fill in the gaps" by recording the things he would like to remember, like appointments, things he needs to do, and whatever he thinks is important in his day.  He is surrounded by friends and neighbors who try to daily help him.

Gus meets his life-long friend, Jerry, for breakfast each morning.  On the day when we first meet Gus, he will be meeting Jerry at a new restaurant, Addie Mae's, for breakfast.  He is immediately attracted to his waitress, Molly.  Sadly, he will not remember her tomorrow.


Molly Branford (Alexis Bledel) is a waitress at Addie Mae's Restaurant.  She is living with her best friend since she can't afford an apartment on her own.  She is also taking a business class.  She hopes to start her own flower shop when she receives the inheritance that is currently being held up by lawyers.

Molly is adorable, sweet, and well liked although frequently underappreciated by the men she dates.

When she meets Gus, of course she likes him, but she can't understand why he would stand her up for their date. 

Fortunately for both of them, Jerry knew about the date.  When he calls to see how things are going, he finds out Gus is at home, totally oblivious to the fact that he is supposed to be out on his first date with Molly.


After the initial mix-up, Molly and Gus do start dating, but their dating life is fraught with misunderstandings, difficulties and distress until Molly learns more about Gus's aneurysm and why he can't remember.  

Gus, himself, questions "is it possible to fall in love with someone every single day?"




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Remember Sunday Movie Review by:
House of Sylvestermouse

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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

A Review of the Movie The Tomorrow War

the tomorrow war

I recently watched a movie on Prime video called The Tomorrow War.  Being a fan of science fiction, I was totally enthralled by the scenario.  Great story!  I thought the acting was well done, in addition to the extremely realistic special effects.  Overall, I gave it a 10 out or 10!  Let me tell  you about it......

The Tomorrow War is a Amazon Original Movie that was released in 2021.  It was supposed to be released to theaters, but because of Covid, it was decided to release it straight to Prime Video.  It was the most streamed movie on Prime Video in 2021, and a sequel is in the works!

Main Cast

Chris Pratt as Dan Forester
Yvonne Strahovski as Colonel Muri Forester
J.K. Simmons as James Forester
Betty Gilpin as Emmy Forester
Sam Richardson as Charlie
Jasmine Mathews as Lt. Hart
Edwin Hodge as Dorian
Ryan Kiera Armstrong as Young Muri Forester

Short Summary 

The world is shocked when a group of soldiers, armed to the teeth, appear in the middle of the World Cup to tell the world that in 30 years the earth will be invaded by a hostile alien species.  The soldiers are from the future and have come to ask for our help to turn the tide of the war that they are badly losing against the vicious invaders.

They want to bring people from our time to the future to help fight.  A world draft is instituted and Dan Forester, an ex Green Beret is drafted to go and help save the human race.  What Dan finds in the future is stunning, but it is nothing compared to what he finds when comes back home.

The Trailer:

The below synopsis contains spoilers, please skip if you don't want to know!

Detailed Plot Synopsis

In December 2022 former Green Beret Dan Forester and his wife and daughter are having a home Christmas party.  Everyone is watching the World Cup when a disturbance happens on the field and a group of heavily armed soldiers appear out of nowhere.  They announce that in the year 2048 hostile aliens, called Whitespikes, invade Earth and start killing every living thing on the planet.  For them that was three years ago and now the population of the Earth is almost gone.  The soldiers have come back into the past to ask for help defending our world before the human race becomes extinct.

A worldwide draft is initiated and within a year Dan is drafted.  Upon arrival at the draft office he finds that the term of service is only seven days, but only 30% of people make it back.  The people drafted are sent in with weapons, but almost no training.  Another thing Dan finds strange is that they do not show the draftees a picture of the enemy.  

Dan and his fellow draftees are sent through a device called the Jumplink to the year 2051, but due to a glitch in the system, they are transported to the wrong location high above a skyscraper and the only people that survive are the ones that had the luck to land in the swimming pool on the roof.  Luckily Dan and a couple of his newly made friends do, along with a few others, and they are radioed by Colonel Forester to proceed to a laboratory downtown and to rescue a group of scientists and a toxin they are working on to kill the Whitespikes. While on the way to the lab, the draftees finally get a look at the aliens and it quickly becomes clear why they don't show anyone pictures.  The Whitespikes are the stuff of nightmares!

the tomorrow war

Image by Ken Barthelmey
Creature & Character Designer |

Upon arrival at the lab, the scientists were dead, but Dan is able to find a dozen vials of the toxin.  While trying to flee from the city, the group is besieged by Whitespikes and all but Dan and two of his friends are killed.  An explosion saves them and they wake up in the Dominican Republic in a military camp hospital.  When Dan meets the camp commander, he is shocked to find it is his grown daughter Muri.  Happy to see her, he is puzzled and hurt at her cold attitude and refusal to speak of the past.  

Muri explains that they need to capture the female Whitespike, who is like a queen bee.  After they capture the queen, and transport her to a lab on an oil rig they find that the toxin that kills the males does not work on the female, so work begins on finding a variant that will.  When they finally find a workable toxin to kill the female, the male Whitespikes flood the base to free the female.  During the fight, Muri gets wounded by a poisonous spike and just as she and Dan begin to connect, his seven day term of service comes to an end.  As he is about to transport back to the past, his daughter gives him a vial of the toxin and tells him to mass produce it in the past so they can be ready to use it in 2048.

Back in his own time, Dan tries to give the toxin to the government to produce so he can go back to the future and distribute it when he finds out that the future Jumplink was on the oil rig that was overrun with Whitespikes and damaged so it was no longer functional.  The world goes into panic thinking the loss of the Jumplink means the future war was lost.

Dan and his wife try to figure out where the Whitespikes come from, and they formulate that maybe they didn't come to earth in 2048, maybe they were already here all along.  Since they were first seen around a glacier on Komsomolets Island in Russia, Dan decides that would be the first place to look.  After drafting his two friends Charlie and Dorian from his future group, they go to see Dan's dad, James, who is a prepper and conspiracy theorist.   Of course, James knows someone with a plane who can fly them to Russia where they find the crashed space ship.  They deduce it has been there for over a thousand years.  After finding half a dozen compartments with frozen Whitespikes, they realize that this was where the "invasion" came from.  They were here all along, frozen in the ice.

They begin injecting the Whitespikes with the toxin and it quickly kills them, but also wakes up the others and the mission devolves into a vicious fight to kill the aliens before they escape and start the war early.  They plant explosives to blow up the ship which manages to kill the rest of the males, but the one female gets loose and leaves the ship running out into the snow.  Dan and his father go after her in an all out battle which they finally win and kill her.


I really liked this movie.  If you like science fiction, I believe you will too.  It is more than just a shoot 'em up alien war movie.  The connection between the Forester family members is quite complex with interactions I didn't include in the synopsis.  (I can't tell you everything!) I also loved that it had a happy ending!  I highly recommend this movie!

Unfortunately, this movie can only be seen on Amazon Prime, and cannot be purchased on Amazon.  I have had Prime for years and find it to be more than worth the $139 a year.  A full Movie channel and free shipping on all orders along with other perks......definitely worth it.  If you are interested in subscribing, click here:   Amazon Prime

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Friday, September 1, 2023

From Chicago With Love (2023) aka Lease on Love Movie Review

From Chicago With Love Movie Review
I had previously skipped over From Chicago With Love starring Rebecca Liddiard & Dan Jeannotte simply because the title did not pull me in.  It sounded like a byline for a radio station.  

In my opinion, the movie cover image didn't match the title, but it also didn't give any obvious clue about the plot of the movie, other than it features a cute couple.  I assumed they were co-workers, perhaps both anchors on a radio show.  

None of those things are true!

It turns out, this movie was originally released as "Lease on Love" in 2022.  I'm not sure I would have found that title any more appealing in a search. 

Title changes can be very confusing.  This isn't the first time I have seen a title change on a movie.  I recently reviewed "Friend Request" aka "Chance at Romance".  

Some title changes make sense.  For instance, The Avengers in the US was renamed Avengers Assemble in the UK to avoid confusing it with a TV series that carried the same name.  Others title names are changed due to copyrights. They may also change when the movie is released on DVD.  Regardless of the reason, I would personally prefer titles not being changed after they have been released.  Of course, I would understand why a title would change from trailer time to release time.

Either way, this was a great romantic movie that I would recommend for light entertainment.  Just be sure to search for both names along with the actors names.

From Chicago With Love Synopsis

Poppy's life appears to be perfect.  She is engaged to be married soon to a nice guy she has been dating for a long time.  What viewers notice immediately is that Poppy is always giving in to what her fiance, Joel, prefers.  For example, even though she has a great apartment, they plan to live in his apartment once they are married.  He doesn't want her to bring anything to the apartment after they are married, except herself and her clothes.  Exclusions include a Gainsborough couch that she wants to keep.  He suggests they should pick out a new couch together.

She also has a good job as a marketing specialist, but she feels she is not appreciated by her boss, Ingrid Jordan.  She would love to be given free rein with an ad campaign, but Ingrid has her own creative, somewhat extravagant, ideas.  Ingrid is a phenomenally successful beauty therapist and influencer on social media and believes she is solely responsible for her success, even though Poppy has been with her all along.

Ingrid sets up a meeting with a top executive from Aspire Ad Agency to help her launch Jordan eye shadow. Aspire happens to be the ad agency where Poppy has dreamed of working.  

The executive, Milo Asher, turns out to be a gentleman Poppy met at her apartment building earlier that morning.  He wanted to rent the penthouse, but the manager is extremely selective about who rents there. Tony will only lease to someone who is "stable".  

Poppy would love to get a job at Aspire Ad Agency, which Milo can give her.  Milo would love to get the penthouse in The Gregory apartment building, but he needs a fiance to appear more settled.  A plan is hatched between them that Poppy will pretend to be his fiance, which surprisingly her real fiance approves. 

As you can imagine, things don't go exactly as planned.  

This story line makes for a unique and entertaining romantic movie.  You will not be surprised by the ending, but it is still a delightful movie experience.

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From Chicago With Love (2023) Movie Review by:
House of Sylvestermouse

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Friday, August 18, 2023

Marmaduke (2010) Movie Review

Marmaduke (2010) Movie Review
At the end of an especially grueling day recently, I went in search of a movie that would offer the much needed dose of levity.  Passing right over my normally preferred romantic comedy section, I moved on to the kids movies and came across Marmaduke.  

I can't say that I ever really thought about a dog looking quirky before, but that is exactly the word that came to mind when I spotted Marmaduke.

As I started watching this lanky, socially awkward, kind canine with exaggerated facial expressions and floppy ears, I felt the stress of the day start to evaporate.

Marmaduke is a beautiful Great Dane whose large size might make him look dominate in the world of dogs, but his sweet and easy going disposition actually makes him unprepared for bullies.  However, unprepared or inexperienced does not mean incapable, which is a reminder we all need to hear.

Oh, and perhaps I should tell you, in the movie "Marmaduke" all dogs talk and are quite animated! 

Marmaduke - Movie Synopsis

 Marmaduke [Blu-ray]Check PriceWhen Marmaduke hears that they are moving from Kansas to California, he isn't too thrilled to leave his yard full of buried bones. But, he will be with his family and his only animal friend, Carlos the cat, so he goes along without fuss. Little does Marmaduke know, the world of ocean waves, unfamiliar neighborhoods and the "pedigrees" await him.

Upon arrival, he loves the new house, especially the big doggie door and his new "bathroom".  Plus, his new friends; Maisie, Raisin and Guiseppe, are adorable. I had to laugh when Guiseppe states that he is afraid of pumas aka mountain lions.  That is a reasonable fear for anyone, but he is so cute with his constant reminders about them throughout the show.

I laughed  until I cried watching the Great Dane surf!  I totally forgot that I was having a bad day and enjoyed the movie.  I think you will too!

Where to Watch Marmaduke

I cut the cable years ago.  As a prime member on Amazon, I watch a lot of movies for free, but I also subscribe to a few streaming services.  I watched Marmaduke on Peacock.  It is also available to rent or buy on Amazon.

Now that I am finished sharing this fun movie, I think I go watch it again.  See you there!

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Marmaduke (2010) Movie Review by:
House of Sylvestermouse

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Friday, August 11, 2023

Friend Request aka Chance at Romance (2014) Movie Review

Friend Request aka Chance of Romance Hallmark Movie Review
Before the horror movie that bears the same name was filmed, this delightfully fun and uplifting movie was released in 2014.  

To make it more confusing, this movie has two different names.  If you watch it on the Hallmark channel, it is "Chance at Romance".  However, if you watch it on the PixL channel, like I did, it is "Friend Request", which was the original title.  

There are some slight editing differences in the the Hallmark version, but it is unlikely a viewer would notice, or even care about them.  

Erin Krakow and Ryan McPartlin are both well known current day actors which each have a huge fan base.  The movie name change could easily have your thinking you missed one, only to discover that you had previously seen the movie, just under a different name.

Regardless of the title, it is a great movie that I would highly recommend to anyone who enjoys romantic comedy movies.

Friend Request Synopsis

While walking home after another failed blind date, Samantha Hart (Erin Krakow) slips into an art show featuring the photographer, Heath Madson (Ryan McPartlin).  

 Friend RequestCheck PriceWhen Heath makes eye contact with Samantha during his short speech about seeing "something that just takes your breath away", she is immediately enamored with the man, as well as his photos.  Because she misses the opportunity to speak to Heath at the show, she decides to write to him through his contact link on his website.  When he answers, she is encouraged and continues to correspond with him.  After several emails, he offers to send her a ticket and book a hotel for his next show.  

When she arrives, his 12 year old son meets her at the train depot and takes her to their home.  When Heath arrives, there is a very awkward greeting between the two.  Heath has no idea who she is.

Can you guess who Sam has been communicating with, how she got a train ticket, and why Heath didn't recognize her even though everyone else around knows who she is?  

Things get really distressing for Sam when there is no hotel room available and her suitcase is stolen.  Then she meets "the woman" who already has designs on the photographer.

 Chance at Romance is one of the movies included on this DVDCheck Price
I watched "Friend Request" on the PixL channel on Frndly TV.  I no longer subscribe to the Hallmark channel, but "Chance at Romance" can sometimes be seen in their lineup of movies.  

It is not currently available on Amazon even though they do have the place holder for it (linked above) and you can add it to your watchlist.  

Hallmark has released a DVD which includes "Chance at Romance" as one of the three movies.  

I recommend searching both movie names in your own favorite streaming service to see if it is currently available.  Just be sure you click on the movie that stars Erin Krakow and Ryan McPartlin.  Otherwise, what you will see will not be funny, or romantic!


Personal Note

In the movie, Heath's photography is referred to as "High Dynamic Range Photography".  He accomplished this technique by making computer enhancements to his photos.  

His technique reminded me of our own fellow contributor Mary Beth Granger, photographer mbgphoto, who has shown us how to enhance our own photos with Photoshop.  She has perfected the art of removing or adding to the photos, eliminating or changing unwanted backgrounds, plus shows us how to take photos with dramatic elements like rain drops, snow, or even adding an overlay of music scores over a musicians fingers on their instrument.

I can see proof of Mary Beth's training through her articles in my own photos.  She has encouraged me to step out of the "point and shot" mode and look more closely at focus, technique and editing.  

I believe my own interest in photography made this movie more relevant to me personally, especially when I kept thinking of my friend and co-contributor here on Review This Reviews.


Here are the links to mbgphoto's articles that I referenced above:

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Friend Request aka Chance at Romance (2014) Movie Review by:
House of Sylvestermouse


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