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I'm the 'Baseball Fan Contributor' on Review This!

A collage of baseball scenes
From the beginning of Spring Training to the last day of the World Series each year, my life is totally wrapped around baseball. I watch whatever game happens to be playing on TV each day, no matter what teams are involved. The first thing I check each morning is the scores and stats of the day before, and the times of the televised games coming up. As you may have guessed, I'm extremely passionate about Baseball. That's probably why Wednesday-Elf is the Baseball Fan Contributor on Review This. 

Grayson Stadium, Minor League Ballpark, Savannah, GA
Grayson Stadium, Minor League Ballpark, Savannah, GA
Besides my 'daily dose' of TV baseball, I have been to games in person in a couple of Major League stadiums, and these days frequently go to our minor league Single-A team games, the Sand Gnats, here in Savannah, Georgia. Many a great major league player has come out of minor league baseball and Hank Aaron, Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle and Jackie Robinson once played here at our humble Grayson Stadium, the oldest (1926) working minor league stadium in the United States today.
March brings Spring Training each year as teams and players prepare for Opening Day of Major League Baseball beginning most years in early April.  This Baseball Fan is also busy this time of year, getting ready to follow favorite teams throughout the season.  I also spend time featuring baseball stories about this, our favorite sport, on my baseball blog "Baseball Moments and Memories" and reading baseball stories from others.   

For instance, our own Mary Beth (mbgphoto here on Review This) gives us a fun review of hers (and my) favorite team, the St. Louis Cardinals, at Spring Training in Jupiter, Florida where she attends the Cardinals' Spring Training games each season.

Many events take place throughout baseball season, one of the earliest being 'Jackie Robinson Day' on April 15 – the day every ball player on every team wears the number 42 (Jackie's number) to honor him and his contribution to baseball. Greekgeek has written a wonderful tribute to this special player. 

These are just a few of the people and pages I will continue to feature during baseball season as the 'Baseball Fan Contributor.' I invite all baseball fans to join me for the upcoming season... and beyond.

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  1. Your love for baseball is truly obvious! You are the perfect Baseball Fan contributor and I look forward to reading everything you write and all of the awesome articles you find for us to read. Growing up, I spent my life in the bleachers watching my all time favorite baseball pitcher, my own brother. To this day, in my minds eye, I can see him warming up with his jacket only covering one arm. Or, I can easily recapture the image of him standing perfectly still on the pitchers mound sizing up the batter. He will forever be the best baseball player in the world to me!

  2. My mom is a serious Mariners fan. I remember watching her (back in her much younger days) play baseball at family reunions. She got a big thrill from the game. I live near Tampa and this town gets excited during spring training. Congratulations on being selected the Baseball Fan Contributor. I'll be sure to share your stories with my mom.

  3. You make me want to go find a spring training to attend. When I was a grad student at Texas A&M, and dating one of the baseball coaches at the university, I loved attending the baseball games. The announcer was so talented and made each game incredibly entertaining (beyond the actual play on the field). Our family has always cheered for the Minnesota Twins. You made me recall just now what a big baseball fan my maternal grandmother was. I believe her team was the Yankees. Can't wait for your passionate baseball features. This is going to be the World Series of you as enthusiastic contributor. And now you've got me singing "Take Me Out to the Ball Game." :-)

  4. I couldn't help but giggle and then sign thinking "She's perfect" as the Baseball Fan Contributor on Squidoo! From the first time we *met*, I have known and loved your passion for baseball. Our family is in love with the sport as well, especially since my cousin was a player and then coach and scout for many years! I have had the opportunity to attend a few stadium games myself and always thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I remember years ago, visiting a theme park in Florida called "Boardwalk and Baseball". It was my husbands all time favorite vacation!

    I look forward to reading your suggestions and contributions to the All-American sport!

  5. You make me want to take a closer look at our local team and games. I too am suddenly singing "Take Me Out to the Ball Game". And except for little league, as a young child, I don't really get excited about baseball. Look what you are doing to people. :)

  6. Oh, what fun! Baseball season will soon be upon us! Of course, that is followed closely by FOOTBALL season! Oops, no we're still talking baseball. Welcome to the contributor world, Miss Elf.

  7. Knowing this is your very first blog post ever, I cannot help but think of Abbot and Costello and say, Who's on first? You have certainly made a grand slam entrance into the world of blogging and as the Baseball Fan Contributor on Squidoo, and I look forward to playing ball with you!

  8. Thanks so much for all the nice compliments everyone (Cynthia Sylvestermouse, Coletta, Diana, Dawn, Susan, Mandee, and Ruthi). Your kind words are very much appreciated. I feel like I just hit a 'home run'. :)

  9. Sorry I'm so late in responding..but would you believe I was at a Spring Training game. Cardinals vs Mets and the Cardinals won 7-1! I'll be looking forward to all of your baseball posts. GO CARDINALS

  10. Very fun that we have a female baseball contributor. I know a decent amount about the game from being a fan myself, but also my husband is a former sports agent who represented both minor and major league players over his 15 years in the business. He was an ethical agent...there are others out there, but there are also some who are not; just like in the movie Jerry Maguire. Looking forward to hearing your take on the greatest game. I've been to a number of minor and major league games in several stadiums and it's always a lot of fun to watch.

  11. Ah, Mary Beth -- nothing like Spring Training in Florida and Arizona this time of year. Delighted to hear the Cardinals won today. Hope it's a forerunner of a fabulous 2014 season. :-)

  12. bunnyfabulous - would love to read some stories from a sports agent point of view. Most people (baseball fans) tend to focus on Major League players, but there is a lot of baseball behind the scenes, like the role a sports agent plays in the sport. If you decide to write a story about the agent aspect, I'd love to see it. Thanks for stopping by. :-)


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