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Bing Crosby - Reviewed

Bing Crosby
Bing Crosby - Reviewed
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Who doesn’t remember that one voice in a lifetime the voice of Bing Crosby? If you are too young to remember or think that you have never heard him sing, think again. If you listen to any radio station around the holidays then you have probably heard his voice.

Always around the holidays, you'll hear that famous song “White Christmas” played over and over again during the Holiday season. Written by Irving Berlin “White Christmas” was the biggest hit of Bing Crosby’s career and first introduced in 1942 in the Movie "Holiday Inn" 

Then, in 1954 the musical  White Christmas was released, featuring songs by Irving Berlin. This movie still remains a favorite today during the holiday season. We never miss watching White Christmas every year, as it became a tradition in our family while I was growing up.

Solo vocalist, radio, big screen, and television Bing Crosby did it all and did it well. Bing  Crosby was voted by Yank magazine as the person who had done the most for the GI’s during World War II. I really would have thought that would have been Bob Hope.

Bing Crosby was one of my dad's favorites so growing up I became very familiar with his voice, especially around the holidays. I can still hear my dad singing White Christmas as we decorated our tree.

Bing Crosby: Some Interesting Facts

·         Born: May 3, 1903 (Harry Lillis Crosby Jr.) nicknamed Bingo by his neighbor in 1910, later the O was dropped and the nickname Bing stuck.

·         He was among one of the first singers to use the microphone.

·         Bing Crosby invested in the company called Ampex; the company built the first reel-to-reel tape recorder in North America.

·         He was the first to pre-record his own radio show.

·         In 1946 he became part owner of my favorite baseball team the Pittsburgh Pirates. He taped the famous 1960 World Series; this tape was found in his wine cellar in 2009.

·         Bing was an avid hunter and fisherman and was known to be an expert fly fisherman.

·         He also owned a cattle ranch in Elko Nevada where he was the honorary Mayor.

·         A fan of horse racing, he owned his own stables, and his horse Ligaroti raced against Seabiscuit in 1948.

I must have been too young to have had any of this, but there was a Bing Crosby Ice Cream. Maybe I did have it when I was a little one and just don’t remember.

Every time I hear his voice now it brings back memories of my childhood. Maybe that is why I have come to appreciate his voice.

                               I'm sure you can find the movie White Christmas streaming somewhere or you can own the DVD

White Christmas (Blu-ray + Digital)White Christmas (Blu-ray + Digital)


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  1. Wonderful review of Bing Crosby. You bring back such memories, Sam. White Christmas was my mom's all time favorite movie. Christmas wasn't complete without her seeing that movie. And Bing Crosby singing Irving Berlin songs was a classic. Stories of Bing also brings to my mind another of my favorite's of the '50s, and that was his brother Bob Crosby, who had his own show during the 1950s in the afternoons - just in time for me to get home from school and see it. :) So, you can see, I am a long-time fan of the Crosbys and of that era of entertainment my mother so loved.

    1. I forgot all about his brother Pat thanks for reminding me. Bob was his younger brother and also good singer. For sure, Bing Crosby brings back so many good memories.

  2. There's a reason they are called Oldies but Goldies, Bing has to be the top one. I can't go a Christmas season without hearing him at some point. He truly is a legend for our times. Interesting facts about him too. You learn something new every day! Thanks Sam!

    1. Not a Christmas goes by without listening to Bing Crosby. What great memories, thanks Olivia.

  3. Always a favorite at Christmas. Thanks for a wonderful review. Enjoyed all your facts about Bing.

    1. Thanks Mary Beth, Bing was a favorite in our house growing up.

  4. Bing Crosby is definitely the voice (and whistler) of Christmas! I remember as a young adult talking about how much I loved the movie "White Christmas" and discovering that year that it was actually "Holiday Inn" that I loved. I just remembered him sitting at the piano, singing White Christmas and using his pipe to ring the bells on the Christmas tree. I did not know all of the information you shared about his personal life and found that very interesting to read today!

  5. Oh! that is a classic for sure Cynthia. I enjoyed digging up those interesting facts. I forgot that Bing was part owner of my favorite baseball team, the Pittsburgh Pirates.

  6. Great review, Sam. I like the facts part the best as I am a fan of Bing Crosby and I learned some new facets.

  7. Sam, his movies were a big part of my growing up, especially White Christmas. I have so many beautiful memories watching his movies with mom. Wow, I miss that time in my life - me and mom, sitting together watching movies. His movies gave so much more to me than just a movie - they helped build memories that have lasted a lifetime.

  8. Oh I love Bing Crosby and it would not be Christmas without his music and movies.Loved his Christmas Special with Frank Sinatra "Happy Holidays". Happy memories evoked of family Christmases with my late Mum & Dad as well as they both loved him! However I did not know know everything about him under your interesting facts. Who knew there was a Bing Crosby Ice Cream!! Thank you for a great review :)

  9. Bing Crosby is a legend - nice to hear of your personal memories related to the man.


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