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Book Review of An Enemy Like Me

an enemy like me

I found this book to be totally captivating on many levels.  First of all, the author made the characters so believable that you couldn't wait to turn the page and find out what was going on in their lives.  Secondly, for me the storyline and characters sounded like they stepped right out of my family history.  The similarities include: my father growing up in a German Lutheran community, my parents eloping, and my father and uncles going off to fight in World War II. 

The Characters

An Enemy Like Me is seen through the characters that make up the book.  There are three main characters that bring the book to life.

    Jacob Miller

Jacob Miller is a second generation German American.  He was brought up by his mother, a widowed immigrant.  Although they were poor they had each other and she instilled into Jacob a strong sense of patriotism for America. 

Jacob meets Bonnie Phillips and they work to make ends meet after the depression.  They are starting to get comfortable and buying their first home to bring home their son William.  Then the unthinkable happens, the country they love is drawn into the war in the Pacific and in Europe.  Jacob is torn, he is very patriotic and feels he must help the war effort and yet he has a new young family that he loves and does not want to leave.  Add to that part of the war is being fought against people from his parents homeland and he is even more torn.

    Bonnie Phillips

Bonnie's family were once very wealthy and that is the background she brings to her marriage with Jacob.  During the depression her family loses much of their wealth.  Bonnie falls deeply in love with Jacob and they elope and begin their live together.  What they don't have in money they make up for in their love and desire to carve their place in America.  Although Bonnie is also a strong patriot she does not want Jacob to leave.  She can't imagine life without him.

    William Miller

William is Jacob and Bonnie's son, who is 4 years old when Jacob feels the call to join the fight.  The story is told through alternating chapters of Bonnie, Jacob and William.  William's chapters are also told in the present time where we find him on Veteran's Day 2016 visiting his father's grave and reminiscing about his memories of the war.  We see how those years when Jacob was gone made a difference in William's life.

This book brings to life the joys and perils of German Americans during WWII.  It made me think of my own family and how their time during WWII shaped their lives. 

The Book on Amazon

About the Author

I always find it interesting to learn more about the author on books that I enjoy.  Here is a bit about Teri M Brown taken from her media kit.  Take a few minutes to also look at her website where she recommends other books of historical fiction.

Born in Athens, Greece as an Air Force brat, Teri M Brown graduated from UNC Greensboro. She began her writing career helping small businesses with content creation and published five nonfiction self-help books dealing with real estate and finance, receiving "First Runner Up" in the Eric Hoffman Book Awards for 301 Simple Things You Can Do To Sell Your Home Now, finalist in the USA Best Books Awards for How To Open and Operate a Financially Successful Redesign, Redecorate, and Real Estate Staging Business and for 301 Simple Things You Can Do To Sell Your Home Now, and Honorable Mention in Foreword Magazine’s Book of the Year Award for Private Mortgage Investing. In 2017, after winning the First Annual Anita Bloom Ornoff Award for Inspirational Short Story, she began writing fiction in earnest, and published Sunflowers Beneath the Snow in January 2022. Her second novel, An Enemy Like Me, launches in January 2023. Teri is a wife, mother, grandmother, and author who loves word games, reading, bumming on the beach, taking photos, singing in the shower, hunting for bargains, ballroom dancing, playing bridge, and mentoring others. Learn more at

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  1. I understand the pull between family and patriotic duty. An impossible choice indeed! I often think about the men who were drafted and had no choice. I hope we never see another world war. It is devastating in so many ways. I have no doubt this book would make us all stop and think, before we act or start taking sides in current day actions. I would also hope it would compel us all to feel a deeper sense of appreciation for the sacrifices made during WWI and WWII. I am sure it is an excellent book and one we all should read. Teri M Brown certainly has an impressive CV.

  2. Sounds like a very intriguing book. My father and uncles fought in WWII and so did my husband's father, so that part of history has always fascinated both of us as it was also our beginning, like young William. A story around a young family during and after that time in history makes me want to read it. Thanks for your review and introduction to this book, Mary Beth.

  3. My father was a WWII vet. My parents made the brave choice to become pregnant whike Dad was being trained to speak Japanese before being sent to Japan as a POW interrogator, and he returned home to be greeted enthusiastically by my mom and my nearly three-year-old brother, whom Mom had taught to say “Hi, dada!” whenever he was shown a photo of Dad.

    I’m sure my brother’s life, too, and his relationship with my dad, would have been very different if Dad had not gone to war.

    This book sounds like it would “hit home” for many people of our generation, in particular. Thank you for your review and recommendation.

  4. Thank you so much for the wonderful review!

    1. I really enjoyed reading this book and writing the review.

  5. Oh, what a compelling review this is Mary Beth. I love historical fiction especially WWll. My dad and all of my uncles severed, it seems this book is about so many families. I will certainly read this one. Thanks for the review.

  6. I posted yesterday but the oddest thing; my comment isn't here - I probably forgot to hit publish lol. We have/had many people in our family who were in WWII - this book, even as historical fiction, would be relatable to so many people. Another for the list.

  7. This book was a beautifully written memoir that many families I feel could relate to. I know I did! As you said it was hard not to turn another page. I loved this book and you have done a great job in your synopsis. You must read her other book Sunflowers Beneath the Snow, it's another page turner that I'm sure you would enjoy! I can hardly wait for her next book? When will that be @TeriMBrown!


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