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Stauber Best Bulb Changer Review

Does a light bulb going out in the ceiling elicit a sigh? Or a groan? Or I can't wait to change the light bulb? High ceilings and burned out light bulbs used to elicit dread at trying to change the light bulb, but the Stauber Best Bulb Changer is a true game changer.

Stauber Bulb Changer

This little gadget will turn sighs and groans into the routine delight of changing light bulbs in ceilings, flood lights in the driveway or any unreachable light socket with a burned out bulb.

Can You Change Me Now?

Absolutely.  I used the Stauber Best Bulb Changer to change a recessed light bulb 10 feet above the dining room table.  The two recessed lights cannot be reached without a ladder and the dining room table cannot be moved so changing the light bulb is a major logistical problem. It usually takes two people, one ladder and gymnastics to change the light bulb.

Usually when one of these lights go out the first decision is to ignore the situation.  Ignoring and tolerating the situation works until inevitably the second light bulb goes out. The thought of dragging out a tall ladder or hopping on the dining room table makes changing the light bulb a most unwelcome task. No more! The Stauber Best Bulb Changer to the rescue.

Safety First

What I absolutely love about the Stauber Best Bulb Changer is the ability to safely change a light bulb in the ceiling without a ladder! Only one person is needed to change the light bulb and I changed two recessed lights in literally minutes which included assembling the light bulb changer and reading the directions.

long Bulb Changer

Tools & Tips

The Stauber Best Bulb Changer does not come with an extension pole. The pole can be bought separately if necessary. However, a broom or mop with a threaded end is all that is needed. I simply unscrewed and removed the bottom of a broom and was ready to attach the bulb changer.

bulb changer
The first tip is to read the directions. The second tip is to thoroughly read the directions. At first glance this little light bulb changer is deceiving and the thought expressed by many consumers is, "How can this little gadget work?" It does and it worked flawlessly. The little white cloth included is important to dust off the dead light bulb so the the suction cup can work properly.

The little white string is also deceiving and many customers wonder, "What the heck is that?" The string is used to disengage the light bulb from the suction cup once the light bulb is removed. This is where reading and following the directions is crucial (Raise your hand if you can't wait to use a new product and ignore the directions!) Do not ignore the white string!


I highly recommend the Stauber Best Bulb Changer. Prior to purchasing I researched light bulb changing gadgets and read many reviews of the top rated light bulb changers; I am most pleased I purchased the Stauber.

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  1. Changing ceiling light bulbs is indeed a major event for me and I definitely need help! Now, normally, I would be the one raising my hand here. However, I did read your article, which means I know to read the directions. Dusting off the dead bulb does make sense too. That is something I would not have even considered doing before. Excellent review of a really handy (and needed) gadget.

  2. Well, I always knew there was a gadget for everything, but this is a new one to me. I had no idea there was a bulb changing device for those pesky hard-to-reach places, like the recessed ceiling light in my entry way that normally would require a ladder to reach. Thanks so much for your review and enLIGHTenment (LOL) of a helpful household aid.

    1. Indeed, a gadget for everything is out there! happy to enLIGHTen :)

  3. I didn't even know such gadgets existed! What a helpful review! Here's my question. Do these work if your recessed bulbs have covers that hang down while you change a bulb? It's been so long since I changed one that I don't remember if these covers hang straight down or if you have to sort of bend your hand around them to change the bulb. I seem to recall they hang at an angle, so that you have to put your hand in over the cover as it hangs in order to change the bulb. In your photo I don't see any hanging cover below your bulb.

    It seem whoever designed these fixtures wants to make it hard for people to change ceiling bulbs and smoke detector batteries without a ladder. The smoke detectors are the worst, since you can't remove them and you have to stand there on a ladder and struggle with the wires and batteries with your arms aching from stretching.

    1. I definitely agree with you, high recessed lights and smoke detectors are always a problem in our house!

      I'm not sure about the cover and a recessed light, I actually think it could work depending on how much room you would have to maneuver within the cover. As long as you could get a flush connection between the bulb and the section cup, it would work. I did remove one bulb at an angle after the suction cup was attached to the bulb...

  4. What an awesome item! I REALLY needed this in a previous apartment. Definitely keeping this in mind if I ever have lights in the ceiling again! Great review.

    1. I hear ya... one of those gadgets we don't know we need... until recessed lighting enters our home!

  5. Well isn't that a handy item! Had no idea such a thing existed. Something to add to my gadget list to get.

    1. It really is a fun little gadget (if changing light bulbs can be fun?) !

  6. does this work on regular light bulbs?

    1. I have not tried this on regular light bulbs, however I do think the bulb changer is better suited for flat top bulbs/recessed lighting bulbs. The suction cup needs to lay flat to attach to the top of the light bulb.


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