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3 Ways to Increase Sleeping Space when You Have Company

Full Over Full Bunk Beds to Maximize Space
With the holiday season approaching, making room for company can sometimes be a challenge.

If you're looking for practical ways to either increase sleeping space or provide privacy in open areas, here are three product reviews to solve that problem.

Double Bed Bunk Beds

That's right, there is such a thing as full sized beds as bunk beds. Full sized bunk beds provide double the space for kids. They're great for couples with kids, or just as a place for all the children to bunk together.

Two double beds stacked on top of each solve major space issues. With limited space you can provide sleeping arrangements for four people. Again, if you have a young family visiting, sleeping is solved with approximately six feet by seven feet of floor area for the bed itself.

Join Two Single Beds Together to Make a King Sized Bed
Use a Twin Bed Connector to Convert to a King

If all you have are twin beds in a spare room, there's a way to turn two twin beds into a king size bed.

Pushing the twin beds together is not enough: The dip in the middle makes two mattresses abutted against each other difficult to sleep in. That's where a twin-bed-connector comes into play.

With a connector you can remove that dip in the middle as well as secure the mattresses so they don't slip. You can read more about how to do this here.
Find Canopy Tents Here

Put a Canopy Tent Over a Single Bed in an Open Area

If you have an open area in the home with several twin beds (like a dorm room) you can add a Canopy Tent over each of them to give people their own private area without the need for dividers or walls.

They're easy to put up and of course just as easy to remove.

They're also ideal for kids who share a room. It provides privacy without having to go to the expense of redecorating or giving each child their separate room.

Of course, these items work all year around. Plan ahead, and you'll be all set for the holidays.

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  1. The double bed bunk beds is an interesting idea, Barbara. I didn't know they made them. We used to have regular bunk beds for our kids when they were young. Some clever ideas here for creating sleep space for holiday company.

    1. Pat, have to agree about the double bunk beds, a great idea for a spare room for those with a big family or who get a lot of company lol

  2. Double bed banks are really great. Great post!

  3. A lot of hotels in Europe use the twin bed converter to turn 2 twins into a king sized bed and it works really well, much better than I would have imagined. These are some good ideas to add sleeping space. I use blow up mattresses too. You can put them anywhere and they blow up in a jiffy.

  4. Great ideas here Barbara. We have a spare room with a sofa bed in it. Our children are all grown and we seldom have need for "bunk" beds anymore. For younger families though this is a really good option! Cousins and friends would be comfortable and surely enjoy their surroundings here.

  5. I love the idea of having a double bunk bed. It really would be a wonderful way to accommodate a family that is visiting. We've had years where every bed was taken and the cots were rolled out for kids. That tent bed would be awesome for people who like to read too. Kindles don't put off much light, but to someone who is not used to any light, it could be disturbing when sharing a room. Not everyone has a Kindle, of course, but there are also battery operated book lights for someone who wants to read that is sharing a room with someone who wants to sleep. Each year, we do have to get somewhat creative to accommodate our company for the holidays.

    1. Cynthia, very true about the light. We all have cell phones in our house, and we all do most of our reading from our phones. They give off a lot of light of course. At night I’ll be reading on my phone with hubby sleeping next to me but I’ll have the light on night mode and turned down but it’s still gives off a lot of light. I’ve often pulled the blankets over my head so as not to disturb him lol


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