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Reviewing Arbonne's RE9 Advanced Cellular Renewal Mask

RE9 Advanced Cellular Renewal Mask
Let's talk about my experience with Arbonne's RE9 Advanced Cellular Renewal Mask, but first, try and say that three times really fast! I tried this product a week ago and in one word I would say - Wow!

I could not believe how smooth and soft my face felt. I used it on a Saturday night and all day Sunday I was constantly touching my face, so much so my teenage daughter started rolling her eyes at me! Mind you, she did lean over and touch my face herself and all of a sudden was telling me how soft it was (I'd been telling her that, but ... ).

So what's so special about this mask? Well, all of Arbonne's products are botanically based and the Botanics in this mask are pineapple and papaya.

They have used pineapple and papaya because they are both natural sources of Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) and this works as a natural exfoliator.

Who should use this mask? Anyone over the age of 30 or 35 depending on who you believe, but especially people over the age of 50.

Skin Rejuvenation

Let's talk about our skin rejuvenation because this explains why using this mask is a fantastic idea.

Our skin is made up of layers of skin cells and as they die they slough off without us even knowing.  When the old skin cells slough off the newer cells come to the surface.  This is skin rejuvenation (well very basic understanding anyway!).

As we get older this process takes longer, going from 14 days (as a baby) to 37 days (as an over 50's person).  It's after the age of 30 or 35 (depending on who you believe, let's face it scientists may like absolutes, but humans are all unique so they can't be completely exact!) that we really start to notice it.

Our skin gets dry, looks tired and sometimes we can even get skin blemishes and acne.   This is where we really should pop a cape on our tube of RE9 Advanced Cellular Renewal Mask and call it Super Skin Rejuvenator!  This may not quite have the same ring as Superman or Batman, but your skin will definitely thank you.

The Magic of AHAs

What's so special about 'Super Skin Rejuvenator'?  Well, you see AHAs remove the top layer of skin which means you look younger - your skin isn't as dry or tired looking.  It also means that any dead skin won't be blocking your pores and causing blemishes.

But hang on, what about 'normal' scrubs?  Now you could use another type of scrub that contains some type of abrasive granules, but using AHAs is a more gentle way of removing the dead cells and according to the Harvard Medical School AHAs are a much more effective solution over abrasive scrubs.

There was also a study at the University of Maryland Medical Center that suggested that Alpha Hydroxy Acids may also enhance your body's production of collagen.  Collagen is the protein that plumps and firms the skin surface so if this is correct you can put another tick next to our Super Skin Rejuvenator!

Back to Arbonne's RE9 Advanced Cellular Renewal Mask

Okay, so I'll stop calling it Super Skin Rejuvenator (even though I think it should be renamed that) and just start telling you what it's like to use.

When you use it you'll see it just looks like a day cream and when you rub it onto your face it feels like that too!

I left mine on for 5 minutes (it says to leave it on for 5-6 minutes) and it really didn't feel like I had a mask on.  I was expecting my face to feel like it would crack should I talk, but nothing like that at all.

They do say that some people experience a little tingling, but I didn't have any of that.

After the 5 minutes, I simply rinsed it off with water.

Now it does say that you may experience a little redness and I did have a little bit on both sides of my nose just up from the nostril.  Now I did my mask before going to bed and when I got up the following morning there was no sign of the redness at all. 

Will I be using it again?   Absolutely I will, I just had a sample tube that I used, but I have now ordered a full-size tube of this mask because I just can't get over how great my skin felt.

Alternatives to Arbonne's Cellular Renewal Mask

Now pineapple and papaya can be used on their own to the same effect apparently (I haven't tried this though)  When I was researching these two ingredients I found that you can get fresh pineapple, crush it and apply it to your face.   My first thought was what a sticky mess!  I won't be trying this, give me my tube of Arbonne Cellular Renewal Mask, please.

The other thing I was told was that you could take papaya, eat the flesh and rub the skin on your face.  There was some debate about how effective this was as opposed to just using crushed papaya.   Now to be honest if I liked papaya (which I don't) I may have tried this as I do like to find uses for skins etc to reduce waste (like my veggie skins for example that I freeze).

As far as other commercial masks in this ilk, I haven't found one that makes my skin feel this nice, however, I must admit that I haven't tested hoards of masks just a handful.

Have you tried this mask?  If you have please share your experience below, if you haven't what are your thoughts on it?

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  1. Interesting review for this cellular renewal mask by Arbonne, Louanne. I didn't realize that the slowing down of skin rejuvenation at my 'older' age is the reason I've been getting blemishes. This mask sounds 'super' :-), especially the natural ingredients.

  2. It sounds like a wonderful rejuvenating face mask Lou! I do have 2 questions. How often is it recommended to use? Does it have an kind of scent or fragrance? I envision walking around smelling like a pineapple, which would be great. However, I don't want to smell like perfume.

    1. Hi Cynthia, on the packaging it recommends 1-2 times a week, but I would personally stick to just once a week after researching AHAs on various sites as I think that's all you really need.
      I don't really get any fragrance from the mask - it really is just like an unscented day cream when you apply it and there's no lingering fragrance when you take it off either.

  3. Interesting Review. Thanks for all the information.

  4. Great review Louanne. I've never heard of it. And I rarely spend any money on creams, make-ups, etc. But I'm interested in taking a closer look at this. Years ago I used a weekly mask and really liked it. I should get back to it.

  5. Excellent review, sounds like a good product. You've made me want to try it!

  6. Replies
    1. Absolutely, morning or evening is fine. I just have a personal preference for the evening as I find it relaxing which seems to mean I have a better night's sleep, but that's just me!

  7. I used to love this mask. They just recently changed up the formulation and I don’t think it is as effective as it was before.:(

    1. oh no - this makes me sad! I just put in an order for the new one. I was still using the one in the "tub" but I thought it was just new packaging. I loved this so much, I hope I'm not disappointed.

    2. I agree, not as good as it was, they have changed the formula

  8. Hi Cynthia - I was just going to comment on how much I love this and cannot ever be without. I'm turning 48 and it looks like it takes at least 5 years off my skin after I use it! I don't ever notice a smell when I'm using it but after wards there is a very slight citrusy scent but almost in the background like you're not sure where its coming from and it's very pleasant. I usually use this once every 2 weeks but I'm trying to get better about once a week. Arbonne recommends starting at once a week (for 2-3 minutes) then working your way up to twice a week (5-7 minutes).

  9. I LOVE this mask. I will never use another one. It's gentle but effective, and I feel and look like it takes 5 years off my skin when I use it. It's like a mini face lift LOL! I just read one of the other comments though that said they did not feel the new formula was as effective. I have been using the original one until now (just re-ordered) so I hope I'm not disappointed.

  10. It's a great product I use it once a month, it's amazing no other masks compare to this one


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