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Book Review of Reckoning

An FBI Thriller by Catherine Coulter

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Catherine Coulter is an American author who has written 89 books in the genres of romantic novel, historical romance, and contemporary suspense thrillers. Her suspense genre includes her bestselling FBI Thriller series. Reckoning is #26 in that series.

The Plot of Reckoning

Book Cover of the novel Reckoning

FBI Agents Savich and Sherlock are back.  This time they are enlisted to help a woman and a twelve-year-old prodigy with traumatic pasts, both of whom are now in mortal danger. 

Two plots are intertwined throughout the book. 

First we have Kirra Mandarian whose parents were murdered when she was just 12, and she barely escaped with her life. Her uncle takes her back to Australia, where he leads challenging treks into the Outback for his company Extreme Australian Adventures. Uncle Leo adopts Kirra and keeps her safe a world away from those who wanted her dead. 

Now it is fourteen years later and Kirra has returned to the United States where she is a commonwealth attorney in the Virginia town she grew up in. She is determined to find out who killed her parents, as the case has never been solved. She begins to gather information and secretly turns it over to law enforcement in the form of Lieutenant Jeter Thorpe, the young detective in the local police department who saved her life all those years ago. She also enlists the aid of Agent Savich, who brings in Special Agent Griffin Hammersmith. 

Meanwhile, Emma Hunt, a twelve-year-old piano prodigy, the granddaughter of powerful crime boss Mason Lord, also has a traumatic past. She was abducted when she was only six years old and later saved by her adoptive father, federal judge Ramsey Hunt. When Emma saves herself from another abduction attempt at Davies Hall in San Francisco after a rehearsal, the would-be kidnapper escapes. 

Emma is scheduled to perform at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. Even though her family is worried for her safety, they still decide to travel there with promised protection from their friends, Savich and Sherlock of the FBI, plus protection from Metro. 

But.... things don't turn out as planned.... nothing turns out as planned. 


Reckoning is another suspenseful and exciting novel in Coulter's FBI Thriller series. Two plots which flip back and forth with two interesting main characters and multiple supporting characters. The plots have surprising twists, and even includes a sweet romance.  Coulter fans will find this latest Savich and Sherlock mystery a fun read. 

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  1. Oh my, Elf, this does sound like a thrilling mystery! I have read Coulter’s books in other genres and know how captivating her writing can be. Even though suspense isn’t my preferred genre, I think I might quite enjoy this novel (as long as I restricted my reading to daylight hours only, lol). Thanks for the excellent review and recommendation!

    1. Coulter is a prolific writer and has published in several genres. She really is a captivating writer. Even though suspense/mysteries are not your preferred genre, Margaret, I think you would like her FBI series as they are a friendly read - more like a cozy mystery. Definitely not scary or too suspenseful. Love the way she works in the families of the characters. :)

  2. I was already interested in this series because of your previous reviews on some of the earlier books. The men in my family are the ones who enjoy a great thriller, but you keep tempting even me with your reviews. This one especially sounds like a great book (probably because you mentioned romance)

    1. Really, Coulter's FBI series is not a thriller - not scary like others in this genre, Mouse. Her mystery books read more like a cozy mystery and are really quite enjoyable.

  3. Sounds like a winner and you never steer me wrong. Thanks for the recommendation.

    1. I think you'd really like the books in Catherine Coulter's FBI Series, Mary Beth. Savich & Sherlock (a husband/wife team of FBI agents) are really quite an enjoyable couple and the story is more a cozy mystery style than anything else.

  4. I remember seeing books by this author in my mom's collection - this story line was right her alley. Sounds like a good book for those who enjoy Thrillers.

    1. Thanks, Barbara. Actually this book and the whole FBI series starring Savich & Sherlock (the husband/wife team of agents) is not really in the thriller category. Reads more like a cozy mystery - definitely more friendly than scary. :)

  5. I have just picked up this book and now I can hardly wait to get into it! Thanks for the review, it sounds like it will keep me well entertained!

    1. Delighted to hear, Olivia. Come back and let me know what you thought of it when you finish reading.


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