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Spysee Shoe Sizer Review

Online shopping has its' positives and negatives. The number of consumers purchasing shoes and clothes online for the past few years has skyrocketed and through all the online shopping done in the past few years I have found shoes have been one of the toughest items to purchase successfully. And so began my search for an easy to use and affordable shoe sizer to use at home.

shoes on a shelf

Spysee Shoe Sizer (Foot Scale)

When looking for shoe sizers online I simply chose one of the most affordable with good reviews. The SPYSEE fit the requirements. It was also very convenient for storage as the Spysee came with its' own storage bag. The sizer has worked flawlessly and helped me figure out the proper sizing for online shoe purchases.  Rumor has it that shoe sizes change through the years and yes, the rumor is true!

shoe sizershoe sizer

Replacement Of The Tried And True

This is exactly where online shopping for shoes shines with the ease, convenience and ability for quick price comparisons at different stores. If the design of the shoe has not be changed then I highly prefer to shop online for its' replacement. Fortunately or unfortunately for consumers just like any fashion item shoe manufacturers change shoes quickly and often whether it be the design, color or the last of the shoe. 

And so comes in the problems of buying replacement shoes online! Especially with athletic shoes manufacturers tweak the designs of the shoes frequently and that change can cause a great deal of discussion and likes or no likes of their existing customer base. I have found the same where shoe 4.0 is a shoe I love and when it s time to order a replacement the company is now on shoe 4.8 and when ordered you find the shoe does not fit the same as the 4.0. Very frustrating for the consumer. 


Return Policy

This is key I have found is to only purchase shoes online with a company that offers free returns and easy free returns. Easy free returns are what I term the most user friendly where a pre paid label is provided and free pickup at your door. 

Carefully review the return policy prior to purchasing to ensure a hassle free return process. This is very important if the online company offers merchandise from a third party seller: many times the seller must be contacted for a return through the shipping/online company and then approve the return. It can be cumbersome and very unuser friendly.


Vintage Silver Foot Scale

Remember heading into the shoe department of a bricks and mortar store and finding the sparkling silver foot sizer? Ah the memories of shoe shopping old school with Mom at the iconic department stores in the area. It was always a special event to purchase new shoes! And always helped that shopping included a stop at the iconic ice cream shop for hot fudge sundaes...

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  1. I remember the silver shoe sizer at the shoe store (and the ice cream treat after the shoe buying trip). Ah... memories. :)

    This shoe sizer you feature here, Tracey, looks to be the perfect thing for getting the size right when ordering online as we often tend to do these days. The convenience is terrific; but I miss the ice cream sundae - LOL).

  2. I have not purchased shoes for myself in the last 2 or 3 years, but I have certainly been involved in helping my husband and son find new shoes. It has been quite a roller-coaster ride for sure! I would say 4 out of 5 pairs of shoes have had to be returned due to the size being too small, even though we ordered their normal size. I have assumed that was an issue with the "out of country" manufacturer & lack of concern or quality control. I had not realized there had been a change in the way shoes were sized. Very Interesting Indeed! Clearly, we nee a shoe sizer here.
    I definitely remember the shiny metal shoe sizers in the department store!

  3. I hesitate to order shoes on line because I have wide feet and you can't always find the shoes I need in a wide width. Although, the last shoes I did order on line were a perfect fit as they had a wide width. I ordered my normal size and got lucky. I can see where this shoe sizer would be so helpful. Thanks!!

  4. Like Sam, I have very wide feet. I have to order shoes online, as few stores carry extra-wide (WW, XW or EE) widths. Like you, I shop for them at stores that offer easy, free returns.

    I, too, remember the shiny silver Brannock devices for measuring feet and my mom taking me for an ice cream treat after a visit to the shoe store in our neighborhood when I was little.

  5. I have bought shoes online and been so disappointed in the fit once I have them in hand. Unfortunately for me I did not look at the return policies and suffered the costs involved. Shoes are one thing that I really like to try on before I buy and I'm sure that this shoe sizing tool would have helped me! Maybe I need to try again, but with help!

  6. I just figured I'd never be able to get the size right ordering online - my feet are a challenge, a big challenge - this is interesting information - oh those lucky souls who can order online - I can't even find a pair in person - but after reading Margaret's comment above I may rethink this


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