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Top 5 Winter Hallmark Movies Reviewed

It's January at the Hallmark Channel and after a generous helping of  Hallmark Christmas movie in November and December - now what! January brings the coldest and snowy weather in many parts and a perfect time to enjoy the infamous Hallmark hot cocoa and Hallmark movies with a winter theme.

Of course Hallmark will debut a few new winter movies and Valentine's Day movies every year, but sprinkled in between will be a few Hallmark winter favorites from prior years. 

winter hallmark movies

Add a little snow, romance, comedy and colder temps and bookmark the Top 5 Winter Hallmark Movies to watch for this winter.

Winter In Vail 2020

Bring on the Hallmark A team of Lacey Chabert and Tyler Hynes along with a gorgeous winter setting and believable chemistry to keep Winter In Vail on the Hallmark repeat list. Big town girl with a life crisis lands in small town town that needs help to survive and well, you know the rest. Great rom com chemistry, snowy charming village and of course Strudel make this a movie worth repeat viewing annually.

Love On Ice 2017

Starring Hallmark A team actor Andrew Walker and Julie Berman this film definitely give an Ice Castles vibe (Ice Castles is a favorite ice skating movie from 1978!. Ice skating and romance fans streaming alert)

Walker plays a young  ice skating coach who lands at a local rink to train the next ice skating talent by the stereotypical ice skating parent. And who might also be at the rink... a former very promising ice skater who retired early and you might just guess the storyline from there. The main characters of coach, promising star, overbearing parent and former promising skater turned local teacher all work with a chemistry between all four. A must see when this movie repeats.

Frozen In Love 2018

It's hockey time again in the land of Hallmark winter movies. Niall Matter and Rachael Leigh Cook share the storyline of small town bookstore owner assigned the bad boy of hockey for community service hours. This duo loves to tease each other, poke fun at their different lives and succeed in making a very enjoyable film that celebrates how opposites attract. Totally Hallmark and totally fun.

A Christmas Detour 2015

One of the all time favorite Hallmark Christmas movies must also make an appearance on the winter Hallmark movie list. Starring Candace Cameron Bure and Paul Greene two of the A team actors who combine romantic chemistry on an unexpected cross country trip and after snowy weather grounds their plane. The two strangers pair with a married couple (Sarah Strange and David Lewis)and the four try to make it across country in the snowy hours before Christmas. 

The chemistry between the wanna be couple, the married couple and all 4 together make this a fun loving frolicking Hallmark movie with madcap rom com romance along with the way. Always a must see repeat during the holiday season and anytime of the year.

Taking A Shot At Love 2021

Ice skating teacher is called upon to assist the recovery of an ice hockey player is the backstory, but the real gem of this movie is the chemistry. Alexa Penavag and Luke Macfarlane have a great rom com chemistry which helps propel the storyline along with alot of smiles and winks and of course the budding romance. Always worth a rewatch during the winter Hallmark season.

Hallmark Now offers streaming 24/7 and its' never too early or late in the year to revisit Hallmark Christmas movies.

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  1. A couple of those past Winter Hallmark movies sound familiar and I know I will enjoy them again. Always enjoy your lists of Hallmark movie synopses, Tracey.

  2. We are in for some cold and snowy weather the next 10 days. These movies will hit the spot. Thanks.

  3. There is nothing like the Hallmark movie channel. I believe we have seen most of these, but it's always a joy watching them again. Thanks for keeping us up date Tracey.

  4. These winter Hallmark movies sound like a cozy way to relax and unwind during the cold, dark months.

  5. Hallmark movies definitely help us get through a long winter without getting cabin fever. I think I have only seen one of the movies you have listed. That means I have much to look forward to. Thank you!

  6. Hallmark movies are the best and I enjoy watching them with my mother. They never seem to disappoint me and make watching TV special. Thanks for your list Tracey.

  7. Hallmark movies are a great escape from all the problems of the world. These movies are the ones I watch when I want to turn the world off.


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