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A Review of Hawaiian Kona Coffee

 Hawaiian Kona Coffee ~ the best coffee I ever tasted!

Kona Coffee Coffee Plantation in Hawaii

History of Kona Coffee

Coffee Plantation in Hawaii
Coffee Plantation
Pixabay Image

Coffee was not an original crop in Hawaii.  It was brought to the islands in 1828 from Brazil and planted in the Hilo area. Later, some of those coffee tree seedlings were planted on the westward volcanic slopes of the Kona region of the Big Island of Hawaii. Thus, the name Kona Coffee.

The coffee grown in Kona, Hawaii ~ today considered it's own variety called Kona Typica ~ is probably the most expensive coffee you can buy. And it is well worth it. The taste is outstanding and has become my absolute favorite. The climate in Hawaii's Kona region combined with the mineral-rich volcanic soils of Mauna Loa's steep slopes, gives exceptional conditions for growing some of the world's best coffee.

I was first introduced to Kona Coffee on a visit the Hubs & I made to Hawaii in 1989. We went to visit former California neighbors who had moved to Oahu. During our 10-day visit, we daily went to a nearby coffee house and it was there I had my first (of many, many hundreds since) cup of Kona Coffee. 

Personal Coffee Story

Coffee Cup and coffee beans
Image Source: Pixabay

When I was leaving for collage, I told my dad (a big coffee drinker) I planned to learn to drink coffee once I got to school. To me, it was a very 'grown-up' thing to do.  Dad told me I should learn to drink it black because there would be times in life when cream and/or sugar might not be handy. (I believe his thinking went back to his remembered years of World War II when things such as sugar were severely rationed). Nonetheless, his advice made sense to me.

My first dinner in the freshman dorm I ordered coffee, black. It was terrible! The next night I tried it with sugar (nope), then with cream, then with cream & sugar. I didn't like coffee in any form! But, I persevered, realizing that coffee is an acquired taste. 

Today, coffee is a absolute necessity to me first thing in the morning!  And I always drink it black. :) 


Since 100% Hawaiian Kona Coffee is so expensive (due to labor costs, limited supply, high demand and transportation costs), it is a treat obtained only occasionally. (Unless, of course, if you live in Hawaii). But the exceptional taste and quality are too good to pass up. Therefore, I have discovered a tasty compromise of the 10% Kona Coffee Blend for my daily intake of cups of Kona coffee. 

My latest 'treat' was given to me this past Christmas by my kids – probably the most expensive 100% Kona Coffee of all – the Royal Kona Coffee for Royalty. It is a private reserve medium roast whose unique flavor and aroma caused it to become the favorite coffee of the Hawaiian Royals. (This non-Royal grandma is enjoying it very much!). 

Bag of Kona coffee with coffee pot
Image by Wednesday Elf
Other brands of 100% Kona Coffee are less expensive and 10% Kona Blend coffee is very affordable. 

So, if you are a coffee connoisseur (or just enjoy a good cup of coffee), try either the 100% Kona Coffee or the 10% Kona Blend Coffee for a delicious cup of coffee! 

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*Kona Coffee Review written by Wednesday Elf


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  1. Fun review. A taste I’ve never acquired.

    1. It IS an acquired taste, Mary Beth, but once acquired..... definitely a daily drink! :) Thanks for your visit to my story about Kona coffee.

  2. It’s primarily a tea drinker and prefer my coffee sweet with cream, much to the chagrin of my late father (a true coffee connoisseur who ground his beans fresh each morning). Even so, I can discern good coffee from bad, somehow. The only coffee I have had that might rival 100% Kona is the specific brand of Blue Mountain coffee we were served when we stayed at a resort in Jamaica for my husband’s work (that was a seriously good perk — pun intended!). We tried ordering Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee after we returned and it just wasn’t the same. How lovely that your kids treated you to the 100% Kona Coffee for Royalty for Christmas!

  3. There are a few speciality coffee drinkers in my family - I'll have to see if they've heard of or tried Kona Hawaiian Coffee (one has traveled to Hawaii, so I would be curious about this) - That was a good tip from your dad to learn to drink your coffee black (I can understand his reasoning) - I would love to try this coffee!

  4. For many years, we drank Kona coffee. It was one of my husband's favorite coffees. Sadly, about 10 or 15 years ago, it was completely unavailable due to some sort of production issue. That year broke our habit of drinking Kona coffee. I had all but forgotten it until you reviewed it today. I need to surprise my husband with a fresh bag of Kona coffee. I sure he would appreciate it for Valentine's Day!

  5. We like to drink coffee but have never tried this Kona coffee and it sounds like it would be well worth trying! Thank you for your review and introduction to this coffee blend.

  6. As a coffeeholic I also drink my brew Black! I blame my mother for my coffee addiction as she was eating coffee beans when expecting me. What else can you do when you live in Brazil? So I come by my addiction honestly. Kona coffee is wonderful too! I have enjoyed many a cup while visiting Hawaii. Now I'll have to get some just to remind me of good times. Thanks Pat Austin!


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