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Hamilton Beach Electric Smooth Touch Can Opener Review

Hamilton Beach Electric Smooth Touch Can Opener
Many years ago, I discovered a hand-held safe cut can opener.  The ability to open can lids without sharp edges has been fabulous!

Sadly, during the holidays this year, I misplaced my beloved safe-cut can opener.  I have no idea what happened to it.  After weeks of looking, I fear it must have been accidentally thrown out with all of the trash generated over Christmas.  

I felt tremendously distressed when I discovered that my original hand-held safe cut can opener was no longer available, anywhere!  I have had that can opener for almost 20 years.  I spent a good bit of time looking at the different hand-held can openers that are now available and trying to select a new one.  There is simply not a comparable "4 in 1" replacement.  However, I did find an electric smooth-cut can opener.  I decided that having an electric can opener again would be nice, so I ordered it immediately.  

I love my new electric smooth touch can opener!  Just like my hand-held safe-cut can opener, there are no sharp edges on the can or lids.  Therefore, there are no hands or fingers cut by sharp lids when removing the lids or when they are "floating" around in the kitchen trash can.

Of course, I still hope my hand-held opener will be found, but for now, I will enjoy my new electric smooth edge, safe cut can opener.


Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch Electric Can Opener

This sleek design electric can opener is rather attractive sitting on the countertop.  It matches my other kitchen appliances, which are all black, including my coffee maker, my toaster and my stand mixer.  Having it out on the counter does make it very convenient to use. 

The push down activation lever is almost effortless.  The cutting mechanism easily locks into place on the can lid and holds it while separating the lid from the can, creating that smooth edge on the lid and on the can.

The can opener does not automatically stop or lift the lid off when the can is opened.  The motor sound shifts to a higher pitch when the can lid is completely separated. (You can hear it in the video below when the demonstrator opens the large can of Cento Peeled Tomatoes) Then, you lift the lever with one hand while holding the can with the other and physically remove it yourself.  That prevents cans from falling off the opener and making a mess.

There is also an area in the back of the unit for cord storage which is awesome.  Thus far, I have not left my electric can opener plugged in.  I only plug it in when I am using it, so I do use the cord storage in the back.

To clean it, you simply wipe it off with a damp cloth. 

I searched YouTube and found the video below so you can see the can opener being used and hear the pitch change when the lid is separated.

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  1. How did you know that I broke my can opener? It seems that I am in need of such an appliance in my life. No more sharp edges would be a bonus too! With my other half on blood thinners, cutting anything other than the cans is a big problem. So this would be nice for him too! Thanks for a timely and great review.

    1. lol, Olivia! I didn't know, but I sure hope this review helps you make the right choice for you too. I really do love the new electric safe cut can opener. One thing I didn't expect is that the electric can opener is so much easier on my hands. I had noticed that the hand held opener caused my hands and wrists to ache slightly when using it. Now, the electric can opener does the grip/twisting for me.

  2. Interesting. I just replaced my hand held can opener. which absolutely refused to work anymore, just last week. But it's not a safe cut and it's not electric... so this review is well timed. Thanks so much, as I quickly discovered a can opener is an absolute necessity in the kitchen. (PS: I couldn't even cook my spaghetti sauce because I was unable to open my large can of Cento Italian tomatoes. :).

    1. You know Elf, there are a lot of things like that in our daily lives. We don't realize how much we need them or depend on them until there is a issue with them. I also had to laugh because the last time I remember seeing my hand held can opener was when I was opening tomato sauce for my spaghetti sauce. While I hope my safe cut can opener reveals it's hiding place, I must say, I do love the electric safe cut can opener a lot more than I expected to.

  3. Well, very nice can opener. I'm impressed with opening that oval can in the video. We do have a hand held safe cut, but this is one of the better electric can openers I've seen in a long time and we do like Hamilton Beach. Thanks for the review and video.

    1. I have several Hamilton Beach appliances and have found them to be a lot more reasonably priced, plus very dependable. I noted the oval can being opened in the video and was impressed. I also like that it will open the pop top lids. I have already opened those myself. Thus far, it has been exactly what I need.

  4. This electric smooth touch can opener looks like it would be a valuable addition to any kitchen! The ability to open cans effortlessly with no risk of sharp metal edges makes this a staple small appliance. Thank you for your excellent review and recommendation!

  5. We've had this can opener for a year and really like the way it opens the cans. I even use it on cans that have a pop-top so I don't hurt my fingers pulling the ring.

  6. I am sorry to hear you lost your trusted can opener that served you well for so many years, we also get attached to specific kitchen tools. However your new Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch Electric Can Opener looks really stylish and sounds like it works very well and is safe to use. Thank you so much for your excellent review and recommendation.

  7. Sounds like maybe loosing your can opener turned out to be a good thing. Thanks for an interesting review.

  8. Now I regret the one I bought last year - I prefer this one. Love how it clips on so easy and prevents sharp edges - darn! I want this one now.


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