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Magnetic Therapy for Relief and General Wellness

For More Than Twenty Years, Before It Was Even Fashionable, Our Family Has Been Using Magnetic Relief Products

What seems like ions ago, my brother introduced me to magnetic therapy. My first thought was, what in the heck is that, followed by, laughter.

But my Bro had the last laugh after he demonstrated what magnetic energy could do for my body.
He repeatedly spun the magnetics on a small handheld item called a MagDuo for about ten minutes, in the air, around my body, and up and down my arms.
But before doing that he had me stand with my arms out and asked me to reach my arm back as far as I could. After the air around my body had increased magnetic energy, he asked me to try to reach my arm back again, and I couldn't believe that my arm went further back by what seemed like an entire foot! Essentially it increased my range of motion. I can see why golfers love it!

Thus began my learning about the benefits of magnetic therapy.

Of course, I'm not a doctor, and the research I undertook was from reading and talking to others who used the products. What I learned about magnetic therapy was amazing.

What Magnetic Therapy is and What it Isn't
  1. It's not a cure for anything
  2. It's wellness therapy
  3. It provides relief to an area, or the body in general
  4. The results are similar to Acupuncture
  5. Magnetic energy apparently clears your Meridians
  6. It's said to increases blood flow to an area
  7. It's considered prevention as well
  8. Don't put magnets on a fresh injury (As an example, a sprain), Ice is always best first to draw blood away from the area, then about 24 to 48 hours later you could consider applying magnetics. Remember magnetics draw blood to an area, and you don't want blood drawn to an area that has a fresh injury. 
  9. All Magnetic Products are not created equal. The Magnetic Gauss (the measurement of magnetic flux density - magnetic induction) matters. Be sure to research the company selling the product to ensure they're not fly-by-night. We use Nikken magnetic products and have never used another brand or type. Nikken has been in business since about 1989.
Dr. Oz Explains Magnetics Much Better than I Can:

What I find hilarious about all of this is that we've been using Magnets since the late 1990's and back then I remember receiving many snarky-giggling comments from nay-sayers, and today it's basically accepted.

Ha figures.

To understand how magnetics work on our body, it's best to watch the above video.

I LOVE My Magnetic Necklace! Nikken Perfect Link II Magnetic Necklace, Perfect for All Occasion (Silver)I LOVE My Magnetic Necklace! Nikken Perfect Link II Magnetic Necklace, Perfect for All Occasion (Silver)
The Magnetic Products We've Used for Over 20 Years
  1. Magnetic Insoles for shoes
  2. Every bedroom in our home has a Magnetic Mattress Pad or Magnetic Blanket, or a Ceramic Reflecting Blanket on the bed
  3. We have magnetic wraps for elbows, wrists and knees
  4. I've worn a magnetic necklace for over 20 years (I've gone through 3 of them - it relieves my neck tension)
There are many additional magnetic relief products available that I couldn't possibly list here. Some are, bracelets, pet pads, sleeping masks (that mask is awesome!)… there's so many more. If you do a search you'll see the list is practically endless.

For me, I feel as though magnetics slowed down the onset of an auto-immune condition that I was diagnosed with in 2016. By slowed down, I mean, it's quite possible I could have had this condition show up ten years earlier based on the extensive history of auto-immune diseases in my family.

So many of my family members have been struggling with a variety of auto-immune diseases for decades, long before I had the issue show up. My problems didn't show until my late 50's, so in that sense I was lucky. But I want to stress that there's no hard proof to support my belief that magnetics slowed the onset, it's just something I feel.

There's a saying I heard about using magnets: "May you never know what you prevented".

Of course, you should always consult a doctor before starting a new therapy. However, don't be surprised if your doctor isn't into magnetic therapy. Many aren't, although I do believe there's a paradigm shift coming.

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  1. I recall years ago when many golfers started wearing the bracelets (and still do); now the pro golfers wear them. Great info and good explanation in the video.

    1. thank you, yep sports people tend to use them :)

  2. This is new information to me, so it was very interesting to learn about magnetic therapy. Glad to hear it is helping you, Barbara. I'll have to look into this further now that you have piqued my interest.

    1. We've used them for so long, that I can't imagine our life with some magnetics in it. Well, me anyway - plus it's on our beds too for decades now.

  3. Great review! I have tried magnetic therapy myself.

  4. I'm just peeking in quickly right now. And will return to watch the Dr. Oz video. I briefly tried magnetic therapy once. And thought it was hooey. But even though I thought it was hooey, I've always wanted to try again. After all, I didn't try it for more than a few days. I'm glad to read that you feel it's been helpful for you.

    1. Hi Dawn, it's better to use long term but I do know people who've had relief quite quickly. My necklace I've almost never taken it off.

  5. I've heard of magnetic therapy, but wasn't sure if it did any good or not. Glad to get a review from someone I can trust. I'm wondering if this would improve my husband's range of motion. He has trouble turning his head. I have problems with nerve pain in my hands. Don't know if these would help nerve pain or increase my ability to use scissors and nail clippers. I think I'll take another look after reading your first-hand experience.

    1. Barb I know it helped me, but we're all different so hopefully it does help. It's not instant though, but some people I've talked to had noticed improvements fairly quickly. I always wear my necklace, I'm due for a new one though. My friend liked the bracelet, but I hate wearing things on my wrist. I have this tightness on the right side of my neck kind of behind my right ear, but when I'm wearing the necklace I don't seem to have the problem.

  6. This is a great review. Not everything us Hippies did was just a passing fad, some of it was good stuff and I can see that the magnet therapy was one of them. Thanks for a great review Barbara!

  7. What a great review of magnetics Barbara. I have seen these help so many people. We sold magnetics back in the 90's it was a Company out of Japan called Nikken. I too was not a believer in the beginning, but I used the magentic insoles in my shoes and we had the matress pad. We even had a magentic seat for the car. They all made a believer out of me. Great review and so glad they helped you as I've seen them help so many others.

    1. Sam, yep those are our faves. The only ones we use. I featured a few of them here too.

  8. So many thoughts are going through my mind right now. It is kind of hard to believe, yet I do trust you know exactly what you are talking about. I'm sure we all have aches and pains we would like to say goodbye to forever, like the man interviewed in the video. I could't help but laugh at the thought that pharmaceutical companies would lobby to have magnetic therapy outlawed. I have seen some of the jewelry at craft fairs, but have never paid much attention.

    1. It's understandable. One of things that shocked me 'science wise' when I first started learning about magnetics and the earths magnetic fields was that astronauts (in space) experience bone loss (or something like that) because in space they're too far away from the earths magnetic field.

  9. I remember that friends of our family were so high on this magnetic therapy way back in the earliest days of its promotion. I was not sure what to think about it at the time. Now you have me very curious and interested in researching this further.


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