Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Father's Review of "Father of the Bride"

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This week, I had the opportunity to read a truly wonderful review. It combines storytelling and a review, producing an article anyone would be proud to read or write. As a matter of fact, it also won the Squidoo "Review of the Day" honor. Definitely worth a minute or two of your time.

Keeping it Funny

The review grabs your attention immediately with a title like this:
"This is why I'm glad I didn't run over Steve Martin". 
I giggled as soon as I read that. 

Not only did author pgallagher grab my attention, he held it because he kept the promise his title made -- told us why he was glad he didn't run over Mr. Martin. He even goes so far as to share his humorous thoughts at the time of the "almost" mishap!

Keeping it Real

He tells us about the kinship he feels with the character from the film (George Banks). Since pgallagher is a father to two daughters, it wasn't such a stretch.

I think this is my favorite line in the whole review: "Father of the Bride will be relevant for as long as parents have children that grow up and get married."

Storytelling + Review = One Heck of an Article! 

I applaud you, pgallagher. This review was perfect (if there such a thing.) The formula works! It is possible, readable and more interesting when we use stories and personal experience in our writing on Squidoo and anywhere on the web.

It makes us better writers but more important, better people when we share. Please, take a moment and read the review. You won't be sorry. Leave pgallagher a comment with your impression of his review. He's relatively new to Squidoo (Sept. 2013) and only has 3 lenses so far.

If he keeps putting out articles like this one, he will have a long and prosperous career at Squidoo!

You Can Join the Fun Too

There is a almost no limit to the topics on Squidoo. The Squidoo Contributors write about most everything. Find a favorite niche topic (mine is party planning) and start reading and writing. I know you will love it as much as we do!

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  1. I did enjoy his review. Love how you presented this review of his review. Using the quotes is very effective, as is your formula for "one heck of an article."

    1. Thank Diana! I really loved his article, too! More of these and Squidoo will be sitting pretty!

  2. Oh, Mandee, what a great review of a great review! You certainly grabbed me to want to read this man's review. I do love it that new writers are joining Squidoo and making such a quick and quality splash! (Oh, wait that was another movie!)

    1. Thank you Susan! I do agree, I love to see newbies with great quality writing!

  3. This is the 2nd 'newbie' I've met lately on Squidoo (both men, by the way -- nice to see more men joining the site) who are just getting started and show great promise with their witty way of writing. Very encouraging to see such quality writing.

    1. Cool! I love to find new people that have a unique and entertaining way of expressing themselves. You always find them first!

  4. I always loved Father of the Bride and I adore the wedding planner in that movie! That was a fun review to read too.


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