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Reviewing the Stunning Snowdrop In Gardens And Home Decor.


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I adore Snowdrops. From the end of December I start eagerly searching for signs of snowdrop life. To see those tiny green shoots really lifts my heart and brings such joy. To me Snowdrops epitomise beauty, strength and overcoming adversity.

They are the first flowers to bloom in the year and  are a symbol of hope and renewal after the long wet, cold winter.

 Snowdrops appear so fragile and delicate yet they are so resilient. The exquisite white flowers are a beautiful sight I look forward to every year.


Snowdrops are a Spring flower and part of the amaryllis family. They are classed as a hardy perennial mostly flowering in January and February. They are small and close to the ground growing about 3 to 6 inches tall yet are perfectly capable of growing up through snow and ice.


There are many varieties of snowdrop each with their slightly different height and shape and size of flower. I enjoy making home decor items and greetings cards from photographs I take of snowdrops in my garden and the parks nearby each year. 

 Snowdrops are very easy to grow. They enjoy partial shade and moist soil. If they are happy they will grow into stunning drifts of white flowers and look amazing. Equally they look gorgeous in small or large pots.

Mostly I grow snowdrops as an outdoor plant but I have heard of people growing them indoors to use as table decoration and an alternative or addition to buying cut flowers in winter which sounds a great idea I may try. 

Snowdrops are so delicate looking and beautiful that they make great subjects for home decor and you can buy many snowdrop related items. For example from cushions to hand painted glass or this lovely Glass Flower Snowdrop Glass handblown  or snowdrop scented candles. 


Snowdrops are a  fleeting flower but by having them in home decor items you can have snowdrops all year round. 

Being with white flowers and green stems they fit in with most home decor schemes and always look fresh, clean and appealing. 

Snowdrops always leave me feeling joy and smiling perhaps more than any other flower. Perhaps it is their tenacity and resilience wrapped in such delicate beauty having come through winter with all its challenges ready to charm us all and bring happiness.

I would never be without them in my garden and  in pots and in my home in one way or another. 

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  1. I could certainly appreciate this sign of Spring today -- we had several inches of wet, white 'snowdrops' in my area overnight (a Midwest Snowstorm --- LOL). Seriously, your snowdrop article is fascinating. It really is a lovely flower. I did not realize it was such an early blooming plant. Thank you for this interesting article about the snowdrop plant.

    1. Oh wow a snowstorm! I hope you are all warm and safe. It is freezing cold here but no snow yet though we are expecting it. However walking through the local park we saw the snowdrop shoots coming up, no flowers yet but it won't be too long. It is amazing how strong and resilient these little delicate looking snowdrop flowers are. They even come up through snow! Thank you for reading my article, I am glad you enjoyed it.

  2. I have always loved the items in your Zazzle store based on your gorgeous snowdrop photography! Your appreciation of these wonderful, delicate yet resilient flowers is evident through your lens. 💗

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Margaret, I appreciate that. I love creating those items from snowdrop photography !

  3. I'm always learning something new from your posts. I'm going to have to look around my wooded area behind my house to see if I have any snowdrops growing there. Perhaps I should plant some they are beautiful.

    1. Oh that is a lovely thing to say Sam. I hope you find some snowdrops in the woods near you. Yes do plant snowdrops! It is best to plant them "in the green" so while they are still growing. Garden centres or nurseries should have some. Ideally plant them when the foliage is just dying back in late spring or just after flowering when leaves are still green (in the green). It is more difficult to grow them from bulbs with no foliage. I agree they are very beautiful.

  4. It will be at least a month before we start seeing the snowdrops blooming in our region, but they are certainly a beautiful and welcome sight. I've always thought your canvas and pillow are quite lovely and the perfect way to bring snowdrops indoors year round. Truly a beautiful symbol of delicate beauty & resilience.

    1. I always look forward to seeing snowdrops, even the little shoots are a delight to find. Thank you so much for your kind words about my snowdrop canvas and pillow, I do appreciate it.
      It is lovely to have snowdrops all year round in our home decor.

  5. I love snowdrops, they are one of the favorites I had in my garden. Like you I awaited every spring for those lovely shoots to poke through the snow to let me know that they lived and spring was on it's way. Thanks for sharing your love for a beautiful little flower that brings a smile to my face.

    1. Thank you so much I appreciate that. I agree snowdrops are a sign that Spring is on the way and such a welcome sight !

  6. Your art is beautiful, especially love the canvas. These flowers are so pretty, and I absolutely love white flowers mixed in a colorful spring garden.


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