Thursday, June 11, 2015

Photographing on a Rainy Day

maple tree leaves in the rain photo by mbgphoto
If you love to take photographs, a string of rainy days can dampen your spirits.  But have no fear, with a bit of creativity you can get some great shots, even on a rainy day.  The photo above was taken on one of those weeks when the rain just wouldn't quit.  It was shot from my covered front porch using a 70x 300 lens set on aperture priority at 5.6.  I moved around the various sections of leaves on our Japanese Maple tree to capture the raindrops on the leaves and the gentle rain in the background.

Tips for Photography in the Rain

  • Carry a raincoat for your camera ( you can purchase a rain covering for your camera at a camera shop or online)
  • A gallon sized plastic bag...this can work in a pinch, just cut a hole for the lens and put your hand in the back and your camera is safe and dry.
  • Look for porches or awning to stand under and shoot.
  • Shoot from inside your car.  This is a great way to capture scenes when you travel in the rain.
  • Try to get the light behind the raindrops to bring them out.

Objects to Look for on a Rainy Day

  • Food at an outdoor market covered with raindrops
  • Umbrella's as a backdrop
  • Flowers and leaves with raindrops
  • Reflections in puddles
  • Emotions on on children playing in rain...frustration of commuters hurrying about in the weather
  • Raindrops on interesting objects or parts of objects. 
The photo below shows raindrops on a section of the wind sculpture in our front yard.  I shot several pictures of this wind sculpture first taking the whole item and then just sections of it.  I was trying to capture the raindrops as the gathered on the metal.
rain drops on wind sculpture photo by mbgphoto

So the next times you have a rainy day go grab you camera and see how creative you can get!

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  1. I love photos with raindrops on leaves and flowers and yours are beautiful, Mary Beth. I also enjoyed reading the list of ideas for rainy day photos. A reflection in a puddle would be very interesting. I have a favorite photo from many years ago of my 6-year-old son in a yellow slicker raincoat splashing in a puddle after a summer thunderstorm. :)

  2. Love the tips on rainy day photography and your examples! The one with the wind sculpture and the rain drops that you were able to capture really appeals to me for some reason.

  3. What wonderful tips and suggestions! My rainy day shots are not usually planned. They happen because I get caught in the rain with my camera, but I love the idea of planning for those photos. They really can be quite beautiful.

  4. What beautiful examples of how to turn the dreary rainy days into something magical. I'm taking your tips to heart. Such fun can be had even when I would rather the rain, rain go away, come again some other day.

  5. Great tips for using the camera in the rain. I've risked mine, but grabbing a ziplock bag would be so quick and easy. I, too, especially love the wind sculpture with the raindrops. So pretty!

  6. Great tips for using the camera in the rain. I've risked mine, but grabbing a ziplock bag would be so quick and easy. I, too, especially love the wind sculpture with the raindrops. So pretty!

  7. I like rainy days and love your photography tips. I use a freezer bag to protect my kindle when camping and at the beach. Hadn't thought of that for my camera. Great tip.

  8. Love your list of things to look for to photograph in the rain; I'm going to keep my eye open for these things now (very helpful) thank you for that

  9. Great tips! Now all we need here in Paso Robles is a rainy day. When we've had them in the past, my favorite things to photograph have been the reflections. I also like to do the flowers.


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