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Remember Sunday (2013) Movie Review

Remember Sunday Movie Review
Most often, I watch movies in the background while I work.  I guess you could say, they keep me company.  However, Remember Sunday is not a background movie.  This is one you really want to be invested in.  It is well worth watching.

The actors are adorable and kind.  You pull for them throughout the movie because you really want them to succeed.  They both possess a positive attitude and strong determination as they face difficult times and situations.

Since I have never known anyone who survived an aneurysm, I wasn't sure how accurate the movie's presentation of it was until I did a bit of research.  I found that, in some causes, the memory loss after an aneurysm was accurately depicted in the movie.  This knowledge made me like the movie even more.  Not only was I captivated by the story, but I learned something.

I will warn you, the movie is not all sunshine and flowers.  As you can imagine, not being able to remember someone, conversations, activities, etc. would make you, and everyone that is a constant in your life, struggle for consistency or the bond of a continuous relationship.  Shared experiences are the foundation of almost any relationship, even the bad ones.  Without those memories, it would be nearly impossible to have a bound.

Synopsis of Remember Sunday

Gus Gillenwater (Zachary Levi) wakes up every morning to post-it notes!  Yes, that is correct.  He has post-it notes all over his home and a file marked "Read Me Every Morning".  The notes and file tell him where he is and what he is supposed to remember.  After he reads through the file, he calls his sister each morning and she tells him, again, why he is living in New Orleans and answers any questions he has.  He works at a jewelry shop owned by old friends.   

Gus's notes, file, and daily routine are extremely important because Gus has no short-term memory due to an aneurysm.  

He is kind, even tempered, and happy, but he is living day to day without the memories of most of his adult life.  He tries to "fill in the gaps" by recording the things he would like to remember, like appointments, things he needs to do, and whatever he thinks is important in his day.  He is surrounded by friends and neighbors who try to daily help him.

Gus meets his life-long friend, Jerry, for breakfast each morning.  On the day when we first meet Gus, he will be meeting Jerry at a new restaurant, Addie Mae's, for breakfast.  He is immediately attracted to his waitress, Molly.  Sadly, he will not remember her tomorrow.


Molly Branford (Alexis Bledel) is a waitress at Addie Mae's Restaurant.  She is living with her best friend since she can't afford an apartment on her own.  She is also taking a business class.  She hopes to start her own flower shop when she receives the inheritance that is currently being held up by lawyers.

Molly is adorable, sweet, and well liked although frequently underappreciated by the men she dates.

When she meets Gus, of course she likes him, but she can't understand why he would stand her up for their date. 

Fortunately for both of them, Jerry knew about the date.  When he calls to see how things are going, he finds out Gus is at home, totally oblivious to the fact that he is supposed to be out on his first date with Molly.


After the initial mix-up, Molly and Gus do start dating, but their dating life is fraught with misunderstandings, difficulties and distress until Molly learns more about Gus's aneurysm and why he can't remember.  

Gus, himself, questions "is it possible to fall in love with someone every single day?"




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  1. This movie really does sound intriguing. I'm putting it on my list of movies to watch. Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. This sounds like a charming movie. I already like the characters just from your descriptive review. I have heard of this 'condition' and know it is true (though, I imagine quite rare). My father-in-law in later years suffered from short-term memory loss and he used to watch TV and keep notes on a tablet. Unlike Gus, whose memory was affected by an aneurism, Papa's was age-related, a form of dementia we think. His long-term memory was fine and quite excellent.

  3. I am so looking forward to watching this movie after reading your review, Sylvestermouse. It sounds charming and authentic and I can already see myself rooting hard for the protagonists. I love that Gus is surrounded by caring, helpful friends and neighbors, that he speaks with his sister by phone every day and starts eats day having breakfast with his lifelong best friend. I am sure my husband will enjoy this as well. Thank you so much for your review and recommendation!

  4. This movie sounds really good - yes, I'd watch this one for sure - on a night when something non-violent and with a storyline fits the mood (for me violent movies are rarely watched anyway), this one would work for me - I've actually never heard of this movie before - looking forward to watching it.


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