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About Cynthia Sylvestermouse, Contributor on Review This Reviews!

My real name is Cynthia, but on the internet, I am known as Sylvestermouse.

One of the first questions most people ask me is why I chose the name Sylvestermouse as my online pseudonym.  Before I answer that question, let me point out the blue mouse in my photo.

That blue mouse, "Sylvestermouse", was my original avatar photo when I started working online over 20 years ago.  After a decade of using the blue mouse exclusively, there was a huge push to start using author photos so readers could see what the author actually looked like.  The belief being that readers connected with the author on a more personal level if they could see your face.

I certainly did not want to leave behind or replace my mouse and just start using a cameo photo.  After all, that little mouse had it's own following!  Fortunately, a really good friend of mine happened to be in the business of creating computer images by using photos.  Think computer games and avatar images.  To this day, Indigo Janson is an excellent 3D generalist and I feel quite honored that she took my original blue mouse avatar, a photo of myself and created a professional compilation.  So now you see me, Cynthia, holding Sylvestermouse when you see my author profile image.

So, Back to that Original Question:  Why "Sylvestermouse"?

For that answer, we must go back to my childhood.  I grew up in a large family where everything was shared:  bedrooms, bathrooms, clothes, toys, pets, etc.  My first "mine only" pet was a wild field mouse that my brother caught for me in a Dixie cup outside of an old grocery store.   I have absolutely no idea why I named that tiny little mouse "Sylvester", but that was the name I chose for him.

Sylvester resided in a cage right next to my bed.  He was my good morning greeter and he provided me with my nighttime lullaby, of sorts.  Long after the lights were out, we could hear Sylvester scurrying around in his bedding or drinking from his water bottle. 

One other reason I loved him:  He was a gift from my brother

Many years later, long after Sylvester moved to heaven, I found myself trying to choose an internet email address after we bought our first computer.  By this time, I was grown and had children of my own.  I had no idea what name to use for email.  One of my children suggested that I use a pet's name for fun.  After all, we never really expected it to be anything more than a way to exchange little messages.  Thus, I became Sylvestermouse after Sylvester the mouse.  Of course, that was obviously only the beginning.

You can now find Sylvestermouse stores on Ebay and Zazzle.   I have a photography site, a cooking and recipe site, a crafting site, a gardening site and I contribute to over a dozen other websites.  You can find a complete list of where I publish here.

Hobbies & Interests

As you can probably guess by the sites I own, my hobbies include sewing and a variety of crafts.   I also enjoy photography, mainly because I enjoy traveling and taking pictures of beautiful places, nature, and animals.

Since I have spent the last few decades of my life focusing on being a mother and making our house a home, those are the "niches" where I have the most experience.  Therefore, home related interests or one of my hobbies are most often the subjects of my articles.  Although, I very much enjoy reviewing movies, books and products that I have personally viewed, read, or used right here on Review This Reviews!

Articles Written by Cynthia Sylvestermouse

Most of my articles are on the two Pinterest boards below. Only approximately 50 articles are shown on each board, but you can click "Cynthia Sylvestermouse" on the Review This Reviews board or "Articles by Sylvestermouse" on my Sylvestermouse board to open either board on Pinterest. That will show you all of my articles on each board. The board on the left, are my articles on Review This Reviews! The board on the right, will feature articles from all of my sites, including Review This Reviews!


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  1. I think you chose the absolutely BEST name for your online name, little Mouse (as I like to call you). Every time you see the name, it brings back a favorite childhood memory and first beloved pet. The name is absolutely perfect for you and suits you. Having known you only through online interaction and shared interests, you will forever be 'Sylvestermouse' to me. Over the years you have become a favorite (mouse) friend and I'm delighted to know you.

    1. I am equally delighted to know you too Elf and I very much enjoy working with you! We all spend so much time at work that it does seem odd that we have never laid actual eyes on each other, but no need. I definitely consider you a great friend and the very best co-worker. Thank you for always being so encouraging and supportive throughout these many years.

    2. Perhaps some day we shall meet in person (and that would be very special), but we most probably will call each other 'Mouse' and 'Elf' rather than Cynthia & Pat! After all, our online names is how we were introduced to each other! :)


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