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Twas the Text Before Christmas (2023) - Great American Family Movie

Twas the Text Before Christmas Movie

A romantic Christmas movie review & recommendation, just in time for Christmas!

Have you ever dialed a wrong phone number and unexpectedly ended up talking to a nice person you don't personally know?  

These days, phone calls are often replaced by emails or text messaging. Sending a text to the wrong person is not unheard of.  Usually we send text messages to someone on our saved contact list, but it would certainly be possible to send a text message to the wrong person if you are trying to remember a phone number off the top of your head.  Especially if you have a new phone without your contacts added.

Thus is the premise of the movie, "Twas the Text Before Christmas". 

When a grandmother inadvertently sends a text message meant for her granddaughter to a stranger, she ends up making friends with the kindhearted woman who replies to the text.  This is just the beginning of what ends up being a chance for fun, family, and romance.


Twas the Text Before Christmas Movie Synopsis 

Addie (Merritt Patterson) has a good job, a loving father and brother, and an ex-boyfriend.  Christmas this year is expected to be a rather lonely time for her because her father will be spending Christmas in Australia with her brother.  Even though she is invited to join friends in Florida, that trip would be too expensive since she is trying to save for her own vacation in Australia.

When Addie receives a text message from an unknown person, she decides to respond to let them know that they have the wrong number.  After exchanging a few messages with a sweet grandmother who meant to be texting her granddaughter, she receives a phone call from "Nana" who opts to call her instead of continuing the texting.  After talking a few times, Nana invites Addie to join her family for Christmas.  Since it would only be a 4 hour drive to Vermont, she decides to accept and makes a reservation for 1 night at the local Inn.

When she arrives for Christmas dinner, she is introduced to Nana's family which includes the granddaughter Nana originally intended to text, as well as her son, James.

After 3 years, Addie, Nana, and the whole family are close friends and Christmas together has become a new tradition.  It is not really surprising when Addie & James discover a they have deeper feelings for each other.


Where to Watch "Twas the Text Before Christmas"

I watched "Twas the Text Before Christmas" on Frndly TV, however the Great American Channel now has their own streaming service available at which thrills me!  When I told my husband about the new streaming service, he happily gifted me with an annual subscription to PureFlix for Christmas.  I am guaranteed a year's worth of wonderful movies and I am pretty excited to start watching them.

You can also subscribe to PureFlix through Amazon or directly at

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  1. What a thoroughly delightful premise for a holiday movie, Ms. Mouse! I am looking forward to watching this with my husband. We could all use some “feel good” entertainment!

  2. I actually did this once, sent a text to a wrong person - omg what a story - this movie sounds fun and positive compared to my embarrassing mistake (actually it turned out positive, sort of) - my son had a temporary phone number years ago on his cell - he got a new permanent number - forgot to tell me that that other number was no longer his - so I was cooking and texted him - "come home now, dinner is ready, love mom" - the guy (who wasn't my son of course) texted back - "who is this?" - I texted "oh stop being funny, it's your mom" - he said, "um that's impossible, my mom passed away" - OMG! That's when I realized this must no longer be my son's phone number - I felt sooooo bad! I gave him my condolences and said, maybe in some odd way, this was your mom sending you a nice little message, through my dumb mistake" - oh man - at least there's no movie about that (yet?)

  3. This sounds like a lovely romantic holiday film, great for a cold winters evening and over the Christmas holidays. Thank you for your review and recommendation.

  4. Sometimes 'mistakes' can turn out to be "the best thing ever.... ". Sounds like a fun holiday movie. Thanks for your review, Sylvestermouse. -

  5. Was not aware of a streaming option and that sounds like a wonderful gift!

  6. Oh I like the sounds of this movie. When you meet new people, whatever the circumstances, it can be a real blessing. Happy meetings that end up as great friendships or more.


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