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Friday, August 11, 2023

Friend Request aka Chance at Romance (2014) Movie Review

Friend Request aka Chance of Romance Hallmark Movie Review
Before the horror movie that bears the same name was filmed, this delightfully fun and uplifting movie was released in 2014.  

To make it more confusing, this movie has two different names.  If you watch it on the Hallmark channel, it is "Chance at Romance".  However, if you watch it on the PixL channel, like I did, it is "Friend Request", which was the original title.  

There are some slight editing differences in the the Hallmark version, but it is unlikely a viewer would notice, or even care about them.  

Erin Krakow and Ryan McPartlin are both well known current day actors which each have a huge fan base.  The movie name change could easily have your thinking you missed one, only to discover that you had previously seen the movie, just under a different name.

Regardless of the title, it is a great movie that I would highly recommend to anyone who enjoys romantic comedy movies.

Friend Request Synopsis

While walking home after another failed blind date, Samantha Hart (Erin Krakow) slips into an art show featuring the photographer, Heath Madson (Ryan McPartlin).  

 Friend RequestCheck PriceWhen Heath makes eye contact with Samantha during his short speech about seeing "something that just takes your breath away", she is immediately enamored with the man, as well as his photos.  Because she misses the opportunity to speak to Heath at the show, she decides to write to him through his contact link on his website.  When he answers, she is encouraged and continues to correspond with him.  After several emails, he offers to send her a ticket and book a hotel for his next show.  

When she arrives, his 12 year old son meets her at the train depot and takes her to their home.  When Heath arrives, there is a very awkward greeting between the two.  Heath has no idea who she is.

Can you guess who Sam has been communicating with, how she got a train ticket, and why Heath didn't recognize her even though everyone else around knows who she is?  

Things get really distressing for Sam when there is no hotel room available and her suitcase is stolen.  Then she meets "the woman" who already has designs on the photographer.

 Chance at Romance is one of the movies included on this DVDCheck Price
I watched "Friend Request" on the PixL channel on Frndly TV.  I no longer subscribe to the Hallmark channel, but "Chance at Romance" can sometimes be seen in their lineup of movies.  

It is not currently available on Amazon even though they do have the place holder for it (linked above) and you can add it to your watchlist.  

Hallmark has released a DVD which includes "Chance at Romance" as one of the three movies.  

I recommend searching both movie names in your own favorite streaming service to see if it is currently available.  Just be sure you click on the movie that stars Erin Krakow and Ryan McPartlin.  Otherwise, what you will see will not be funny, or romantic!


Personal Note

In the movie, Heath's photography is referred to as "High Dynamic Range Photography".  He accomplished this technique by making computer enhancements to his photos.  

His technique reminded me of our own fellow contributor Mary Beth Granger, photographer mbgphoto, who has shown us how to enhance our own photos with Photoshop.  She has perfected the art of removing or adding to the photos, eliminating or changing unwanted backgrounds, plus shows us how to take photos with dramatic elements like rain drops, snow, or even adding an overlay of music scores over a musicians fingers on their instrument.

I can see proof of Mary Beth's training through her articles in my own photos.  She has encouraged me to step out of the "point and shot" mode and look more closely at focus, technique and editing.  

I believe my own interest in photography made this movie more relevant to me personally, especially when I kept thinking of my friend and co-contributor here on Review This Reviews.


Here are the links to mbgphoto's articles that I referenced above:

Check Out More Movie Reviews at

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