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Mad Max: Fury Road Movie Review

mad max
Occasionally we all go to movies we didn't select ourselves just to be with the people we love.  On very rare times, we are surprised and end up really enjoying the show.  Thus was the case for me with Mad Max: Fury Road.

This past Father's Day, our son gave his father an afternoon at the movies with hot dogs and coke slushies included.  I was thrilled to be included in the boy's day out when our son informed us that he had purchased 3 tickets.  I was still sitting in my gown when my husband opened his present and discovered the movie tickets.  Tickets to a show that started 35 minutes later.  I jumped from behind my computer, threw on some clothes, combed my hair and we all made a mad dash to Mad Max.

Both of the men expected to enjoy the movie, but I think we were all astonished that I really liked the show too.  It was a fast action film with wicked cars, lots of bombing and blowing up things, and really ugly men that seemed to enjoy killing each other.  Decidedly not my kind of movie.  However, with the beautiful Charlize Theron cast as the leading lady, Furiosa, and a touch of romance I was perfectly content and properly entertained.  I might add, I always appreciate a rebel who fights for a worthy cause.

The Plot Of Mad Max: Fury Road

In an attempt to free the captive wives of the tyrannical leader of Citadel, the town where they all "serve", Furiosa hides the 5 wives in her armored truck on a routine fuel run.  Her crew easily accepts that she is on a different mission when she breaks from the caravan and they don't really question her actions.

It doesn't take long for the Citadel leader to observe from his high "castle" that she has gone off the route.  He somehow thinks to check on his wives in their large vaulted cage and finds that they are missing.  He immediately gathers warriors and leads an attack on the wayward Furiosa and her group.

Max, who is also a captive for the purpose of being a universal blood donor, is literally forced to go in pursuit of Furiosa.  He is chained to the front of one of the warriors cars as he is simultaneously giving that warrior a blood transfusion.

It is on this road of escape that all of the wrecking, fighting, bombing, killing and action take place.  It was actually pretty cool to see how Max was able to break free and subsequently join and aid Furiosa and the wives in their battle against Joe, the tyrannical leader.

I have now given you the basic plot.  You will have to go see the movie yourself to find out how they enlist the aid of some old grannies on motorcycles, which characters survive, and where they end up going.

There really is plenty in this movie to entertain anyone.  I have no doubt others will like Mad Max himself, but for me, I liked the capable, spirited women in the movie. 

The Video Trailer of Mad Max:  Fury Road



The Many Faces of Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron really is an amazing actress.  Not only is she beautiful with or without hair, but she captivates an audience regardless of the part she is playing.   From an emotionally charged drama, to playing the part of the evil queen in Snow White and the Huntsman, to the rebel with a cause in Mad Max:  Fury Road, she is truly fabulous and equally believable in either character part.

Note to My Son and Husband
Thanks for including me in your boy's day out! It was a lot of fun watching Mad Max: Fury Road, eating hot dogs and drinking a coke slushie with you guys. I am also thinking it was quite wise on my son's part that he didn't take his dad to see Charlize Theron without me!

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  1. Thank you for this review! (and so glad you had a great time out with the guys). I loved the original Mad Max movies and was half tempted to see this one. But I was afraid it was going to be one of those lame remakes. So glad you enjoyed it. I'll make sure I see it too.

    1. Speaking of the originals Dawn, I had heard that Mel Gibson was supposed to make a cameo appearance in this one, but I didn't see him if he was there. I do believe I would note those blue eyes if he was included.

  2. Thank you for a very thorough review.I'm glad you enjoyed the movie more than you thought you would. I think it still has too much action for me to be able to enjoy. Maybe that's one reason I prefer to read about dramatic action than to watch it play out on the screen with sound effects.

    1. It is definitely action packed Barbara! I had not thought about it before, but you may have put your thumb on why I don't like a lot of action movies. I don't like the constant intense sound effects in some movies. It can indeed be just too loud and intense to be enjoyable. That wasn't a problem for me in this particular movie, but I certainly understand your concerns.

  3. I'm not much of a movie buff these days, but I'd definitely go along if the 'boys' in my family invited me. Family time is fun no matter what you are doing. My son often rents movies to watch with me when I'm visiting. Fun review!


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