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The Voice of Josh Groban Touches Deep into the Soul

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Exceptional talent, gorgeous tone quality and inspiring song selections all contribute to why Josh Groban is my favorite current day male vocalist. 

If I close my eyes and just listen to him sing, I feel transported from this world to a higher plane of existence. To say he has a heavenly appeal would not be an exaggeration. I believe his voice is truly the voice of an angel.  His ability to smoothly sing notes with an unparalleled vocal strength is amazing, beautiful and touches deep into my heart and soul. 

When I feel anxious or have work to do that doesn't exactly thrill me, I turn on my Josh Groban cd and let his voice raise my spirits. Before I know it, my housework is done and I am happily breezing on to my next responsibility. 

Josh Groban Songs

The first Josh Groban song that caught my attention was "You Raise Me Up".   I suspect that is true for most of us.  However, that is far from his only song that touches deep into the soul. 

Ironically, my favorite Josh Groban cd is "Awake".   I say that is ironic only because "Your Raise Me Up" is not on that cd.  I love listening to him sing is different languages.  You may wonder why a vocalist would sing in foreign languages.  In my personal experience and opinion it was always about perfecting the notes, the tone of the voice and the deliverance.  While the words and message are always the most important part of a song, a vocalist needs to develop a song beyond enunciating the words.  I have heard vocal judges say a soloist makes love to their audience.  I've never particularly liked that phrase, but I understand what they mean.  

Listen to this song and I think you will understand too.  You may even find you know the song already.  If so, I feel sure you will have a new appreciation for it after you hear this performance.  Of course, I must give credit to those fabulous string instruments, which include the piano, that introduce his voice.  They truly set the tone and the feeling for the song.

Close Your Eyes and Just Listen!


In case you do not know, Un Giorno Per Noi is the Italian version of "A Time for Us".  It is the love theme from Romeo and Juliet.

All Time Best Musical Song Sung by All Time Best Male Vocalist

For those of you who know me well, you know "Les Miserables" is my all time favorite musical.  I have seen it in several opera house theaters and even in a few different countries.  I still cry when
Jean Valjean performs this breath-taking, heart-wrenching musical plea to God.


Josh Groban is Limitless

Josh Groban is a "star" by anyone's equation, but he doesn't come across as arrogant in any way.  He has preformed duets with a variety of other soloists who are popular in their own music genres, including Barbra Streisand, Celine Dion, Kelly Clarkson, Brian McKnight, Faith Hill and the magnificent Andrea Bocelli.  

And just to show his wonderful personality and why everyone loves him, watch this performance with Ellen Degeneres. I admit, this leaves me cracking up!  


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The Voice of Josh Groban Touches Deep into the Soul Written by:
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  1. Wow. What a delightful way to begin my morning, by listening to Josh Groban. What a voice! It literally transports you out of yourself. And not only does he have a beautiful voice, but he is 'gorgeous'. The proverb 'music has charms to sooth the savage breast' is defined as "music has the power to enchant.....'. Josh Groban certainly 'enchants' me with his voice.

  2. He is one of my absolute favorites as well. Am a huge fan, there's no doubt about that. I have to agree about singers singing in other languages, it's gorgeous to listen too. Making love to the audience, lol, that's about right and when we know the performance has reached it peak (sorry haha). I wasn't aware that Les Miserables was your favorite theatre production. I haven't seen it in as many places as you have, but have seen it here in Toronto - loved it! Was so good! Off topic a bit, I've seen Mamma Mia as well, and that was fantastic. Back to Josh Groban, I love his personality too, he's a comical guy isn't he! Smart too! The total package.

  3. Thank you for introducing me to this vocalist. I love his voice.

  4. Well then.... I thought I was familiar with Josh Groban's music. But clearly I was not. I must have confused his name with another artist. Thank you for this review. And for starting my day with You Raise Me Up. Beautiful.

  5. Oh, Ellen. Those runs at the end. I'm speechless. :-) That was fun.

    I love Josh Groban's voice and have many of his CDs. My preference, by far, is when he sings in languages other than English. One of my favorite songs of his is "Alejate." Do you know it?

  6. Another favorite song is "Un Dia Llegara."

    1. Both Alejate and Un Dia Llegara are beautiful love songs! I confess, when I listen to Un Dia Llegara, I "hear" a love song to God. I know that is not the original intent, nor would that make sense if you read a literal translation, but it is still what I hear. I always think "I know the day will come when you return for me."

      It doesn't surprise me one bit that you also love Josh Groban's voice and appreciate his God-given talent. It is clear that long before the formal training, he was gifted.


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