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Every Dog is "As Good As Gold" : A Review

Can we all agree, every dog is "As Good As Gold" !

I had the pleasure of reviewing a few children's books by author Patricia Furstenberg a while back.  I loved those books with their colorful and quaint illustrations.  The stories were cute as well.  If you want to know more about those books you can read my review right here.

Now Patricia Furstenberg is back with a whole book of poetry that just makes you relax and smile.  Here is my Review:

As Good As Gold is being launched today May 23rd and I'm so pleased to be part of this massive roll out!  This book is light hearted and a delight.  Humans who have had dogs often wonder what their dogs are thinking.  As Good As Gold may give you just a little inkling of what is going on in that mind!  Dogs who are cared for seem to have minds that are always sharp and ready to find the "new and different".  In this book Ms. Furstenberg gives those dogs a voice.  I'm sure when you are reading these words, you will agree, quite possibly, this is exactly what my dog was thinking.

as good as gold book cover

The poems in As Good As Gold, will make you smile and think to yourself, "Ahhh, that's what was going on in my fur baby's mind!"  

I really enjoyed seeing all things from snowflakes and autumn leaves, to other creatures in the garden, through all these dog's eyes.  What we consider normal and everyday for our puppies and our older dogs, may not be so ordinary and normal.  Maybe we could learn from the excitement of our dogs, a new "wonder" in all the things around us.  Like children our fur babies are busy learning about their world.  

How many times do our fur babies find themselves in "trouble" of some sort?  With the heart of an innocent, these poems written by Pat Furstenberg, bring a small modicum of understanding when they get into something they don't understand.  Meeting frogs and birds, snakes and cats, and many other animals in their "world", makes their innocence even more poignant.  Dogs often they get into mischief or mishaps, just because they are curious.  When that happens, maybe we should stop and think, putting ourselves into their paws (so to speak). Reading this book of poetry reminded me to never lose that sense of exploration or learning something new.  Dogs are masters at teaching us to enjoy the simple things in life and the beautiful things around us.

Some beautiful Haiku at the end of the book will make you settle down with a loving sigh......They are the diamonds to keep you smiling long after you are finished reading.  This is a great book to enjoy with children.  I'm so sure that the children will relate to learning new things just like the dogs are doing.  It's a fun and enlightening read.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Clicking on the blue As Good As Gold in this review will take you to the Amazon link where you may purchase this book if you like!

                                              Undecided water
                                   Moving between sky and sand.
                                            Lullaby, hush, hush.

                                                                P. Furstenberg (from the book)
dog laying on the beach
                                                                                             picture courtesy of

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  1. It sounds like another truly delightful book by Patricia Furstenberg! We do love our furbabies. I hadn't considered it before, but perhaps one of the true joys of adopting a dog is watching them discover all the new things around them. Their boundless energy and joyous excitement about everything really does add fun and adventure to our own lives. Dogs are as good as (or better than) gold!

    1. Wonders of the world are so taken for granted, yes, it's nice to see it from a whole different perspective. Fur Babies are just so adorable and reading about them is relaxing too!

  2. Olivia, I agree that dogs are as curious as babies, wanting to learn and investigate everything in their world. As Good As Gold sounds like a delightful book of poems written from a dog's point-of-view. I really enjoyed your review.

    1. Ah, thank you Miss Elf. Fur Babies like our own seem to grow up so fast. I liked the poetry that brought new insights into everyday life for us. A sense of wonder is a good thing I think.

    2. What I find so extraordinary about our fur babies :) is that, just like our children, they notice the small wonders of life - the ones adults overlook or take for granted, caught up in the whirlwind of everyday life.
      Noticing the obvious is, often, so energizing! Don't you think :)

  3. I've never had a dog, but I could still enjoy a book like this that tries to enter into what a dog might be thinking. What a great book idea!

    1. You would enjoy it for sure Barbara! You don't have to have a dog to get into the mindset of a young pup learning about the world around him. But, if you did have a dog, it would make you step back and have another look at things. I hope you find time to enjoy this book!

  4. Dear Olivia and Cynthia, I LOVE this review so much! Thank you, Olivia. I am thrilled that you enjoyed my book.

    My children and I often wonder what our dogs think and we playfully give them a voice :) But this is still from our point of view, as humans :) I would love to be a doggy for a day, I imagine it a wondrous, exciting and stress-free day, by human standards at least.

    Thank you so much for making "Review This Sites" a part of my Blog Tour for "As Good As Gold"! It was super special to travel all the way from South Africa and visit you all!

    I laced a link back to this page from the blog tour's official web page here:

    1. Dear Pat, I'm glad you enjoyed the review. I enjoyed the book and my hope is that many more people find it through this platform of Review This Reviews. Continued success to you and all your stories that have yet to be told.

  5. Thank you so much, Olivia :) I certainly hope that more readers will take joy out of As Good As Gold.
    Yes, there are so many stories still left to be told :) How exciting!!

  6. Sounds like a relaxing book by book by Patricia Furstenberg. Sitting on the porch reading poetry about dogs - that does sound very relaxing. What a great idea to write a book of poems about dogs. Our fur babies can sure inspire us.

    1. You would love it Barbara! It makes you stop and think about life from a totally different perspective.

  7. Thank you for your kind comment, Barbara. I appreciate it. I think this book should be accompanied by a small bag of doggy treats :)

    1. I agree totally Pat! A small bag of doggie treats would just be the clincher!


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