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Fall Into Winter (2023) - Great American Family Movie Review

Fall Into Winter Movie Review
I was initially drawn to this movie because of the name, Fall Into Winter.  In our area, I feel like we did literally fall into winter.  One day we were admiring beautiful red & gold leaves and the next we were looking at grey skies and bare tree limbs.  

It didn't really happen overnight, but it sure felt like it!  I keep wondering, where did our fall season go?

The second thing that drew me to the movie, "Fall Into Winter", was the actress, Lori Loughlin.  I have always liked her and her characters.  Thanks to her role as Abigail Stanton in When Calls the Heart, I'm used to seeing her in the kitchen, which is the setting for "Fall Into Winter".  She co-owns a candy shop and makes all of the candy.

Last but by no means least, I wanted to watch this movie because it is a Great American Family Movie.  I have come to rely on the Great American Family Channel to provide me with wonderful movies that do not include explicit content, violent or gory scenes, or foul language.  I find them quite uplifting, peaceful and easy to watch.

Fall Into Winter Synopsis

Kerry Murphy (Lori Loughlin) doesn't like change.  She is quite content co-owning the family candy shop with her brother.  However, when her brother, Jake, informs her that his wife has taken a job in London, England and he is selling his half of the candy shop, she is very distressed.  That distress is increased tenfold when he tells her that he has sold his share of the shop to his high school friend, Brooks McLeod.  According to her brother, Brooks is a very successful businessman who will surely be able to help the shop.

Kerry isn't as much interested in profit as she is in the community.  She has "lived in the same house, in the same town, and had the same job" her whole life.  She doesn't want to make drastic changes, raise prices, or view people as just customers.  She enjoys treating everyone like family.

Brooks and Kerry clash now as much as they did in high school, although Brooks doesn't really understand why Kerry has always had a problem with him.  As business partners, it is necessary for them to work out their problems, past and present, to have a successful partnership.


Fall Into Winter is predictable, but still a fun movie to watch.  Even though they had differences of opinion, they both worked toward finding areas of agreement and understanding for one another.


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  1. Sounds delightful. Of course the plot is predictable, but that's what makes it fun. Naturally, Brooks and Kerry's relationship will change as they work together. :) Thanks for telling me about a fun wintertime movie, Sylvestermouse.

  2. This sounds like a delightful movie with excellent acting. I’ve always liked Lori Loughlin, too, and I think this would be a lovely movie to relax with for a couple of pleasantly escapist hours. Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. We will have to find this, sounds like perfect movie for movie night. I always hoped that Lori Loughlin would return to "When Calls the Heart but I guess that isn't going to happen. Thanks for this movie recommendation.

  4. Sometimes a predictable movie is needed; something calming, easy, and like you said family friendly. This sounds like a good choice for the whole family to enjoy.

  5. Oh, oh, oh, I think I need to stop what I'm doing and watch a movie. Thanks for pointing me in this direction Sylvestermouse Cynthia, I know I will enjoy this one as much as you did. I'm always on the lookout for things my mother will enjoy and this sounds like it's a winner to me!

  6. An uplifting peaceful movie sounds really wonderful! It is lovely to watch a gentle family friendly film on a cold winter evening, thank you so much for your recommendation and review.


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