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Bubble Bath Day – A January Holiday

 Reviewing a bubbly holiday observed every year on January 8th.

Yellow Ducky in the bath

Bubble Bath Day

No one knows who originally decided that January 8th should be a day to celebrate the 'Bubble Bath'. It was probably created by someone who needed to relax after a tough day.

If you are wondering how to celebrate this 'bubbly' day, it depends on how old you are.

  • Kids find it simple - fill the tub with bubbles and some water toys - then hop in and play! 
  • For the ladies, a bubble bath is a time to relax! Fill the tub with your favorite bubbles and just enjoy the soothing waters.  You can also set the mood with candles, some soft music and perhaps a glass of wine. 
  • Guys don't need to feel left out on Bubble Bath day either.  It's a good way to get in touch with your feminine side, as well as relaxing sore muscles! 

*Interesting side note: Bubble Bath Day takes place within the same month (January) that is designated as Bath Safety Month

A Few Bubbly Products

Mr Bubble Bubble Bath
Most kids today know about and have used the original bubble bath for kids. Bath time is more fun with these biggest, longest-lasting bubbles with the original bubblegum scent. Bring back memories of your childhood and create new  memories with your own family.  

 Mr. Bubble was invented in 1961 and has been popular ever since. In fact, it celebrated it's 50th anniversary in 2011.

Bath Bombs for Men

For guys who need to soak in a tub of hot water and use Epson Salts to try and relax their muscles and relieve pain and discomfort, these bath bombs for men are marvelous and so much nicer than just Epson Salts alone. 

Handmade by Natalia and Irina in Florida, these bath bombs for men are made with all natural ingredients using Relaxing Epsom Salt, Moisturizing Apricot Kernel Oil, and Scents for Aromatherapy! Check them out at the Relaxcation Etsy Shop on Etsy.

Cocoa Buttermilk Bubble Bath Powder

And as a self-care gift for HER, this Cocoa Butter Milk Bubble Bath Powder foams, fizzes and bubbles while releasing the benefits of cocoa butter into the water and fragrance into the air. Handmade by Valerie in Kentucky and available in her Etsy Shop SwankOnYa.

Benefits of a Bubble Bath

Most of us never take the time for this relaxing way of pampering ourselves. A quick shower in the morning – and it's off to work or school. Showers may be convenient and quick, but you can't relax standing up! 

There are benefits to taking a bubble bath – or even a long soak in hot water. It relaxes your muscles and refreshes your skin. It can even help with any congestion you might have. 

So allow yourself the luxury of a sudsy soak because everybody deserves a little me-time now and then. 

Oh, and don’t forget your rubber duckie!

rubber duckie

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*Bubble Bath Day review written by Wednesday Elf

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  1. Would you believe I wrote an article devoted to bubble baths (and celebrating National Bubble Bath Day) too, many years ago, published on a different site? It’s such a fun and enjoyable holiday for adults and kids alike. I remember Mr. Bubble from my childhood, and those epsom salt and apricot kernel oil bath bombs for relaxing muscles in an aromatic soaking tub sound great for women as well as men. Thanks for a fun celebration of National Bubble Bath Dsy!

    1. I would love to see your Bubble Bath Day article, Margaret. Is the article still available to read? What bubbly good fun this day is! :)

    2. Thanks so much for asking, Elf! Yes, it’s still available to read at

    3. Thanks, Margaret. Great article and lots of fun suggestions to enhance a romantic bubble bath. I noticed that I had commented on the article way back when. Nice reminder.

    4. Thanks very much, Elf! I appreciate both your original and return visits. (As you may have noticed, I made some changes to the original article.) 💗

  2. Well, you can't beat a relaxing bubble bath, complete with Mr. Bubble and a rubber ducky! I love the idea of a bath bomb filled with epsom salt. I use it when I hurt, especially after working in my yard. I also keep a bottle of vanilla bubble bath on hand at all times. I've never tried cocoa butter milk bubble bath before. It sounds delightful!

    1. I agree, Mouse. That cocoa butter milk bubble bath does sound delightful and I imagine it is very soothing.

  3. Okay, I know what I'm going to do tonight! What a lovely idea and so many wonderful products that can make that tubbie time even more special. I love Bath bombs and fully intend to relax a little and enjoy some quiet and relaxing time in my tub! I need a new rubber duckie though! Thanks Pat for this wonderful spotlight on a holiday we all need!

    1. Thanks, Olivia. I love the fact that such fun days like Bubble Bath Day are set aside for us to enjoy ourselves.

  4. What an excellent idea, I haven't relaxed in the the bath tub in ages. I'm really liking those bath bombs you featured. And, I have have plenty of rubber duckies on hand for when our granddaughters visit. Thanks Pat!!!

    1. Thanks, Sam. I think kids enjoy bubble baths the most. Such fun with big bubbles and rubber duckies, making bath time a fun time for little ones.

  5. I need more bubblebath!! Thanks to your bubblebath day article, I'm reminded to add it to my list. There's nothing better than a bubblebath (with a glass of wine of course) That cocoa buttermilk bubble bath powder looks fabulous - me want.

    1. Thanks, Barbara. Nothing more relaxing than a bubble bath!

  6. Oh fun! That bottle of Mr. Bubble brought back memories. I'm not so interested in bubble baths any more but I did put Epsom salt on the grocery list because I've been wishing for a good, long, hot soak.

  7. PS. But I am very tempted by that cocoa buttermilk bubble bath!

    1. The cocoa buttermilk bubble bath IS very appealing, I agree. Thanks for your visit to my Bubble Bath Day article, Dawn Rae.


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