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It's Riddle Time - An Introductory Review of Riddle Book Number 6 - Hard Riddles

Hard Riddles - #Stumped Volume 6 - Available on Amazon

I started writing riddles over a decade ago. It isn't until recently that I put this crazy writing ability into a collection of self-published books.

In the fall of 2019, I published my first riddle book, and to-date I've completed a total of six books in my riddle book series.

Why Riddle Books?

Besides the fact that I have this silly riddle-writing skill, I wanted to contribute something to the human fabric that was light and fun!

With the world in such a crazy state, my first thought was to write a book that would take people's minds off of life's day-to-day stresses. 

My riddle book series is designed to be a distraction. We can't erase the world's problems altogether; however, we can take a break from them. There are more than enough riddles to keep your mind occupied for several hours! My book and website motto are, "Turn the World Off With a Smile."

Can You Solve This Riddle?

The Answer is Here

Hard Riddles - #Stumped Volume 6

"Hard Riddles" is my latest publication. As the title suggests, the riddles are harder than the previous five riddle books. Or, at least, I attempted to make them harder.

Yes, I write every single riddle on my own. 

All the riddles in all my riddle books are authored by me. You won't ever find any regurgitated riddles from the internet in the #Stumped riddle book series. I'm the author of all my own riddles. While you may find some of the riddles on my website, I'm the author.

Hard Riddles - Stumped Volume 6
Stumped Volume 6

The Chapters in Hard Riddles:

  • Chapter One: Human Qualities
  • Chapter Two: Human Emotions and Feelings
  • Chapter Three: Homonyms (Riddle answers that have the same spelling, same pronunciation but have different meanings)
  • Chapter Four: Homographs (Riddle answers that are spelled the same but sound different and have different meanings)
  • Chapter Five: Triple Homophones (Three riddle answers with the same pronunciation but have different meanings and different spellings)
  • Chapter Six: Double Homophones (Two riddle answers with the same pronunciation, but have different meanings and different spellings)
  • Chapter Seven: Riddle Answers with the Letter "Q" in Them
  • Chapter Eight: Riddle Answers with Four Syllables
Each chapter features ten riddles ... And the book is also a game. Basic game rules are inside.

Solve Another Brain Teaser from Hard Riddles
Additional Articles on My Self-Publishing Journey

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  1. We will have to change your name Barbara to Miss Prolific and Talented. An appropriate moniker I think. You are amazing. Not only learning how to self-publish, but also getting all those riddles out there as mind benders for us couch potatoes. What a great distraction for all of us under these trying times. But I have a confession to make, I'm really not good at riddles, but enjoy people that really get them!

    1. Olivia, thanks so much for all the kind words and support. You're so kind to go out of your way to take the time to comment and read these articles. You're a kind soul, and your kindness comes through with every supportive word. Thanks so much.

  2. Barbara, you have certainly come up with the right word (Stumped) to describe your riddle book series as all your riddles I have so far read have 'stumped' me! LOL. Then, when I look up the answer it's like - DUH, of course! :) You are one very clever lady and I admire your riddle writing skills. Congratulations on publishing Book #6 in your delightful Stumped Series. Humor and fun are much needed commodities right now, so thanks for contributing a special brand of smiles and laughter with your Riddle Books!

    1. Elf, thanks for all your support. You're truly a good friend and are always there lending a kind word to us online workers. I'm so glad you're in my life. <3

  3. You really are uniquely gifted Barbara! I, and my family, have enjoyed your riddle books. I'm not very good at solving them personally, but both my son and daughter seem to be quite good at figuring them out. Your books are a lot of fun at family gatherings. They make for a great family game.

    1. Sylvestermouse, I really appreciate all the support you've given my books - It's been a ton of work as you know doing anything online is, and to have you take the time to support me when you're so busy yourself, and when you have so much going on in your life, doesn't go unnoticed. You're an awesome person. <3

  4. I'm so glad you decided to share this unusual talent with the world, Barbara! I'm not that good at riddles, so I was very proud of myself for figuring out the answer to the second riddle in this post (and quickly). ;) And I'm incredibly proud of YOU for not just thinking about writing and self-publishing this book series, but DOING it, and continuing to add to it, at a remarkable pace! You truly are the Energizer Bunny, dear friend. <3

    1. Margaret, I'll love you forever. Thanks so much for your support. Life isn't easy as we all know by now, but it's made easier when we are surrounded by genuine, beautiful people - you're one of them. Thanks so much. And hey! glad you solved one!

  5. I am very impressed Barbara! You are amazing and talented to have produced these books. My Mum would have loved all your books as she really enjoyed riddles. I am nowhere near as good as she was but I still enjoy them and they are great fun, even if you don't get them right away, learning the answer is fun too! :)

    1. Thanks so much, and your mom sounded like she was a fun sweatheart too :)

  6. Hard riddles? I'll stick to the easy one but I know some people who would love the challenge of harder ones.


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