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Sennheiser HD280PRO Headphones Reviewed

Wired Headphones
I have had my Sennheiser headphones for over 9 years and they are still awesome.  No problems internally or externally.  Therefore, I can highly recommend this brand and the old model of HD280Pro headphones.

I originally purchased the headphones so I could listen to music without disturbing anyone else in our home.  We all have different sleeping hours and schedules.  All too often, someone is sleeping when I would like to listen to music.  

I have also discovered how wonderful the headphones are when I want to watch a movie on my laptop that other family members aren't interested in seeing, or hearing.  

It is not unusual for several of us to be working in the same room on different projects.  Sometimes noise, even music we all enjoy, can be disturbing when one is trying to concentrate.  The Sennheiser headphones are essential to a happy "work" environment for everyone.


The Sennheiser HD280Pro Headphones

I didn't expect excellence when I purchased my headphones.  The low price tag made me think they would be acceptable.  However, I have been thrilled with the quality & clarity of sound, as well as, the noise isolation they provide.  

 Sennheiser HD280PRO Headphones
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When I am using my headphones, I can't hear other things going on in the same room, unless I uncover one ear.  Therefore, if another family member is talking on the phone, I am not disturbing them and they are not disturbing me.  Previously, I had to mute my music or movie if someone was on the phone.  It was the polite thing to do, but it often left me having to listen to one side of a conversation I wasn't the lest bit interested in hearing.

Other family members can't hear what is being "piped" through my headphones either.  Therefore, their concentration is not being disturbed by whatever I am playing.  I can even listen to instructional videos without bothering anyone else.  

The Sennheiser headphones are also comfortable to wear.  The padded earpieces allow me to wear them for hours without feeling pressure or pain.  Even if I am wearing my glasses, the glasses arm is only slightly pressed against my face or ears.  Not enough to hurt.

I plug my headphones into my laptop, but they could also be used with iPads, Android tablets, stereos, recording equipment, or whatever device uses a 1/4" plug.

Sure, you could pay a lot more for headphones, but I highly doubt you would get noticeably better headphones for sound or comfort.

One note, I do have the "old model".  I have read there is a new model available, but I cannot personally comment on them.  Their reviews would lead me to believe you would probably want to buy the "old model" if you are interested in purchasing the Sennheiser HD280Pro Headphones while they are still available.

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  1. Your Sennheiser headphones seem to be just perfect for you for all the reasons you state. My hubby had a pair of Bose headphones years ago he used to listen to music on his attached CD player while lying on the couch while I was busy on the computer and concentrating on something else entirely. Headphones definitely allow different family members to all "do their thing" in the same space at the same time. Very helpful.

    EXCEPT, when hubby would 'sing along' with the music only he could hear with headphones on .... LOL.

    1. lol Elf! I can easily imagine that. We all tend to sing along with our favorite songs. I know I even laugh out loud sometimes when I am watching a movie. Some things just can't be helped :)

  2. My husband uses headphones to watch TV. He really enjoys it. He can hear everything better and I know even to me the new shows seem like the volumne really goes down (almost like people are whispering). Another great advantage is he can watch football and I don't have to hear it while I'm working on my laptop. :) Thanks for a great review. By the way I just went to look at his headphones and they are the Sennheiser brand. Sounds like you picked a good one.

    1. That is awesome that we have the same brand! Sennheiser was not a name I was familiar with before I bought my headphones. I have been more than pleased with their exceptional quality.

  3. My husband and I also enjoy listening to music, audiobooks, watching TV or streaming movies, often when one of is working, sleeping, or on the phone (especially now that we both work from home, and he's constantly in Zoom meetings). Our tastes in entertainment overlap a lot, but they also diverge significantly, and I'd just as soon not hear him listening to or watching a crime thriller with explicit violence (even on his tablet), when my taste runs more toward historical romance fiction and the Food Network. (Thank goodness we both enjoy HGTV, PBS, and Acorn TV!) :) I can't imagine living (and working) at home without good headphones.

    Since I don't drive, a good set of over-the-ear headphones is also a necessity for my 45- to 60-minute (each way) commutes to downtown Boston on public transportation (temporarily on hold for social distancing reasons) on a combination of noisy buses, subway trains, and "shank's mare" for medical appointments or shopping trips, not to mention while I'm sitting in waiting rooms with people having loud conversations on their mobile phones (or with their cranky kids, lol). I also use and love my lightweight, extremely comfortable Bluetooth bone conduction headphones (I find earbuds very uncomfortable), but they do nothing to block out noise in those situations.

    In the 1970s, when I worked for the private label product development division of what was then the parent company of The Broadway, Thalheimers, and Weinstock's department stores and specialty retailers Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman-Marcus, I ran the corporate video studio and used Sennheiser headphones to monitor the sound quality during the video shoots and editing, so I can vouch for this brand's quality as well.

    I think that, in recent years, the audio quality many of over-the-ear headphones aimed at the consumer market isn't as good as their predecessors. (I had that experience when I try to replace my old Koss portable, folding, over-the-ear headphones a few years ago, and found that the newer version simply didn't sound as good.) Thanks for the excellent recommendation!

    1. Wow! How cool that you used Sennheiser headphones in a professional video studio. That is impressive. You truly have a very interesting resume Margaret. I had no idea you had video studio experience. Very cool indeed.

  4. My husband bought me a pair of cordless headphones for my birthday this year! They are wonderful for me and I use them regularly. Earbuds hurt my ears, so I did not like them. I love that these fit right over your ears and as you said, cancel out any "outside" noises. I get cleaning the kitchen (a mindless job) and listen to an Audio Book at the same time. I agree with you, they are fantastic and let your enjoy whatever it is you are listening to! Great idea IMHO!

    1. I can't use earbuds either Olivia! I am sure I would love having cordless headphones. Is it too late for a Christmas gift? lol

  5. Wow, they have stood the test of time! I'll be referring back to this brand when the time comes for new pair. Hasn't times changed - we're like all the other modern families with everyone wearing headphones listening to their shows, or devices. My hubby does it all the time as well, and the boys, well that's a given!

  6. Your Sennheiser headphones sound just wonderful! I used to wear headphones and listen to music when I had a longish commute on the bus to work years ago. I was never comfortable wearing earbuds and liked wearing my headphones. Now I work from home and Hubby is retired, I think at least one pair of headphones would be useful for us again as for example, Hubby could listen to his music while I work quietly. Thank you for your great review and idea for a Birthday present!!

  7. Sennheiser is such a quality brand. When I needed a high quality microphone, Sennheiser was the brand everyone raved about (and the one I ultimately purchased). Now, being in the market for new headphones, I will surely check out your recommendation. My Bose headphones have been exceptional, but are finally at the end of their useful life. Thanks for this review. Perfect timing!


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