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Decorating for Halloween Can Be So Easy! A Product Review

Halloween is a time of year when decorating takes a serious turn for fun!  Who doesn't like wandering through the neighborhood enjoying everyone's flair for the dramatic?  

The best part of Halloween is that you don't have to be a kid to enjoy the holiday.  Oh the kids do make it fun and cute, but decorating for this holiday can have everyone involved!

Halloween haunted house image

Kids can do the pumpkins that will grace the front walks and parent's get to pick out the massive inflatables to put out in the yard.  There is never a better time to let the inner child out, than Halloween.

No one will give you grief for finding that perfect decoration to make your home the envy of all the others.  

Inflatable decorating is so easy to do and doesn't require a whole lot of effort on busy moms and dads either.  Reusable, and environmentally friendly, these decorations will last for many years to come and don't need a whole lot of space to store them.  

Pick a favorite theme (Spiderman, Batman, princesses etc. )or go with a recurring theme (pumpkins, scarecrows and spiders).  You will find inflatables in a host of different and wonderful sizes and shapes.

 This is one of my favorites and it's not too expensive either.

But if you want to make a real Halloween Statement, there are many more choices that range in size from 6 ft. right up to 13ft. and more.

In the past month over 400 of this style have been purchased for this years Halloween displays.  Be the first one in your neighborhood to really host a scary inflatable!

 Don't you think this is a fun one?

All of the decorations come with instructions on how to set it up and a reusable storage box.  You will even get some ideas on best placement as well. So with just a little instruction, your outdoor decorations are set up and ready for all those little and not so little trick or treaters!

One thing is certain, with a great Halloween display, you are sure to get lots of children coming to your door.  Make it a visit for them to remember!  Spooky sounds in the background will surely have parents bringing their children closer.  Meeting and greeting your neighbors in this way can be so much fun.  It's one way to get to know your neighbors and their children at the same time.  With most parents both working, many people never have the chance to be seen with their little ones at the same time.  What a great way to change that!

With all the increased traffic to your door you want to make sure that you have the best Halloween goodies to shell out as well.  This year the Number One spot on the candy list according to Country Living,  is Reese's Peanut Butter cups.  Following closely behind are quite a few of the other chocolate/candy bars, including Snickers, Milky Ways and more!  I know from my many years of shelling out treats, that chocolate/candy bars were by far the favorites followed closely by those small bags of Chips and Cheesies!

One thing that has changed a lot from when my children were little, is that home-made cookies, candy, fudge or anything not prepackaged, is no longer welcome in many homes.  I save those things for the children I know personally and hand deliver them to the parents. (There have just been too many mean spirited people who like to do harm)

Halloween is a time to let your hair hang down, find that child within, and go out to meet and greet all the wonderful little ghost and goblins, superheroes and princesses, scarecrows and yes even little bunnies and bees.   It's a night to enjoy and smile, even if your dress-up days were numbered a long time ago.  

May your Halloween be Frightfully Fun and hopefully you will make lots of great memories for all of the neighborhood kids too!

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  1. Those Halloween inflatables are so cute and such fun to display in your yard. The ones you feature here are delightful. I have a daughter-in-law who loves Halloween decorating more than any other holiday and has a HUGE assortment for both inside and outside that she adds to every year. Her decor even includes a couple 6 foot skeletons and a DIY hand-built mauseleum to house them. LOL. They have even won first place in 'best-yard-decor' contests. So your Halloween decor suggestions will be shared with my DIL for sure.

  2. Although my husband and I have never gotten into decorating the house for Halloween (perhaps because we don’t have children), we have always enjoyed how many of our neighbors go all out with huge inflatables, spiderwebs, oversized skeletons, etc. Your inflatable recommendations are terrific.Thank you for spreading the holiday fun!

  3. I have always enjoyed Halloween, the costumes, the fun decorations, the games, and even trick or treating. Now, I must laugh at the idea of reading the instructions that come with the decorations. I admit, I am the biggest kid on the block when it comes to decorations. It want to pull them out and get them up. I don't want to read instructions and I pay the price for not reading them first. And, yes! Candy bars are my favorite treat to give and to get.


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