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Easter is Coming... Let's Party!

bunny candy dish
With less than a month to go before Easter, now is a good time to finalize plans for your Easter party, get-together or egg hunt. Learning what others have done may give you a fantastic idea you can incorporate into your holiday celebration this year.

Kid's Easter Party

When it comes to Easter parties for kids, WriterJanis has got it covered. In her lens titled "How to Plan an Easter Party for Kids and Easter Party Ideas" she covers almost every option. From invitations to centerpieces, games to music, and food to decorations -- there are ideas for anyone planning a hopping Easter celebration with children.

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

If you are planning an Easter egg hunt for older children, lestroischenes has some great ideas. She uses herself and her family as examples in her lens titled "The Easter Egg Hunt". I found this lens interesting as it gives the version of an egg hunt from another part of the world -- France. It's a fun lens!

Easter Party Food Ideas

You have to have some sweets! Our very own MissMerFaery has a great idea with her "Bird Nest Cupcakes" lens. Such a simple but cute idea that's perfect as a sweet treat addition to any Easter party or get together.

Puzzlemaker shows us a lot of different cupcake and treat ideas themed for Easter featuring M&M's as a main ingredient in the decorations on this lens: "Easter Cupcakes and Treats with M&M's".

A bunny, a carrot, a flower and a chick, these ideas are simple but fun and the perfect addition to your Easter party.

The best part? The kids can help with the decorating.

It's Time...

Now, armed with some helpful information and creative ideas, I hope you will get to planning your Easter party soon. The bunny will be here before we know it and we all want to be ready!

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  1. Yes, it is time to get those Easter party planning ideas firmed up. You would think with my grandgirls that I have this well in hand. Guess I'm being a little slow this year. Thanks for the reminder and all the great suggestions. Our Easter party this year can be better than ever.

  2. Thanks for all the great ideas. You always keep us up to date on the party front!

  3. Sure hope there's no upper age limit on Easter egg hunts. I look forward to checking out your featured lenses. Thanks!

  4. A walk on the beach with my fog Tidbit will be Easter partying enough for me this year. But of course, I always make a batch of beets and hard-boiled eggs. I might even remember to take photos this year for a recipe article!

  5. I love Easter, the spring weather, the pretty pastel colors and remembering the true reason I celebrate Easter. It is as if the entire earth is rejoicing on that day and celebrating with us. A party for Easter? You better believe it!

    Oh, and I can't help but remark here to Renaissance Woman. There is no age limit! We have proved that in our home. A few years ago, we let our children (both in college at the time) hide the eggs and parents, grandparents, aunts & uncles hunted for the eggs. You know where I found the best eggs? Right in my husbands basket when he was turned away :) Yes, our son caught me on camera, otherwise I wouldn't readily admit it! lol Oh! And we all had to wear our handmade Easter bunny ears too! We had to cut them out of construction paper and put them on before we were allowed to hunt for eggs.

    1. Oh, and our Chocolate Contributor better be bringing me chocolate Easter bunnies this year too!

    2. Forgive me! That would be our Chocoholic Contributor!

    3. You are such a hoot, MM! I want to come to one of your parties!!

  6. Between 'chocolate stuff from Susan and zany stuff from the House of the Mouse, our party girl Mandee will have a great party. LOL. Always fun to get new and creative ideas from Squidooland for Easter from clever writers. Thanks for featuring these helpful lensmasters, Mandee.


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