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A Fabulous Anti-Theft Designer Backpack Reviewed

Backpack Reviewanti theft backpack

anti theft backpack
I stopped carrying a purse decades ago. For many years, I simply carried my wallet & keys in my jeans pockets. However, during the last year or so, I have enjoyed keeping my iPad with me so I would hear Ring camera notifications, could check maps, or simply read articles on the internet. It is really nice to have my iPad with me in the car or when I visit friends or family.  

I also like to keep my Propel water with me at all times.  Plus, my car now has a fob instead of a key.  A fob is more bulky in pockets than a key.  Sometimes I hook the fob on my jeans belt loop, but that is not very attractive and I don't always wear pants with loops. 

Unfortunately, now that I carry my iPad, my key fob & water everywhere I go, I need something to carry it all in instead of trying to carry them in my hands.  I tried a tote, but I really prefer having my hands free.  So, I went in search of a backpack.

I found exactly what I wanted and my parents gave it to me for my birthday!  Now that I have carried my backpack for a few months, I love it and can recommend it for many reasons.

anti theft backpack

My Westbronco Anti-Theft Backback - A Great Gift

It is hard to know where to start when reviewing this backpack.  Not only is it attractive, but it has a lot of wonderful features that recommend it over other backpacks.  Here is a list of the features that really matter to me.

anti theft backpack
  • Anti-Theft - the zipper opens in the back instead of the front
  • Attractive & Soft PU Leather
  • Water Resistant
  • 3 Pockets Inside (1 is a zipper pocket)
  • 2 Side Pockets (perfect for my water bottle)
  • 2 Exterior Zipper Pockets (on front side under the fold)
  • Top Attached Handle for Grab & Carry
  • Backpack Straps, plus a separate Detachable Shoulder Strap
  • Available in Several Colors 
  • Great Size for Women 

 WESTBRONCO PU Leather Anti-Theft Backpack is Featured.
Unfortunately, it may no longer be available, but you can click to see other anti-theft backpacks with the zipper on the back
Click Here


The backpack came in a dust cover which is an awesome storage bag when I am not using it.  It truly does keep the dust off of the backpack while waiting for our next adventure.

I highly recommend this backpack for anyone who needs to carry several small items and doesn't like carrying a purse.  The problems I have had with backpacks in the past are eliminated by having the entry zipper against my back instead of accessible to anyone standing behind me.  I also prefer this smaller size that is big enough to hold an iPad, wallet (in the interior zippered pocket), key fobs, cellphone, water bottle and more.  I can even add my Kindle Fire so I can play my games when I am away from home.  

This backpack would also make a great overnight bag!

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  1. This looks to be the perfect answer to any woman who dislikes carrying a purse. It is practical and also a very attractive looking accessory. A wonderful purse alternative.

  2. This is a very attractive alternative to a purse. I think it would be particularly nice when traveling. I probably could even put my smaller camera in it.

  3. A great idea Miss Sylvestermouse! I like that it comes in several colors! Like you, I don't like carrying a purse. I need to be hands free for many reasons, right now it's my cane! I also like that you are more balanced with a backpack on than with a purse on one side. Great gift idea too! Thanks for this Review!

  4. I’m seriously considering buying one of these for myself! Because I have back problems, using a backpack, which distributes the weight evenly, is preferable for me (especially since my narrow, sloping shoulders don’t keep a single shoulder strap in place). But the two nylon backpacks I have, which I chose for their light weight and ability to accommodate my previous huge laptop (which had a 17-inch screen) are not only too big and not attractive enough for everyday use, they aren’t practical as an alternative to a purse because the contents are accessible to a thief or pickpocket behind my back.As a result, I have been wearing cross-body bags and periodically shifting them from one shoulder to the other, while keeping one hand over the top of the handbag.

    This backpack looks like it might the ideal solution to save my back and shoulders while carrying my Fire HD 10 tablet and the contents of my purse comfortably and securely! Then, I can use my laptop bag/backpack just for its primary purpose, and as an under-seat carry-on bag when traveling on a plane.

  5. Cynthia, wow, I love this. I want one now. It's a nice looking bag as well. I've had backpack type purses, but they were not secure compared to this one - When I travel to moms, I use a backpack for laptop etc, if this was large enough, it would work perfectly. The one I bought is an ugly bland grey color, and I've been wanting to change it - hmmmm...this is nice!

  6. I really love this! I seem to have increasing amounts of stuff to carry with me these days not just the usual things but now glasses, hand sanitiser, sanitising wipes, face coverings and in winter hats and gloves on and off all the time plus tech devices. It is not good -back wise - to be carrying a heavy handbag just on one side and I do like to be hands free. It is important that a backpack is secure though so good to know this one fulfills that as well. In addition I do like the look of it. What a lovely gift idea!


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