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Book Review-Daughters of Green Mountain Gap


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I love reading historical fiction and time period novels and I also love reading books that are real page turners.  Teri M Brown fits the bill in both of these areas.  Last year I reviewed her book An Enemy Like Me and I loved it, so I was really excited to have the opportunity to review her latest book, Daughters of Green Mountain Gap. In this book we meet three generations of women living in North Carolina at the turn of the twentieth century.

The Book on Amazon

The book will be released on January 23, 2024.  You can order it at the following link on Amazon. Daughters of Green Mountain Gap

Daughters of Green Mountain Gap

Three Generations-Three Exceptional Women


Maggie is the granny, who is known throughout the small Appalachian town and surrounding area as a healer.  She believes and relies on traditional methods for her healing.  She has learned her skills through family tradition, folklore and also from visits she makes to the healer in the local Cherokee tribe. 

    Carrie Ann

Carrie Ann is Maggie's daughter.  She has graduated from nursing school and feels strongly that modern medicine should prevail and that her mother's methods are not only outdated but could be harmful.  Carrie Ann works for the local doctor and feels that all should see him for their medical needs and not her mother.

    Josie Mae

Josie Mae is Carrie Ann's daughter and because of her mother's job she stays much of the time with her grandmother, Maggie.  While she is there Maggie teaches her all about her traditional healing methods.  Josie loves her grandmother and believes that her methods are important, however she is caught between the vastly different methods of Maggie and Carrie Ann.

My Thoughts on Book

I was engrossed in the book from the first chapter.  The author, Teri M Brown, does a wonderful job of bringing you into the lives of these three women.  You find yourself smiling at their victories and feeling sad as they deal with sickness and death.  The family dynamics are a great way to show the spirit of the times with the struggles between folk medicine and science, old and new methods, and dealing with the change in society.  I highly recommend this fascinating book.

Reviews of other Teri M Brown Books

Two of Teri M Brown's previous books have been reviewed on Review This.  Our reviewer Olivia reviewed Sunflowers Beneath the Snow, and I reviewed An Enemy Like Me.  Here are links to those reviews.

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  1. I love 'generational' stories ~ stories about people and their beliefs and lifestyles from different generations. So your review of this book "Daughters of Green Mountain Gap" sounds fascinating! I look forward to meeting Maggie, Carrie Ann and Josie Mae and learning their stories. Thanks for telling me about this book, Mary Beth.

  2. I can certainly see how this would be a timely book and one I would most likely have a very strong opinion about. I would probably have to try not to find a hidden message in it. It does sound like a captivating book that might make us stop, think, and consider options. I am sure it is a book I would enjoy reading.

  3. I also love reading historical fiction. I read "An Enemy Like Me" based on your review of that book here. I liked it so much I reviewed on my own review blog. It sounds like another great book from Teri M. Brown. I certainly will read this one. Thanks so much for the recommendation.

  4. This sounds like a great story. I was always firmly in the conventional modern medicine camp until an injury for which conventional treatments failed to provide relief, when I tried an alternative, holistic healing approach that finally gave my long-term pain relief as well as other benefits. Now I believe that conventional and holistic healing approaches can and should coexist in a more integrated way. Thanks so much for the recommendation.

  5. Oh Mary Beth, I have been looking forward to this book being published. I have enjoyed both of her books so far and she does an amazing job with pulling you right into the whole picture. I'm sure I will enjoy this book as much as I did Sunflowers Beneath the Snow and An Enemy Like Me. Kudos to Teri M Brown and you for this wonderful review.

  6. I could get into this book, sounds very intriguing. I'm so fascinated by the old world; more fascinated by it than today's modern world that's for sure. Time period movies, or historical fiction are my fave, so I imagine I would enjoy this book.

  7. I think I would enjoy this book. It does sound fascinating and very interesting to see how it develops with the two approaches to healing and medicine. Love the generational approach and it will be fascinating to share the lives of these three women. Thank you so much for your recommendation and review.


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