Thursday, March 20, 2014

Perspective in Photography

When I take photographs of landscapes, most of the time I am standing up and shooting with a wide angle lens.  I have been reading a lot of articles on perspective and challenging myself to look at things differently.  I have found if I get lower to the ground and get a bit more of the foreground into view I get a different and very pleasing composition.  In this first photo I am crouching down a bit to get more of the rocks in the foreground in the photo.

Look at the different look you get when you get really low and make the foreground pop out.  In this photo I am sitting on one of the rocks and holding  my camera low.

In this photo I get even lower.  I am was walking on the beach with my Canon point and shoot camera and I bent down and held my camera in the middle of the shells.  I love the effect this got me with all the shells up close and the sky in the background.

Flower photos are always fun, but again be sure to change your perspective.  Everyone seems to take flowers while they are standing up and looking down at the flower.  In this photo I sat down in front of the flowers and zoomed in on one flower to create a different look.

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  1. What a nice effect you achieved with these photos. Good tips, too!

  2. Excellent! I love that you showed us what you meant with your photos. This helps me tremendously. I am a creative soul... until it comes to photos. I will use all the tips you dole out, so keep them coming! Off to visit the lenses.

  3. What we learn from photography perspective applies to every aspect of our lives. It is incredibly valuable to find one, or ten, or one hundred new ways of seeing things. That shell photo is stunning. I absolutely love it!

  4. You always share some of the best suggestions! One of the reasons I love photography so much myself is because it makes me look at things from a different perspective. I am always amazed by what I discover, like the rainbow effect in a shell or the interesting details of a bug that otherwise just moves to fast to see the "fuzz" on their legs. I do laugh a bit though at the idea of laying on the ground. Those are the times that I have to make sure I have my husband beside me to help me up :)

  5. I love all the little tips and tricks that will help even taking pictures with my cell phone.


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