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5 Wildlife Gift Ideas Reviewed

bird in a tree
Bird In Tree By Raintree Annie
It is wonderful to buy a gift that will be appreciated and be of use and joy to the receiver long after the day it is given. 

If your loved ones are interested in wildlife or like gardening with wildlife in mind here are some beautiful gifts they will enjoy for a long time. 

These gifts are perfect for helping our wildlife and give hours of happiness and interest to your loved ones. They will enjoy watching the birds, carefully observing the many insects and spiders and learning about the fascinating world of wildlife. 

Many of these gifts are suitable for children to seniors and will keep on being of interest, not just when they open the gift but for all year long.  Here are a few ideas of wildlife gifts from my own experience.

1. Insect Or Bug House. 

These are fantastic for attracting all manner of insects and spiders. You simply hang it up in a sheltered spot away from winds in the garden and ideally about 6-7 foot high. I find it is ideal to place an insect house near a pond if you have one, or a hedge or trees or a mixed flower bed. 

You will know that you are providing a lovely home for all manner of insects such as lacewings, ladybugs and butterflies that will make it their home or resting place and often provide beneficial activities for the garden in terms of predating and pollinating. 

Gardeners will love it as it will attract beneficial insects to help them in the garden and anyone interested in insect life will appreciate being able to observe the bug hotel filling up! I have one and although it takes a little while for the insects to know it is there once they find it they move in!

 A lovely gift for a young child interested in bugs through to an adult gardener. 

2.Wildlife Books

A wildlife book for a child just starting on the discovery of nature is a beautiful and thoughtful gift. When introducing children to the fascinating world of wildlife you want the book to be fun educational and interesting.

 A book like this can be the very start of a lifelong love of nature and wildlife that will bring joy, understanding, fun and interest to children and develop a deep love of wildlife and conservation that can last a lifetime. A beautiful thoughtful and truly giving gift.

If gifting to an adult a beautiful wildlife book gift is Kate Bradbury's "The Wildlife Gardener."I have given this book as a gift myself and it was very well received. I then ordered another one for myself it was so good! You can read more about it in Diary Of A Wild Country Garden Why I Bought The Wildlife Gardener Book Twice! 

3.Bird Bath 

One of the most important things we can provide to wildlife is fresh clean water. It is essential for birds to drink every day and bathe to clean their feathers every day for their good health. 

In towns and cities especially, birds need birdbaths with fresh clean water in as many gardens as possible. If you have a birdbath in your garden you will attract a wide variety of birds all year round and once they know it is there it is likely to become very popular!

Our birdbath has bird visitors from robins, sparrows, blue tits and blackbirds to name a few every single day all year round!

This is a fantastic gift for many people from the enthusiastic birdwatcher, to anyone who simply enjoys watching the antics of the birds, to the bird photographer who can gain many opportunities to take amazing photographs of birds in action at the birdbath throughout the year.

Many of these birdbaths are also very beautiful decorative pieces for the garden.

4. Bird Feeders Station
Especially in winter but really all year round birds need additional food to help them survive. A bird feeder set will be lovely to look at, help the birds and give immense pleasure all year round to anyone who loves birds and enjoys watching their antics or learning more about them.

 Great if a young birdwatcher is learning about how to identify different birds as they will visit birdfeeders again and again and with luck will attract a wide variety of birds to learn about.

For anyone, it is beautiful to spend some relaxing time simply watching the birds and often getting to know regular visitors.  I can spend hours simply watching the birds without realising how much time has gone by! It adds interest to the day and a wonderful connection with our wild visitors.
A very useful addition to this gift is to give with a supply of good quality bird feed so that they can get started right away on Christmas day!    

There are various ideas and gifts for attracting birds to a garden along with various birdfeeder products in this post from Diary Of A Wild Country Garden Wild Birds Visiting Our Garden 

bird perched on a rail looking around
Baby Robin By Raintree Annie


Many people like to attract wildlife to their gardens and a great way to do this is to hang up a birdbox. Smaller birds like bluetits often love to use these and I have had success in my own garden.

Anyone of any age interested in wildlife can spend ages watching the birds bringing in nest material and identifying them. If fortunate, they may see the baby birds fledge all the while learning more and appreciating wildlife!

Simply hang the birdbox in a sheltered shady spot far away from any birdfeeders or birdbaths so that it is not too busy or noisy for the nesting birds to raise their brood. Ideally, it should be sited in a place where it will not get too hot as this may be difficult for the baby birds to tolerate. 

Then it is a matter of waiting to see if you can attract a breeding pair and raise young in the garden. I feel it's a good idea to have bird nesting boxes in place by early January at the latest so that the birds have time to get used to a new feature in the garden and can assess it long before nesting time. 

It is amazing to watch and highly educational for young people and a real pleasure at any age. 

Whichever gift you choose for your loved one, if they love birds and wildlife they will love the thoughtful nature of your gift to them. 

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  1. This is a wonderful selection of gift ideas for the wildlife enthusiast. Wish I had known about the garden insect hotel when my teenage grandson was small. From age 4 or 5, he loved bugs - watching them and learning about them. He would have found this fascinating back then. I never realized there were so many interesting gifts for nature and garden lovers.

  2. Thank you! Yes there are some lovely gifts now for nature lovers of any age. I am sure your grandson would have loved a bug hotel, its an easy gift and is fascinating to see who moves in! I am glad you enjoyed the selection of nature gifts. I appreciate your visit.

  3. I love all your gift suggestions and have also bought many of them for my grandchildren. They love the bird boxes and have had visitors to it every year. Bug boxes are one of my favorites for young children. They are fascinated by the insects and indeed it does give them something to do all year long. Great suggestions Jasmine!

    1. Thank you so much Olivia! I am glad you enjoyed my wildlife gift suggestions.It is so good to hear your grandchildren love wildlife, it is so lovely of you to encourage them to love nature when young.

  4. These are great gift ideas. My grands would love all of them - they're avid outdoor types. I've given birdhouses to my friend before as gifts - and it's a gift you can give multiple versions of as well. I just may go down this road again this year.

  5. Thank you Barbara, I love giving wildlife gifts. I always feel I am giving a double gift, one to the person and one to the wildlife! Yes you are right you can give multiple versions of the same type of wildlife gift. Great to hear your grandchildren love the outdoors, I love to hear of children enjoying being in nature.

  6. So many excellent gift ideas listed here for those of us who love wildlife. I have the bluebird house and love watching my blue birds moving in each year. The idea of a wildlife book for children is an wonderful idea. Kids learn so much by simply reading books, things they will most likely not be taught in school. I have never heard of the insect box. How cool is that! My son would have loved that when he was a child. He would probably still love it. Thanks for these great suggestions.

  7. Thank you so much! I am glad you enjoyed the gift ideas. Yes the bug or insect house is often a real hit with younger children and I love ours! I agree wildlife books are a lovely gift for children to learn while they have fun and appreciate nature. How lovely you have a bluebird house and that is great to hear they raise chicks each year!

  8. These are all wonderful and unusual gift suggestions for people of any age who enjoy birds, butterflies, ladybugs, and other forms of wildlife! My husband and I love watching the birds who feed at the bird feeders outside our dining room window. We and his parents also love watching the hummingbirds at the feeder in the corner of the elevated deck at my in-laws' cottage in the Maine woods, and this Christmas we've bought them a new hummingbird feeder to replace the very old one that finally gave up the ghost a few months ago. As someone who grew up in New York City, I envy the love and knowledge of nature and wildlife that were instilled in my husband from an early age. Any of these excellent suggestions would be a gift, especially to a child, that keeps on giving.

  9. Thank you for visiting Margaret and I am happy you enjoy the wildlife gift suggestions here! It is lovely to hear how you appreciate wildlife at your bird feeders.Oh Hummingbirds are gorgeous! Your parents are fortunate to have them as visitors.


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