Thursday, August 2, 2018

Review of Lighthouses at Chatham Massachusetts

I find lighthouses to be a fascinating part of history, when they were often the only means that seafaring vessels had to keep from crashing into dangers near the coastline.

On a visit to Cape Cod on a beautiful summer morning we stopped in Chatham (near the elbow of Cape Cod) to do a bit of exploring and visit the Chatham lighthouse.

Chatham Lighthouse

Chatham lighthouse stands on the site that originally held two lighthouses built in 1808.  These two brick towers were used to distinguish this area of the coast from the single tower further up the coast.  Erosion on the coast is often a danger to lighthouse stability and it eventually claimed these two towers.  They were replace in 1877 by two new cast iron towers. In 1923 one of these towers was moved to Eastham and the remaining tower is what you see in the photo above.

The current Chatham lighthouse is still active and sits on Coast Guard grounds.  I was able to walk around the perimeter of the fence to take photos. 

Stage Harbor Lighthouse

When we left the Chatham lighthouse we went exploring along the coast.  I had heard there was another lighthouse off the coast but wasn't sure how to get to it.  After several wrong turns, I turned down a gravel road that led to the coast and asked a fisherman about the other lighthouse.  He pointed out in the distance and I was able to see Stage Harbor Lighthouse.

This lighthouse was operational from 1880 to 1933 when it was replaced by a 60 meter high skeleton tower.  The original lighthouse and keepers house now serves as a private residence.  It is not accessible by road but I was able to photograph it from the beach area.

More than Just Lighthouses

While I was photographing the lighthouse, my husband was watching the activity along the beach and pointed out several photo opportunities to me, like the bird and it's reflection in the water and the boats in the bay.

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  1. Love your lighthouse photos, Mary Beth, and the stories behind each one and it's location. In fact, I have a Pinterest Board for lighthouses and yours make up the majority of my pins. :-) Delightful review with outstanding photos, as always.

  2. Oh that is lovely. I wish that I could visit each one myself, but when we are travelling through the States, we usually have a set destination in mind and don't waiver from the intended path. So I will visit through your amazing photography and enjoy each and every one of them. Thanks for these lovely pictures Mary Beth.

  3. Gorgeous photos as always Mary Beth! I couldn't help but think how cool it would be to have the lighthouse as part of a personal residence. Sad for the public, but very cool for the owner. I wonder if they have maintained it as a lighthouse (not working, of course) or if they have gutted it and are using it for a really neat second home on the property. I love that you included the picture of the bird too. Very pretty shot indeed!

  4. Have you ever counted all the lighthouses you have visited and/or photographed? It must be an amazing number by now. I'll bet you learn a lot of history on those trips. Thank you for sharing it and the photos with those of us who rarely get to a lighthouse.

  5. Mary Beth, what beautiful photos. And story about the lighthouse. I always think I want to visit more lighthouses but I never take the time. Thank you so much for these beautiful tours.

  6. Your lighthouse posts over the years have made me become interested in lighthouses! Every time I see a lighthouse now, I think of you :) - always enjoy your stories about the background of the lighthouses.


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