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Reviewing the Coleman Gas Stove for Camping, Emergencies, and More.

During two recent weather events, I was reminded of the importance of being prepared. I lost power for four days during an ice storm. Some of my neighbors were without power for 5 and 6 days. Between my woodstove and my Coleman Gas Stove I was able to make hot meals. I highly recommend this little single burner propane stove for a variety of reasons and situations.

Coleman Gas Burner propane fuel


Many years ago I went camping with a friend who had more camping supplies than I did. He had the Coleman Gas Stove single burner. He has since moved on to a smaller, more lightweight camp stove. But I had purchased my own Coleman Gas Stove burner and have used it since.

This single burner screws on to the top of a small propane canister. Legs attach to the bottom of the canister to stabilize it and hold it upright. Even as clumsy as I am, I have never tipped over this burner. But I should add that I do not use my large, cast iron skillets or dutch ovens on it. I stick with small skillets or small to medium sauce pans which are plenty large enough to cook for 1 to 2 people.

Things I like about this small camping burner

Durability. I can't recall when I purchased mine but probably 2015 or before.

Long-lasting. The propane bottle (in temps above freezing) lasts me for many meals (the website states 2.5 hours runtime).

Adjustable flame. From low to high, I can find the temperature I want.

Availability. The gas canisters are easy to find for purchase online and in many local stores that carry any sort of camping/outdoor supplies.

Small Size. It was small enough to use in my shed when I was shed-camping on my land.

Portability. It was easier to move than a grill or cooking grate. 

Ease of Use. I just screwed the top in, turned the knob, and lit the flame with a match or lighter. While I like cooking on coals, grills, or the woodstove this burner is much easier to use.

Inside or Outside.  I have used this burner outside on picnic tables, tailgates, and on the ground. I have also used it in my house, in the shed, and in my previous apartment.

A Few Things to Note

Below Freezing Camping. I noticed that in sub-freezing temps and during heavy use, I found that the outside of the canister frosts up and the canister appears to be empty prematurely.

Extremely High Winds. The bottom of this burner is solid which provides some winder protection. However, I had some trouble in very high wind situations (i.e. on a beach along the ocean) with the flame blowing out when I tried to cook on very low flame. But that only occurred rarely.

Small Meals or Groups of People. This burner might not be suitable for large groups or families due to the limit of the size of pans that can be used on this single burner. However, in an emergency, it would be far better than nothing.

A Great Tool For Camping, Outdoor Activities, or Being Prepared for Emergencies

With weather events, random power outages (that occurred both at my metro apartment and here in my very rural home), rolling black outs, and similar situations you never know when you may need an alternate way to cook a meal. This burner is also perfect for picnics, camping, and other outdoor events.

Isobutane Stoves and Link

My friend changed from the larger Coleman gas burner to Isobutane burners. He does far more camping, hiking, and hunting than I do and has come to prefer the light weight of these tiny burners. He says "it is tiny and you can get a very small fuel can".  My friend also says that he switched because it is "easily packable", "durable", and "can be used as an emergency heater".

My son also uses one of these smaller burners for his outings. If you need to carry less weight, you may want to consider the Isobutane burners as opposed to my Coleman Gas Burner. 

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  1. While having never used the Coleman single burner gas stove, I definitely agree in the practicality and usefulness of the Coleman stove in many situations. We had the 2-burner one for many years, used mostly for camping trips. But we discovered how useful it was when we were without electricity for 4 days after a tropical storm on the Georgia coast which took down power lines. They are a cooking angel in any storm, ice, wind or otherwise. Thanks for your helpful review, Dawn Rae.

  2. Wow! We have 2 Coleman camp stoves and the Coleman table, but I had no idea you could get a single burner camp stove. How very cool is that!!! When Louisiana sustained hurricane damage a few years ago, our family members there were without power for over a week. Long enough that we were able to buy, ship and get a Coleman stove delivered to them. They are absolutely essential in those emergencies. Even if you can eat cold canned food, you need a way to boil water. We love our Coleman stoves and definitely need to add the single burner stove to our camping & emergency supplies. Thanks Dawn!

  3. We have a 2 burner Coleman Stove, but haven't used it in many years. I can see where this single burner would be very useful for camping and especially for emergencies. Thanks Dawn for the recommendation.

  4. I have heard nothing but rave reviews of Coleman portable cooking products, including the two-burner camp stoves and this single gas burner. Even though we live in New England, where heavy storms usually mean at least one significant power outage per winter, we live just five minutes outside Boston and our power has rarely been down for more than a few hours. That said, this burner is so inexpensive that it might be a smart investment as an "insurance policy" in case of a more extended power outage. Thanks for this excellent review, Dawn!

  5. The things I learn about here on Review This Reviews! I did not know such a little stove existed. Oh we had our Coleman stoves for camping, but used a larger one with two burners as we always went camping with the children and food had to be prepared for the gang. But such a nice little one like the one you showcased has never crossed my path before. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Maybe someone I know could use this handy dandy stove for their situations!

  6. That's actually pretty cool, that the propane and burner are all connected - we've use those coleman mini propane tanks with the mini bbq on outings in the past - never seen it like this before - good idea!


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