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Express Yourself With Wooden Words


I Love You spelled out in wooden words

Wooden Words as Wall Art, Home Decor Accents, and for Crafts – a Review

Wooden words are decorative for home décor.  They are also handy for DIY craft projects. Their uses are limited only by your imagination.

Wooden words look great displayed on a wall, a fireplace mantle, or on a table, shelf or door. Or, you can attach them to your craft and home decor projects. Choose to leave them in their wood color for a rustic look, or decorate them with stain, paint or acrylic markers for your own personal touch.

Let's review a few examples in various rooms around the house.

Kitchen Decor 

A wooden sign spelling 'Gather' for kitchen decor

When considering a wooden word sign as a décor accent in your kitchen, this one 'speaks' to me as the perfect one. The word 'Gather' evokes many happy memories of the gathering of friends & family around the kitchen table sharing coffee and hours of talk. I consider the kitchen the central gathering place in my home. Hang this sign on the wall or display it on a countertop or as a centerpiece on the kitchen table.  It will add to the creation of the heart-warming, welcoming atmosphere you always have when enjoying the kitchen company of your coffee companions. 

Bathroom Decorative Touches

Rustic wooden word signs of relaxation for your bathroom decor

After a long or stressful day, nothing is more  relaxing than a nice long soak in the tub. Personalize your bathroom wall with these four words ~ relax, soak, unwind, and breathe ~ and enjoy your 'down-time'. 

These rustic wooden word signs will add to the peace and contentment of your relaxing moment. 

Monograms in Wood

A monogram in wood for a nursery wall

Wooden monogram for a child's room

Decorate a baby's nursery or a child's room with their name in wood.  Hang it over a crib in the nursery or on any wall in a child's room.

You can order it on amazon unpainted, which comes sanded ready for paint to DIY with your favorite colors.  Or order your monogram painted. The paint is applied with two premium coats of paint to ensure a high quality smooth finish with sanding between coats.

Home Decor That Says it All

Decorative wooden block letters for home decor

The  heart of any HOME is FAMILY. These decorative wooden block letters come as separate free-standing letters making the two words  HOME and FAMILY. Thus, they can easily be placed anywhere to meet your decorating needs. 

Crafting with Wooden Letters 

wooden letters for crafting

There are a wide variety of crafts which can be decorated with an initial, a name or a favorite phrase. Create a unique gift or a piece of home décor using these wooden letters. This is just one example of the many sets of wooden letters available on Amazon for your creative crafting. Click here for a range of wooden letter sets in different sizes and fonts.

Christmas Tree Wooden Word Ornaments

Wooden Christmas words for tree ornaments or holiday decor

Wooden words make unique Christmas Tree Ornaments.  Create a festive atmosphere on your tree, your fireplace mantle, hanging in a window, or even tied to a bow on a Christmas present under the tree. These wooden Christmas words (such as Joy, Peace, Love, Let it Snow) have many uses and decorating ideas for your Christmas décor. 


So, think wood when you choose a name or a phrase for your wall art, table décor, fireplace mantle decoration or any décor arrangement you can imagine. Expressing yourself with wooden words can create a warm and pleasing mood in any room in your home.

*Express Yourself With Wooden Words written & compiled by Wednesday Elf

**Image source information. All product images are from Amazon. The intro image is a collage created from a Pixabay free-to-use image using Fotojet.

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate, Ebay (EPN) and/or Esty (Awin) Affiliate, I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”


  1. When our daughter was recently looking for a new home, we saw these wooden word plaques in many of the homes. They were displayed above doorways and on the cabinets tops between the cabinets and the ceiling, as well as hung on the walls. They were very attractive and welcoming. I had never considered them before seeing them in such a wide variety of usage. I think my favorite was a simple "family" sign in the middle of a wall of family photos. It is amazing what a single word can convey.

  2. I agree with you, Sylvestermouse. One word can express a variety of feelings and meanings. Thanks for stopping by my collection of words in wood.

  3. Words are powerful! Just seeing the words “breathe, relax, soak, unwind” every time I entered a bathroom would likely help keep me centered, even when I didn’t have time for an actual soak in the tub. Most children enjoy seeing their names clearly marking their possessions as theirs and would love having a sign proclaiming their bedroom or play area as theirs. My favorite of the examples you have shown is definitely the “gather” sign in the kitchen. I love it!

    1. I love that Gather sign too, Margaret. I have spent many happy hours in my kitchen having coffee and chats with a friend or relative. The 'gathering' of friends in my kitchen is my favorite activity.

  4. Thanks for sharing all of these great ideas for wooden letters. My daughter-in-law gave us a large G (first letter of our last name) that she painted and fit with a ribbon for hanging on our front door. It makes a lovely door decoration.

    1. Your Letter G on your front door sounds perfect, Mary Beth. And even more special that your DIL made it especially for you. Handmade gifts are the best gifts of all.

  5. Oh I like this idea. A few years ago I bought a sign that says "anytime is wine time" for my other half! He enjoys a glass or two of this fruit of the vine. But I love the wooden letter idea. I think I could do a lot of things with this idea. Thanks for getting my crafty side going again!

    1. Happy I could give you a crafty idea, Olivia. Thanks for visiting my wooden words review.

  6. Love the idea of these wooden words. It is lovely to make a home feel warm and welcoming and these words can be fun or inspiring. Thank you for these great ideas !

    1. Wood always evokes like such a warm feeling in my, Jasmine. Combine that with a meaningful word and it makes a perfect home decor accent.


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